Friday, December 13, 2019

run commute 78

$100 survived the lottery and will be running Chicago next October.  I'm much more excited about that than she is.  Although last night, instead of walking over to Fossil with me, she went for a run in Red Rock Canyon before meeting me there.

Mon - bike commute 74.  13 miles on the day.  Sore.

Tues - run commute 77.  7.5 miles total.  CityRock 129.

Wed - bike commute 75.  16 miles total.  If I die before the end of the year it's going to be because I got hit by a car during the stretch of 30th street where the bike path is currently closed.  Somebody sue everybody on my behalf, and if that doesn't work go pull some monkey wrench shit on those construction companies.

Thurs - run commute 78.  Seven miles total.  CityRock 130, which was surprisingly a good session.

We got our first Red Rocks tix!  Don't tell $100 but I will also be at the JRAD show the night before.  This weekend and Mule will probably be our only Red Rocks shows this year.

Action shot from Pueblo.  Always nice to have proof of me crushing an Air Force dude.

Our local Pike Ride is having a contest that I'm participating in.  So every day for the next few days I will try to grab a bike and leave it in front of a pub.  Day one was the super classy Triple Nickel.  The Nick is a Steelers bar in case I haven't mentioned that before.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Rock Canyon Half

On Friday after work I hit up the hash x-mas party, then headed west to see Creating A Newsense.  Those guys haven't played in a long time, but you wouldn't have known it from the show.  Hopefully they start jamming a bit more often.

Saturday was a good shitshow.  $100 was in Madison visiting family, the cadet needed peace and quiet to cram for finals, and I had three dogs to watch.  Still got out for a good bike ride before heading over to the annual Twelve Beers of X-mas shindig.  Somehow I was responsible enough to make it home in time to feed all the dogs.

Got up early Sunday, super hungover, walked each dog individually, and still somehow got down to Pueblo in time for the annual Rock Canyon Half.  Was not expecting anything from this race, but lo and behold somehow I felt somewhat decent.  The goal was 1:45, but I felt good enough to run an easy 1:38.  Even went over to Lake Pueblo afterwards for a 90 minute ride.  Completely unexpected to have a decent day since it seems that so far all I've been doing in December is drinking and eating and signing up for races.

Thursday, December 05, 2019


Currently stuck in my usual holiday rut which involves eating and drinking too much and too little exercise.

Did make it up to the Air Force/Wyoming game on Saturday to watch AF notch their 10th win of the season.  Been a great year for them and they are currently in the top 25.  Unfortunately things are not going that well for my beloved Pitt Panthers.

On Sunday I had to run the cadet back up to the Hill so I ran the Academy roads.  It's been windy AF here lately.  Easy six miles.

Currently on run commute 75 and bike commute 73.  Everything is just to and from work the quick way now.

Couch toured the Phish show from Pitt last night.

Friday, November 29, 2019

incline 23

Streaking.  Pretty hungover but still got out. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

incline 22

Was signed up for the local Turkey Trot 5k but the recent snow/ice storm still has our roads quite a mess.  Saw a bunch of pics of the 5k course and decided to bail.  If I'm going to futz around on ice and snow I'll do it on the Incline.  It had been a while since I made that climb.  August 9th, to be correct.  Very casual pace but it was a good time out there.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

run commute 73

We got a ton of snow here in Pleasant Valley, quite possibly the most since I've lived here.  The Air Force Academy announced on Monday afternoon that they would be closed on Tuesday, so our cadet was excited to chill at our house an extra day before her flight home for turkey break.  But I informed her that this was an Army house, and we do PT at 5AM regardless of the weather.  I think she thought I was joking, but her and the dog and I did a 45 minute slog through a good eight inches of snow in the Garden before the sun came up.

Wednesday - some drunko might have left the jeep at Red Leg last night, so I had to run to work despite it being 3F when I left.  All the roads in COS are a hot mess, or icy mess, right now.

A few extra pics from the Soldier Marathon:

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Georgia (and a tiny bit of Alabama)

The Georgia recap before I forget everything.  Atlanta is a great trip to make from COS as it's one of our few direct flights.  Hopped off the plane and started heading down to Fort Benning, but $100 found a brewery along the way.  Beacon Brewing in La Grange, GA.  Good brews.

Beacon also does a collaboration with the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta.

After that stop it was off to the Infantry Museum to pick up our race packets. 

Driving down Victory Drive to Fort Benning definitely brought back some memories.  I was an infantryman during my Army days, and went to basic training and airborne school at Benning. 

We walked through the museum and it turns out the vehicle they have on display for the Iraq section was the actual vehicle I spent a lot of time on during my deployment.  I was one of the grunts who would walk alongside this vehicle, which I was fine with as it made me a much smaller target.  But at the end of the day it was always nice to get a ride back.

The bar at the museum had an 11B themed IPA.

Already covered my mediocre race so I won't rehash that.  I should point out that $100 PR'd in the half marathon, running 2:04.

After the race we walked over to the Chattahoochee Brewing Company in Phenix City, Alabama.  In this part of the world the Chattahoochee River not only serves as the border between Georgia and Alabama, but it's also the boundary between time zones.  It's also very deep in SEC country, which is absolutely ridiculous if you've never experienced it.  Auburn is only 40 miles away, but the Tua injury was definitely the talk of the weekend.

Columbus, GA, as seen from Alabama:

We then humped back across the river and hit a bunch of bars in Columbus.  Tried a lot of new beers but still made room for an old favorite:

We left early Sunday for the long drive to Atlanta.  Lots of extra miles to hit two more state high points. 

Sweetwater had been on our list for a long time, and $100 and I finally got to visit the brewery.  Back when $100 and I started dating we "discovered" Sweetwater at  Telluride Blues & Brews and they've been a favorite of ours ever since.  We usually only find it in airports, so it was nice to enjoy some pints that didn't cost $12.

We stayed at the Clermont Hotel which is literally on top of the Clermont Lounge.  But it was Sunday, and the Lounge was closed.  Super bummed about that but I'm headed back to the ATL to watch the Olympic trials so I'll visit then.  The hotel had a rooftop bar and lots of bars in the area, and we visited quite a few of those.

On Monday we went down to olympic centennial park and then ended up taking the tour of CNN.

Be advised: damn near everything in Atlanta is closed on Monday.  Luckily, the one brewery that was open was one we wanted to visit, Scofflaw Brewing.  Great beers but they can't handle my game!

And after Scofflaw it was back to the airport.  Awesome trip and I can't wait to go back!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

run commute 72

Easy half hour to work this morning.  Haven't done much since the marathon.  Well, not much healthy anyways.  Lot of drinking, lot of laziness, lot of junk food.  Which is typically the case for me during the holidays.  Starting to put together the schedule for '20 though, and at some point I'll have to start doing work again.

Last night I finished all the booze at Murphy's and only have some repeat bottles remaining.

Also I want to mention that on my Tuesday morning dog hike I found $11!  Second highest amount I've ever found at once.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Good race through mile 19, and then a switch flipped and suddenly it wasn't a good race anymore.  Not sure what happened, just had nothing left physically or mentally after that point.  Didn't let things get too far out of control as I tend to do, at my advanced age I can get into Chicago with a sub 3:20  and that is a possible option for next year.

Enjoyed the course and the trip.  Besides the marathon and two state points we got to check out the Infantry museum and a few cool spots in Atlanta.  I'll get a few pics from the rest of the trip up when I get caught up with life.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Thursday, November 14, 2019

run commute 71

Easy week and I'm feeling pretty good for the Soldier Marathon on Saturday.  I guestimate I have an 80% chance of running 3:10, which is about as good of a chance as I can give myself nowadays.

Mon - pretty sore from Canya Canon so I took the day off.  Nice hike with the dog and CityRock 119.

Tues - run commute 70.  Four miles to work, 3.5 back.  Trails End in the evening.

Wed - no biking or running but it was a hard day at CityRock. 

Thurs - run commute 71.  3.5 miles to work.  CityRock 122 at lunch.

Pic stolen from Tim B, roughly mile 4.5 on Sunday:

Monday, November 11, 2019


Monday - bike commute 67.  Ten miles to work, eleven miles home.

Tuesday - run commute 69.  Four miles to work, four miles home.  CityRock 116 at lunch.

Wednesday - bike commute 68.  Straight to and from work.  CityRock 117 at lunch.

Thursday - bike commute 69, straight there and back.  CityRock 118 at lunch.  Dropped by Fossil after work.

Friday - had the day off so got out for 13.5 miles on the Midland, Santa Fe, and Sinton trails.  1:54.  Later in the afternoon I biked over to Red Leg for a ton of beers, then hit Trinity Brewing on the way home.  The beginning of a pretty solid weekend bender for me.

Saturday - brewery half marathon.  13 miles of both running and using Pike Ride.  Trails End, Fossil, Cerberus, Goat Patch, Murphy's, Brass, the Triple Nickel, and Iron Bird for me before my liver tapped out.

Sunday - the annual Canya Canon five miler.  Despite being terribly hungover I ran well.  I can tell I haven't been doing much hill work lately.  Ran 42:46, beating last years time of 43:26.

Relive 'Canya Canon'


This will be a weird week as I have to go to Buena Vista on Tuesday, then we're off to Georgia on Friday.

Saturday, November 09, 2019

varsity club

34. Blue Caracao

varsity club

33. Apple schnapps.

Monday, November 04, 2019

weekend update

Bit hungover on Saturday but I still hit the track.  Kind of comical as the Holmes track was pretty messed up.  Ran eight quarters, though they were all in lanes two and three, plus having to swing out to lane six on the south turn.  Still averaged 93 on these, happy with the effort.

After the track we headed up to the Academy for the Army game.  Pretty good game, though I was rooting for Army and they were just a little behind all day, including the end.

But I did score a pretty sweet hat.

Eventually we got home and headed back out to the Colorado Mountain Club annual dinner.  The speaker was none other than Matt Carpenter. 

I've picked up on Matt's story bit by bit over the dozen plus years I've lived in the area.  But it was cool to hear him tell the whole thing.  He doesn't race anymore but he has covered at least an hour each day for the last six years.  The dog and I will see him once every blue moon, and the dude still moves.  He told me if he had to go run the race today he could go 2:29.  He also had good things to say about Killian, though he was critical of an 18 minute incline Killian ran the Friday before marathon Sunday.  He finally added that he believes all his records will be broken, and he said he looks forward to asking the new record holder how he trained to run so fast.

On Sunday I got up and watched the NYC marathon.  $100 was watching and must have been motivated as she put herself into the lottery for Chicago.  After the race I got out for my last long run before Benning, 21.6 miles in just over three hours.  Pretty wrecked afterwards, but I got my ass over to hot yoga and that helped with recovery.

Thursday, October 31, 2019


October was a pretty good month.  Two 14ers, two good long runs, a sub 40 10k, and some faster (for me, anyways) stuff.  Of course these last few days were sort of a forced rest period, I got out in the single digit temps but it was nothing of any quality.  Including Thurs morning when it was 9F.  But the run home, in 40F temps, had me feeling like I was about to come down with heatstroke.

Hope to get in one last long run on Saturday morning and then chill out until it's time to leave for Georgia.

run - 29 runs for 189 miles
ride - 18 rides for 166 miles
hike - 37 hikes for 96 miles
Plus a bunch of indoor and outdoor climbing, and even some yoga.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

self rescue

Fri - bike commute 65.  Four miles to work, 14 back home.

On Saturday and Sunday I spent all day in Cheyenne Canon for the Colorado Mountain Club self rescue class.  Learned how to get out of some sticky situations while climbing outside.  Perhaps you are belaying and your climber breaks an ankle.  Or maybe you're climbing and a bear eats your belayer.  Stuff like that.  Saturday was great but Sunday was pretty rough as the shitty weather had rolled in and it was super cold and wet in the Canon.

Was pretty stoked to get the class under my belt, and I signed up for two more CMC classes - the basic avalanche class and an intro to ice climbing.  The long term goal is to complete the HAMS class (high altitude mountaineering school) which includes a summit of Rainier.

Mon - we got a good seven inches of snow on the westside and it was cold as balls.  My office closed down so I had the day off, and I got in a nine miler in the Garden.  Didn't get above 23F all day.

Tues - run commute 67.  19F with a lot of snow and ice on the ground.  Just trying not to lose too much fitness on stretches like this, I get zero quality in when conditions are this shitty.  Supposed to get even worse for my run back home.  Yay.

In totally unrelated news: when Army whoops Air Force this Saturday my cadet has to buy me a slice of pizza from Slice 420 and sing the Army song while I eat it.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

run commute 66

Mon - bike commute 63.  Ten miles to work and 14 miles home.  CityRock 111 at lunch.

Tues - run commute 65.  Still sore from the Sunday long run, but my five miler to work had the middle 5k done at 3:10 marathon pace.  6.4 miles easy back home.  CityRock 112 at lunch.

Wed - bike commute 64.  Straight to and home from work.  Nice and sunny and warm on the way to the office, dark and cold and snowy on the way home.  Ran into my bike commuter neighbor at the 8th street red light on the way home, and as we were suffering through rain and snow and cold and darkness just waiting there he said to me, "at least we're not in a car."

Thurs - run commute 66.  Running as transportation only, as we got a good five inches of snow on the westside and the midland trail was a sheet of ice.  Hearing Pikes got a ton of snow though I haven't seen her since this storm rolled in.

Monday, October 21, 2019

long run

Had to head up to the Academy for a soccer game today, so I ran there.  Just under 21 miles, fighting a nasty headwind the entire time.  Hope to get in one more long run before the marathon.

Relive 'long run'

Dropped by the Colorado Running Company on the say home to pick up some new shoes.  Infantry blue for the Soldier Marathon (they didn't have black).

Sunday, October 20, 2019

VetFest 10k

39:26.  Not a great race, but I'm happy with the time as the goal was sub 40.  Solid on the out of the out and back, reaching the halfway point in 19:20, but the back was uphill and into the wind and I struggled.  But most of the online calculator predictors say that a 40 minute 10k, on paper, with an internet connection and cup of coffee, equates to a sub 3:10 marathon.

Relive 'VetFest 10k'

There was one other semi-fast runner there, and he was winning for the first four miles of the race after a super fast first mile, but he struggled more than I did over the second half so I ended up taking the win.  Race was to benefit the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Foundation and I got a coin for winning.

After the race we dropped by 105W Brewing to celebrate.  Castle Rock has quite a few good breweries nowadays, Burly and Wild Blue Yonder, plus Maddie's Beergarten, but 105W is still our go-to.

After we got home I headed out again for my first hash in months.  Good to get back out there on trail, even if I spend most of my time lost and wondering around the westside.

Friday, October 18, 2019

bike commute 62

Monday - weird commute day as I had to drive to pick up our cadet from the airport.  Ran home, 5.5 miles through Sondermann in an hour.

Tues - bike commute 61.  Four miles straight to work, 18 miles back home.

Wed - had to pay a visit to the Territorial Correctional Facility down in Canon City.  Decompressed after that shit show with a 60 minute run at Oil Well Flats.  Grabbed lunch at the Owl Cigar Store, which you should visit if you're in Canon (they do not sell cigars, but have great burgers) and then paid a visit to Florence Brewing.

Thurs - run commute 64.  Five miles to work in 39 minutes, with the middle 5k at a solid pace.  Easy five miles back home.  CityRock 110 at lunch.

Fri - bike commute 62.  Quick six miler to work.  CityRock 111 at lunch.

Tim B took this shot of me on my way up to the summit of Cheyenne Mountain:

Monday, October 14, 2019


Fantastic weekend here in the Springs.  On Friday we found out the Dirty Dozen Brass Band was in town.  Dropped by Red Leg on our way to help them celebrate their silver medal at GABF for the Howitzer Amber.

Then went over to the Ent Center for the show.  Not my favorite venue ever but holy shit what a great show!

Made the poor but awesome decision to hit up Murphy's on the way home.  Which kind of sabotaged my race on Saturday, the Cheyenne Mountain Run.  Had a good training day, but I was hoping to run a bit faster.  Wasn't a complete disaster though, and it was a good three hour long run for me.

Relive 'Cheyenne Mountain'

After the run we headed up to the Air Force football game.  Exciting game to watch as there wasn't much defense, and Air Force ended up with the win. 

Not sure how much longer we'll have great weather, so I took advantage of Sunday.  1.5 hour hike with the dog in the Garden, seven mile run on the Garden roads, then two hours on the bike in Red Rock Canyon.  Then $100 and I grabbed the climbing gear and headed back over to Red Rock Canyon.  Nobody died, so I'd call that outing successful.  Here's a shot of my rappel after cleaning all the gear: