Monday, January 31, 2022

week in review

Down week for running as the foot is still messed up, but I did use that time to get out on the bike.

run - 7.2 miles, 72 minutes

ride - 134 miles, 14 hours

hike - 25 miles, 9.5 hours

Got in a solid 50 mile bike ride up to Pikes Peak Brewing and back on Saturday, longest ride in a long time.

Tyler Boyd vs Aaron Donald in the super bowl.  Hail to Pitt!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

send it in!

Somewhat of a lost week due to poking a big hole through my foot.

run - 4.25 miles/45 minutes

ride - 23.5 miles/two hours

hike - eleven miles/4.5 hours

I did manage to re-watch Scream parts one through three.  I'll watch four tonight and then go see part five in the theater.

Recovered in time to survive the HAMS field trip to St Marys Glacier.  Always crazy weather up there.  Foot is healing nicely and I'll probably try to run to work on Wednesday.

34 years ago today, one of the all time iconic dunks!

Thursday, January 20, 2022


Great weekend down in New Mexico.   Lots of good dog hikes, a ton of cheeseburgers, a good ten mile run with some hills on Sunday, and a good ride when we got back on Monday afternoon.  

On Tuesday I was running to work and I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my foot.  My first thought was that I had stepped on a needle.  I crumpled to the ground and when I checked my foot, luckily it wasn't a needle but unluckily it was a long stick.  Pulled it out while I had some adrenaline in the system, but I've been dealing with that lately.  Hard to put any weight on the foot.  The puncture wasn't too deep, but my entire arch is pretty bruised.  Hopefully by Monday I can start hiking/biking/running again.

Friday, January 14, 2022


Mon - sore as hell and it was cold in the AM, so I slept in.  20 mile bike ride in the evening.

Tues - bike commute two.  Eleven in the AM and 14 in the PM.  Was still warm when I got home, so I walked the dog and then ran up to Carson Pass over in Red Rock Canyon, 4.7 miles.

Wed - run commute two.  5.8 there, 5.4 back home.  Short (5.5 miles) ride in RRC in the dark.  I'm enjoying these shorter, later workouts and I think I'll keep them up whenever the temp is above 30F in the evening.

Thurs - bike commute three.  Eleven to work, eleven back home.  Four mile run on the Garden trails in the evening.

Fri - early morning hike with the dog over in Red Rock Canyon.  Super warm at 5AM, but probably the warmest it will be all day.  Quick run commute to get to the office.

We have the van packed and will be headed south this weekend.  Canon City tonight, Sugarite Canyon State Park in New Mexico on Saturday and Sunday.  It's the trip we had planned for x-mas weekend, but the winds will be a bit friendlier.

My year is in limbo due to having to wait until March to apply for a Rainier permit, which will be for sometime in June/July.  But I'm still thinking of signing up for the San Juan Solstice...

Sunday, January 09, 2022

winter Pikes

Mon - morning 7.2 mile run on the Garden roads in 68 minutes.  Good ride in the evening, 15 miles in 90 minutes on the COVID loop.

Tues - bike commute one (twenty miles total) and CityRock one.  

Wed - run commute one.  5.5 there in 53 minutes, four miles easy back home.  CityRock two at lunch.

Thurs - it was 5F at the house at 4:20AM, so I went back to bed.  Took the bus to and from work.  Did make it to the climbing gym at lunch where I got a 5.10 (probably should be 5.9 but I'll take it).

Fri - my first winter 14er.  Started at the Barr Trail TH and took that route to the summit.  Really good conditions for early January, not too much snow or ice.  Bitter cold above treeline, but the wind was tolerable.  Seven hours to the top, twelve hours roundtrip, including two long breaks at Barr Camp to chat with Neil.  My eighth straight month of a 14er summit.

Sat - finally got good weather back but I had HAMS training most of the day.  Did get out for a 15 mile ride on the COVID loop in the evening.

Sun - Again, shitty/cold/ice/snow weather in the morning.  I procrastinated for a while, then put my head down and headed out for a run.  Planned for a five miler, but five miles in the sky finally cleared and the temps rose.  So I kept going.  18 miles on the day.

Pretty good week considering the shitty weather, and Friday and Saturday being taken up by mountain stuff.

run - 35 miles in 5:42

ride - 65 miles in 6:42

hike - 45 miles in 20.5 hours

Monday, January 03, 2022


The final tally on 2021:

run - 265 runs, 1622 miles, 331 hours

ride - 301 rides, 2628 miles, 256 hours

hike - 378 hikes, 1107 miles, 459 hours

Highlights on the outdoors front were the two new state marathons, the Rut and Chicago, and getting in a few more of the 14ers.

My numbers have been trending down for several years now, and I'll look to slow that in '22.  The mileage goals:

run - 1800 miles

ride - 3000 miles

hike - 1200 miles

Already behind on those goals as the temps barely climbed out of single digits on January 1st.  Did have a decent Rescue Run 10k though, if you can count 50:05 as a decent 10k.

Already trying new things in '22, had my first ever Grump from Kings Chef after the race.

The Rainier attempt, June/July depending on when we can get a permit, will be the big goal for the year.  That will also serve as our big van trip with $100 and the dog driving out to pick me up, then taking ten days to meander back.  No other huge races on the list, so I hope to take another chunk out of the Colorado 14ers.  That goal was originally supposed to take me three years, but this will be my 15th year of working on it.  After Pikes in September I'll start ramping up the bike to begin getting ready to ride the Continental Divide in '23.  Big gravel ride down in Trinidad in early October will help motivate me.

Sunday, January 02, 2022

CityRock 100

Mon - run commute 65.  Four there, 3.5 back.  CityRock 99 at lunch.

Tues - bike commute 91.  Eleven there, then for the ride home I just went straight to Fossil.  CityRock 100 at lunch.

Wed - nothing.  It was 3F when I woke up at 4:20AM, and still that temp at 5AM.  Plus I was hungover.  Mooched a ride to work from the wife.

Thurs - no more work for the rest of the year.  Red Rock Canyon over to Section 16, around that loop and back.  Twelve miles in 2:13.  Watched Pitt but up a valient but ultimately losing effort, then headed out on a quick overnighter with my buddy James.  From Fossil we rode four miles up High Drive and somehow found a place that was out of the wind.