Monday, February 25, 2019

bike commute 11

After an hour dog hike early AM I jumped on the Lorax and took the long way to work.  About 3.5 miles out my rear tire exploded.  Was kind of stuck there so I just hiked the bike back to the house and jumped on the klunker to get to work.  Couldn't be too mad though, on the hike-a-bike back to the house I saw that this guy was having a much worse day than I was:

Hard to see but that's a jeep flipped upside down in the ditch by my house. 

Also a good session at CityRock at lunch.  Sent a new V3 that I've been working on for about a week.

I did push the hammy a bit this weekend and it's coming around.  Two hours on Saturday, one hour on Sunday.  Both road runs, but we got a ton of snow so it served as good Salida training.

For the week:

Run - 30 miles
Bike - 8 miles
Hike - 12 miles
Plus four trips to CityRock and two sessions at CorePower.  Shitty numbers considering I had Monday off work but it is what it is thanks to the hamstring.

I caught Okilly Dokilly on Saturday night.  I love the idea behind this band, but man the death metal thing just ain't my scene and after two or three songs it got really hard for me to stomach.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Varsity club. 17. Dewar's.

varsity club

Jameson. Yes, they have two bottles.

Friday, February 22, 2019

bike commute 10

Wed - ran from the house to Red Leg to pick up my jeep.  Five miles.  Hamstring is unhappy, but at least running now is not making it any worse.  CityRock 24 at lunch.  Two mile dog hike in the evening.

Thurs - cold again.  1.4 mile hike with the dog followed by bike commute ten.  Solid work at CityRock over lunch.  At 5PM the temp was somewhat warm, and I wanted to ride the long way home.  But this weather has been keeping the dog inside way too much, so I rode straight home and took her out for an hour.

Fri - run commute twelve.  4.5 miles in 40 minutes.  Hammy is getting better by the day.  To be safe I'll probably hold off on the Incline until Sunday.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


It was 6F when I took the dog out for her daily walk.  She was not having it, and struggled and fought and we never left our property before I gave in.  Then I drove to work, since CityRock was closed for construction on Tuesday, leaving me without my needed post-commute shower.  So obviously no gym at lunch.  Then a 5PM meeting, followed by a trip to Red Leg.

I cannot remember the last time I actually did absolutely no physical activity during a 24 hour period.

I ended up being safe and leaving the jeep at Red Leg.  So I do have to run this morning to get the vehicle.  But this cold spell is getting ridiculous.

Monday, February 18, 2019

30 minutes

I had off Monday for Presidents Day.  We got some snow over the night, maybe 2.5 inches, and it was cold.  7F when I went out to shovel the walks.  Dog was not interested in a walk at all.  I managed to bundle up and run for half an hour, and the leg felt OK.  Not good, but not nearly as bad as Sat and Sun.  So it is improving quickly.

This week will be a down week as I have a bunch of other stuff going on.  Then it should be back to normal training.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Might have gone a bit too hard at the mile on Friday.  Having some issues with the left hamstring.  On Saturday and Sunday I attempted to run, got a few steps in, and it just wasn't cooperating.  Don't think it will be something that bothers me long term, just needs a few days rest.  Kind of sucks though, I was hoping to get some long runs in this weekend, as Salida is looming, and I've just been sitting around.  Sore enough that I couldn't even do some yoga.

I did get up to Earth Treks in Golden on Saturday for some climbing with $100 and Kircher.  Then a good happy hour at Vine Street, followed by a trip to Sancho's.  Good times.

Saturday, February 16, 2019


Not quite what I was hoping for but a step forward for me in the mile.  This one hurt from the get-go as the pace was a lot faster from the start than my last mile at UCCS.  Gave it everything I had over the last two laps (six laps to the mile at the Air Force indoor track) seeing as a) Tom was right in front of me and b) my 5:29 goal was right there, but I was unable to accomplish either.  Lots of pain and suffering in that five and a half minute race.

I am exactly one minute off my PR that I set when I was a senior in high school.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

run commute 10/bike commute 9

Tuesday - to the office via Sondermann Park.  Threw in 5 x 3 minutes on/2 minutes off, 5.5 miles in 48 minutes.  Good effort.  CityRock 20 at lunch, then an easy five miles back home.  Even did some yoga at the house after the run.

Wednesday - another early morning Red Rock Canyon ride with Lance.  70 minutes on the fat bike.  Then went home to feed the dog and switched to the Lorax to get to/from work. 

On Wed night $100 and I met some friends up north for a showing of Bikes of Wrath.  Solid movie. 

Thursday - awesome 60 minute early AM hike with the dog, we were both stoked to see 51F at 5AM.  I had planned to do some two mile repeats this morning on the run commute.  But at the movie last night, I got the super jumbo sized popcorn and coke.  And I was allowed to put all the butter I wanted on the popcorn.  Needless to say, my insides were in no mood for a hard workout today.  6.3 miles in 53 minutes.  Three of those miles were sub 7:15, though it was the downhill direction on Santa Fe. 

Should be a good time at the Air Force Open tomorrow.  The mile will feature a bunch of D-1 kids followed (not) closely by Tom, Jeff, and myself.  I will be shooting for a 5:29.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

stout month happy hour

A few of us runner/biker types will be meeting up for our annual stout month happy hour this Saturday.  Vine Street Pub in Denver, 2PM.  Feel free to join us.

$100 and I are going to try to get up to the bubble early enough to check out Earth Treks for some indoor climbing.  But I also need to get a dog walk and long run in, so we'll see how those plans go.

Monday, February 11, 2019

bike commute 8

5k morning hike with the dog, then I jumped on the Lorax to get to work.  Straight there, straight home.

Not sure if I mentioned this, but if anyone is looking for a cheap entry into the vanlife world, hit me up.  We are going to be getting rid of Stella, our beloved 1990 astro.

incline 13

Solid weekend. 

Great show on Friday, love how Manitou has taken to having concerts at city hall.

Saturday and Sunday were trips up the Incline.  Also got out on the bike as the weather was a bit friendlier.  80 minutes at Red Rock Canyon on Saturday, then 27 miles on the Santa Fe trail on Sunday.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Friday, February 08, 2019


Shaping up to be a great year for live music in my little world.

Feb 8 - Trout Steak Revival @ Manitou City Hall

Feb 23 - Okilly Dokilly @ the Black Sheep

March 22-24 - Boogie at the Broadmoor

Apr 19 - Adam & Ben of Yonder @ Bristol Brewing

June 16 - Jacob Jolliff Band @ Stargazers

June 23 - Umphreys @ Red Rocks

July 26-27 - Tedeschi Trucks @ Red Rocks

Aug 30 - Sept 1 - Phish @ Dicks

Also watching to see if Mule and/or Panic do some Colorado shows.

run commute 9

Thurs - almost nothing.  It's been comically cold here lately.  Decent session at CityRock over lunch but that was it.

Fri - It was 5F when I walked the dog at 5:30AM, then at 7AM when I ran to work it was 4F.  This is getting ridiculous.  Supposed to warm up this weekend though.  This pic below from the Super Half (taken by Peter M) is what I think about the current ice age.

Trout Steak Revival tonight in Manitou! 

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

bike commute 7

Mon - 2.5 miles with the dog followed by bike commute six.  Good CityRock session in the evening.

Tues - 2.5 mile dog hike and then run commute eight.  Was nice in the early morning and I ran in shorts, but during my run a weird frost moved in and the temp dropped significantly.  3.5 miles to work, four miles home.

Wed - Early morning Red Rock Canyon ride with Lance.  12.5 miles in two hours, which included a stop at Rudy's for breakfast tacos and a quick trip back home to grab work clothes and pet the dog.  I can definitely tell the sun is coming up earlier.

Monday, February 04, 2019

super half

Wasn't expecting much due to two consecutive late nights and I wasn't disappointed.  Ended up jogging along at just under eight minute miles. 1:42:24.

I signed $100 up for this a while ago, and she ended up heading to Orlando this weekend.  So I got a new wife for the race.

Don't hate on the bandits, we told Tim B, the race director, and he was cool with it.  Amber ended up running with Jesse J, the CO Trail record holder on the bike.  He beat my time by almost exactly one month.  He was running to get a qualifier for the Pikes Ascent.


Run - 115 miles
Bike - 82 miles
Hike - 72 miles
CityRock - 16 trips

Six run commutes, five bike commutes. 

I did the Incline ten times, and did ten yoga sessions.

Not a great month.  Already thinking that not signing up for any big events is just giving me an excuse to puss out on cold days, and I may have let the drinking go a bit overboard, causing the weekend workouts to be pretty much worthless.  I'm currently ten pounds heavier than I usually am during this time of year.  Hopefully I can get back on track in February and push the fitness forward a bit.

Saturday, February 02, 2019