Saturday, February 28, 2015


Got out for a 10K on the Garden roads.  End February with 150 miles running and 175 on the bike.  Not what I wanted but it is what it is.  I'm up to ride number 23 in the Icy Bike Challenge, with 13 of those coming in 2015.

Saw some bighorn sheep today..

This place never gets old.

Friday, February 27, 2015

it's still cold

So sick of this weather.

Still staying somewhat active though.  Wednesday morning was a slow and slippery five miler around the neighborhood in the AM, and an easy 5K with the Team RWB guys in the evening.  Got to ride a Surly Krampus on Wednesday!  Bonus - I got to ride it indoors where it was warm!

Might have had a few too many brews on Wednesday night.  Started at Red Leg, then headed downtown to the Ute & Yeti, then across the street to Brewer's Republic.  Great way to spend a Wednesday evening!  Luckily work had a two hour delay on Thursday, my hangover appreciated that.

Another two hour delay on Friday, but it was 7F when I woke up, so I headed down to the YMCA to work out.  Half hour in the gym followed by four miles on the treadmill.  Also got over to CityRock at lunch.

Think I'm going to bail on the final race of the Winter Series tomorrow.  Not worth driving to Black Forest on these roads.

Dog update:  she had an x-ray on Thursday and the vet said she is healing nicely.  Once this weather clears up, we're allowed to start taking her on leashed walks.  Won't be long until we're out hiking off leash with her once again.  Really miss my Incline hikes with her, both because they're fun, and because they give all the dog hating friends of the incline peeps a heart attack.

I signed up for a climbing class at CityRock.  Little more intense climbing workout than I'm used too, hopefully it brings me some big improvements in that area of my life.  Starts next Friday, 6:30AM to 8:30AM.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When does this global warming thing arrive?

Looks like I'm in survival mode, fitness wise, for the next two weeks as forecasts are predicting a long stretch of winter weather.

Did what I could yesterday.  Too cold and snowy/icy to go outside, so I hopped on the bus and headed downtown to hit the Y.  Good 45 minutes of throwing around some weights, then 3.7 miles in half an hour on the treadmill.  Couldn't bring myself to go any more than 30 minutes on the 'mill.  I see guys doing 20 milers on these things and I just don't see how they do it.  I'll buy anyone who does a 20 miler on a treadmill during this latest snowpocalypse a beer.  A Coors light, since running inside is for pansies, but a beer nonetheless.

Hit CityRock for some bouldering in the evening.  This is a typical day at the rock gym for me:

And I'm all caught up on Better Call Saul, so there's that.

Did get out for my usual Garden 10k loop this morning.  Roads are horrible and super slow to run on, but it wasn't too bad a run.  And the Garden wasn't looking too shabby in her new coat of snow.

The view from the front window after my run:

Salt River Canyon

Didn't know much about the route we picked to drive down to Old Pueblo.  What a surprise when we stumbled across Salt River Canyon, an hour or two north of Tucson.  Maybe not the most famous canyon in the state of Arizona, but still pretty cool.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Animas Brewing Company

I mentioned that I was in a brewery every day for a week.  On Sunday it was Barrio Brewing down in Tucson.  On Monday it was any number of breweries in Durango.  On Tuesday it was Moonlight Pizza in Salida.  On Wednesday and Thursday it was Bristol for some beers and music.  On Friday it was the weekly trip to Red Leg.  And just to keep things going, I braved the snow on Saturday night and walked over to Fossil.  Good times!

The streak was broken today as Fossil was closed, and I didn't feel like driving or biking anywhere.

While in Durango we hit their newest brewery (as well as Durango Brewing and Ska Brewing), Animas Brewing Company.  Yet another reason to spend some time in Durango.  Had the IPA and it was good.  Didn't have much time to spend here unfortunately, $100 was looking forward to the Pagosa hot springs and with all the shit she put up with during the Old Pueblo trip I didn't want to deny her on that.

Dog is not a fan of the place though.  She told us to go on in and she was just going to chill in the parking lot with a stogie, but she was denied.

Solarweasel, you're on the clock.  You only get 14 days to redeem this.

I hate snow

Decent run on Saturday right before the storm blew in.  Out and back from the house to Rampart Range Road and back, 13 miles in two hours.

Sunday was a wash with the heavy snow on the westside (5+ inches, laughable by east coast standards but a lot for us).  Got out for a five miler in the Garden.  Channeled my inner Brandon about 1.5 miles into the run with a WOD, which was titled "help an old lady get her stuck car out of the snow."  Also performed the crossfit favorite "shoveling the walks" several times today.

40 miles running on the week, another 24 on the bike.  February is turning into a down month.  Shitty weather the beginning of the month as well as at least the next week, and all the travel from the Tucson trip.  At least I spent every night over the past week in a brewery, which I believe is a first for me.  Not worried about the lack of miles on the month as there aren't any important races on the horizon, though it looks like Salida will be a nice hike over the final 10K.

On Thursday I caught Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormans over at Bristol.  Great stuff!

Jerry has penned some of the songs for Widespread Panic.  They didn't play Climb To Safety like I was hoping for, but they hit enough for me to get my Panic fill until I see them at Jazzfest.

The Bristol haters are going to flip out over the new sign.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Finding awesome pics from Old Pueblo all over the interwebs.  Here's one of us drinking at the infamous rock drop.  I would crash once on this drop and ride it once.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fat Ass in the News

The Gazette's Lance Benzel (his wife owes me a beer from Pitt's recent demolishing of North Carolina, FYI) wrote a story about the local Fat Ass scene.  Read it here.


Guess I should probably get back to running again after taking nearly a week off due to travel and biking (and drinking).

Wed AM - easy hour on the Garden roads
Wed PM - easy 40 minutes on the Garden roads

Thurs AM - Carson Pass and back, an hour on the Red Rock Canyon trails

Icy Bike Challenge ride number 20 this morning.

Really need to catch up on some sleep.  But it wasn't going to happen last night as The Brothers Comatose played over at Bristol.  TBC were the first live band $100 and I saw after we got married, at an unknown-to-us Zion Canyon Music Festival next to a hotel we booked in Springdale, UT.  Didn't know who they were then, but we've followed them since, and there was no way we would miss them in our village.

The team photo from Old Pueblo, from the beer garden a few minutes before the race started.  Hot damn it was such a good time down in Tucson!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Breaking Bad

As a huge fan of the show Breaking Bad, no trip to the ABQ would be complete without dropping by the old residence of one Mr. Walter White.  Heisenberg lives!

Then we went down to Rebel Donut to get our fix.

And of course some of these too.

Yes, donuts served as a major source of nutrition for me all weekend.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Old Pueblo

Back from the long road trip to Old Pueblo.  I'll try to get caught up over the next week.  But this pic basically sums up my previous few days.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Ice Cream Truck

Really made the most of the weather this weekend.  The Salsa is in the shop getting a tune up to make sure she's good to go for Old Pueblo, so I decided to rent a fat bike.  Love The Hub, who gave me the bike from Saturday morning until Monday evening for $35.

On Saturday I took off to do some climbing.  Had a great time heading up High Drive, often having my garmin stop keep tracking splits as it quits if you're going under one mph.  Hard work, but hot damn was it fun!

75F in the Springs, but I still found some snow.  The going was slow and tough but there's no way I could have rode this route on skinny tires.

Went up High Drive and then rode Cap't Jacks and came back down Gold Camp Road.  Have I mentioned fat bikes are fun on downhills?  Here's a shot overlooking the Broadmoor:

Tooled around Stratton Open Space for a bit.

And then a few miles in Red Rock Canyon.  Ending at Fossil Brewing.

$100 and I then rode over to Manitou for a night out.  Great times!  First stop was Mantiou Brewing.  After a few Spot Hop IPAs I started sampling their fine selection of booze.

Then we went over to Kinfolk's for some Bob Dylan.

And then the Mariner for some Grant Sabin.

Awesome, awesome times.  All while riding around on a fat bike.  Of course, no trip home from Manitou is complete without a stop at the Red Rock Lounge.

Saturday, February 07, 2015


Crappy picture, but this was the view from my living room on Friday morning.  It was so nice outside I used the flat tire excuse to go to work late and sat on the porch drinking coffee with my dog for an extra half hour.

Speaking of the dog, she continues to recover.  Coming along just fine.  With this weather it's just as hard on me not being able to take her outside as it is on her.

Mostly a bike day.  Rode to work.  Then rode to 503W for liquid lunch with the usual gang.  Then rode up to Red Leg after work, getting to try their limited edition Milk Stout.  Did get a 4.6 mile night run up to Carson Pass in there, ending at Fossil Brewing for a few pints of their new Prognathodon Imperial IPA.  Great stuff.

Friday, February 06, 2015


Good times up at Salvagetti Bikes last night!

Had a bit of time so we hit up a new brewery.  Very impressed with Diebolt Brewing Company, only a few blocks from the bike shop.  Their Mariposa American Pale Ale was solid and definitely something I'll return for.  Hat tip to Kircher for recommending this place.

Then it was off to the main event, an evening of storytelling with Brendan Leonard, Mr. Semi-Rad himself.  Been reading his stuff for years now and it was cool to meet him.  You can see he was just as thrilled to meet me.

I think that was his serial killer look.  I also got to experience his politician pose.  Semi-Rad for president!

I don't really have to sell this guy to the folks who read this blog, but definitely go see him if he's in your area.  And read his blog every Thursday.  After his presentation I got to chat with him for a bit, and I got some bonus Pearl Jam stories out of him.  Great stuff!

Fixie Dave works across the street from me, so I picked him up.  Otherwise he probably would have rode his fixed gear fat bike to and from Denver.

Such a great time in Denver could only be ended with a trip to Pikes Peak Brewing for some Elephant Rock IPA.

Not too shabby of a Thursday.  Needless to say, the evening of awesome people and awesome beer left me pretty stoked about the fact that I have a Surly Ice Cream Truck reserved for the entire weekend!

Thursday, February 05, 2015


New book out on the market yunz should pick up.  Finally settles the argument about dogs on the Incline.


Rest day today.  Got up early to run and saw it was 21F.  Drank some coffee and cleaned the kitchen instead.  I'm so over winter.

Stole this one from Pikes Peak Sports.  Yeah, I blew by those two coffee drinking walker dudes!

Hit up the weekly Team RWB run from Red Leg last night.  Good times!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Very easy five mile runs on Monday and Tuesday.  Some trips to the Y and CityRock thrown in for good measure.  And bike commutes 16 & 17 for the Icy Bike Challenge.

Been sore as hell since the half.  This morning I was finally feeling good again, but I didn't let that stop me from taking it easy.  6.4 miles on the Garden roads in an hour.

Heading up on Thursday to meet Semi-Rad!  If anyone else is going, get in touch with me if you want to meet up beforehand.  Thinking pre beers and pizza at Hops & Pie.

Change of plans for this weekend.  Mike H guilted me into not spending so much money on a bike ride.  So I told $100 that it would save us money if I just stayed here and rented a fat bike instead!  She rolled her eyes, but never really said no, so that's the plan for Saturday.  Can't ride the Salsa since she'll be in the shop getting a tune up.

Happy stout month!

Sunday, February 01, 2015


Another awesome weekend in the books.

Mellow Friday night down at Iron Bird Brewing following an eight miler in the Garden.  Met some friends on the Old Pueblo team and talked a bunch of shit we're going to ride while drinking beer all day, the typical shenanigans.  Found out this morning that our ringer hurt his ankle playing disc golf yesterday.  Has to be the first ever disc golf injury.

Nice five mile run at Red Rock Canyon on Saturday morning.  Think I saw every single Colorado Springs runner in the park.  Afterwards I had dog watch duty so $100 could head out for her run, then I jumped on the bike for a few miles.  Got in a decent 17 miler on the Santa Fe trail, cut way short by a rain/snow mix and cold weather.

Saturday night we headed out on the town.  A stop at the Wild Goose for some pre-show drinks and then off to see Whitewater Ramble.  A Fort Collins band, definitely check those guys out if you live here on the Front Range.

And with stickers like these, they have to be one of GZ's favorite bluegrass bands:

Sunday was the annual Super Half Marathon here in the Springs.  I was feeling pretty good and thought I had a decent shot at going sub 90, which was the goal.  Surprised myself with a 1:27:40.  Barely hung on the final 5K and that sub 1:28 could have very easily gone to a 2+ hour half pretty quickly as my legs just aren't used to that pace nowadays.  Lots of work to do before NYC, but this is a good start for me.

Tim, the RD and the brains behind Pikes Peak Sports, has really turned this half into an event for us Springs runners.  So awesome to hammer the race and then see everyone at a bar afterwards.

Of course, I could only take so much of Quinn's, so after a few beers we headed down to a real Irish dive, Murphy's.

I'm sore as shit after that half marathon.  Getting old sucks.