Sunday, January 16, 2011

fat ass results

1. Fast Eddy 5:19
2. Justin Ricks 5:19
4. Scott Jurek 5:24
5. Jacob Rydman 5:24
6. Joe Grant 5:24
7. Drew Warnke 5:28
8. Scott Schrader 5:42
9. Matt Pehowda 5:42
10. Doug Johnson 5:43
11. Ryan Kircher 6:06
12. Jeremiah Grief 6:06
13. Paul DeWitt 6:19:37.2
14. Brian Fisher 6:20
15. Todd Ganglehoff 6:20
16. Jesse Grizzle 6:30
17. Clark Sundhall 6:32
18. Steve Bremner 6:34
20. Brooks Williams 6:35
21. Paul Doyle 6:45
22. Rick Hessek 6:48
23. Ryan Morgan 7:05
24. Marny Scalard 7:08
25. Rob Erskine 7:20
26. John Courtney 7:33
27. jt 7:42
28. Christoph Zurcher 8:07
29. Jeff Owsley 8:12

1. Tim Long 4:52
2. George Zack 4:52
3. Sean O'Day 4:52
4. Brandon Stapanowich 4:43
5. Luke Crespie 4:43
6. Matt Laubhan 5:10
7. Dave Philipps 5:20
8. Rebekka Hannula 5:33
9. Chris Grove 5:41
10. Marley Shipps 5:41
11. John Cassidy 6:15
12. Barry Odrich 7:30

Mike Safari 4:00 (21.3 miles)
Richard Bennett 3:45 (21.3 miles)
John Gardner 2:40 (13.5 miles)

That's about all I can make from the chicken scratch results sheet. Had about 90 runners heading out for various distances. If you want your time posted, leave a comment here or e-mail me and I'll fix it.

Thanks to Mountain Man Steve and Rick for helping to mark the course, Katie for letting us trash the house, Nacheaux for running the beer check, Harsha for the Crystal Park aid station, Wes for signing me up for the San Juan Solstice, Pearl Izumi for all the schwag, the Steelers for crushing the hopes and dreams of Baltimore, and Holly for only biting one person. And thanks to all the runners who brought beer, I should be set for the next week with all the leftovers!


GZ said...

Awesome event!

Paul DeWitt said...

Nice job with the hosting JT. Thanks for all the work.

Footfeathers said...

Thanks a ton JT and please thank Katie for me too! I had a great time and really appreciate the efforts of you and the other CRUD folks.

trudginalong said...

Thanks for the coffee and for that wonderful record breaking ascent of Longs...

HappyTrails said...

Thanks again JT - Kathleen and I rolled in with John Gardner at 2:40 also. I can't believe Holly would bite anyone - she's such a sweet dog.

Rob said...

Damn I thought my 7:20 was pretty respectable until I looked at the results. Even with the bonus miles on Intemann. Thanks for everything! It was a lot of fun.

Brian said...

Thanks again to you & Katie for having us at your house. And thanks for all the CRUDers for setting the course. Sorry we all had to kick you ass, at least we left you with a few cold ones.

trailbitch said...

Thanks for putting this together, we have some fantastic runners in this area, and beyond, and they all showed up! I loved seeing the pros of this sport out on OUR trails. Cooper and I rolled in after 13.25 miles and 3 hrs, but didn't pop in to say hi. Nice to see PPS documenting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks JT for allowing this cali-boy to have a great time. Hands down, best views/terrain I've run on so far. Maybe my wife and I just need to move to Colorado? Awesome event and hope to come back out again or sometime soon; thanks man.