Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hardrock on twitter

I'm not really sure what twitter is, and I'm afraid to look into it more since I already waste enough time on the internet, but you can follow Hardrock on it. Go here to sign up.

As usual, you'll also be able to check on runners at the Hardrock website.

I'm gonna be making all my final plans this weekend when I'm hanging out in Leadville. Should be finishing early enough to celebrate at the Silverton brewery this year.

Thanks to Lovebite for this pic. He's obviously a bit more talented on photoshop than I am.

Monday, June 29, 2009

fucking turtles!

The Colorado Gator farm was definitely worth the $12 entry fee. If I ever figure out how to upload something to youtube yunz guys will be in for a treat...

Mile High schedule announced!

Mile High just released the schedule. See it here. Not too many conflicts. Having to decide between the Black Keys or Ben Harper on Saturday is about my only tough decision. Here are the bands I'll be checking out:

Saturday - Rocco Deluca, Galactic, Lyrics Born, Big Head Todd, G Love, the Black Keys, Tool, Widespread Panic.

Sunday - the Wailers, John Butler, Buddy Guy, Robert Randolph, Gov't Mule, the Fray, Widespread Panic.

Panic is playing 10:45PM to 2AM on Saturday and again from 9:15PM 'till 12:30 on Sunday! Six and a half hours or Widespread Panic! Woohoo! Guess I better take Monday off...

blanca peak

Made it to the summit of 14,345 foot Blanca Peak on Friday. Took a lot longer than I expected, the total round trip time was over nine hours (that includes a half hour on the peak to celebrate with a cigar and a PBR). It's a hard hike if you don't hike into Lake Como the day before. O'Day has a good trip report here. My 24th 14er, and the 45th time I've hiked to the top of a 14er.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Should be one helluva weekend and best of all it starts on Thursday!

Heading down to the Sangre de Cristo mountains today after work. Sleeping in the bed of my brand spankin' new Ford Ranger, after putting away some PBR's of course.

Friday morning I'm gettin' a super early start (4AM) to hit Blanca Peak (14,345 feet) and Ellingwood Peak (14,042 feet). Taking the Lake Como route, probably be at least a 15 mile hump. My buddy O'Day is already down there, and I'm gonna meet him at Lake Como for the climb. He recently managed to DNF the Sailin' Shoes 10K, and I'm sure most of the hike will consist of making fun of him for that.

Friday afternoon will be spent touring the finer points of the San Luis Valley. The UFO Watchtower, the Colorado Alligator Farm, Sand Dunes Hot Springs, and of course some of the finer dive bars in Alamosa.

We have about 80 hashers from the Front Range headed to the Dunes to camp out, and we have all the campsites reserved, so that should be a blast. Lots of bum wine in the forecast.

I'll go for a run on Saturday morning. Not sure where, either on some trails in the Sand Dunes National Park or a few hours out and back on Medano road, which passes through some awesome shit. I'm haring on Saturday afternoon, have a pretty sweet trail planned, and after that I should be good and drunk the rest of the day.

Have lots planned for Sunday, but we'll see how I feel. Would love to bag Star Dune, which has somehow avoided me despite three trips to the Dunes. But this year I'm definitely getting out to Zapata Lake, so we'll see how early I can get up.

How to recover from all this? Easy - drive home through Salida and hit Moonlight Pizza!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cheyenne Canon Ale

Might hafta drop by the brewery on my way to Sand Dunes!


Hello Members of The Friends of Cheyenne Canon,

Did you know that drinking beer is helpful to North Cheyenne Cañon Park? Well not just any beer, but drinking Cheyenne Cañon Ale certainly will. The official release party for this fine brew will take place at 5:00 pm, June 25th in the brewery’s tasting room on S. Tejon Street. Come join us andshare the excitement as Mike Bristol unveils this years creation.

For the third year in a row, Bristol Brewing Company will release its Cheyenne Cañon Ale on June 25 to benefit our city's beloved North Cheyenne Cañon Park. In the first two years, the popular ale sold out quickly and brought in over $30,000 for the park. Cheyenne Cañon Ale is a pinon nut brown ale, offering a malty sweetness up front, with a hint of nuttiness in the finish, thanks to the addition of roasted pine nuts to the brew. It will be available in 22-ounce bomber bottles and draft for a limited time at select liquor stores, restaurants and at the brewery.

Cheyenne Cañon Ale is one in the brewery's line of Community Ales, beers brewed to benefit selected community treasures that contribute to our quality of life. 100% of the profits from the sale of each bottle or pint will be donated by Bristol to the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon.

Thanks for all your continued support of The Friends of Cheyenne Cañon. We continue to fulfill our mission because of you.

Born to Run

Finally finished this book on the bus ride to work this morning. Real good read with lots of stuff on two of my favorite things: running insanely long distances and drinking insanely huge amounts of booze. Plus, super hottie Jen Shelton is in the book, though they sure could have used some pictures. Lots of info about Leadville as well.

Can anyone out there confirm that Ms. Shelton drinks as much as portrayed? I find it hard to believe that someone who finishes at the front of the pack can get away with that. I know it definitely affects my training, and hence my racing, but I'm not trying to win or set any records.

I've been on a reading tear since the Fruita 50, where I picked up a copy of Ed Abbey's "Desert Solitaire," which was on sale at the Colorado National Monument bookstore. Great read, sure wish I woulda picked it up before my Grand Canyon trip. Up next on the list is "Halfway to Heaven," something about some old dude climbing all the Colorado 14ers. If I can make it through that one, the three books in a year is probably the most I've read since my colledge days.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Pic of Kimchi hasher STD Bitch in her shack over in Iraq, posing with the post cards I mailed her. She'll be home soon, so I have a new Iraqi pen pal - NIPS. You can write to him at:

Bruce Huber
Night Eagle Asst. Site Lead
COB Speicher
APO AE 09393


Just talked to a former meth junkie who claimed he once stayed up for 27 days straight while on a binge!

let the taper begin!

Great, great weekend of training. Saturday was a 3.5 hour hike up to Barr Camp with a 40 pound ruck, then a run out to Elk Park and back, including the Oil Tunnel. Even made my first trip to AdAmAn Rock.

Sunday was a hard hike up to Pikes Peak, a run back down the Cog to Barr Camp, and a hike back down to Manitou with the pack, though it was a lot lighter after drinking all the beer the night before.

Today I'll end my streak of 16 straight days of running (I could count the DIM hash tonight as a run, but I'm not lame like that) and begin my taper. The rest of this month I'll cut out my two-a-day runs and come July I'll only run every other day. I've been going hard since October and it's gonna be awesome to enter a four month period where I'm either recovering from a big race or tapering for another one.

I'll be getting some altitude this weekend on my first road trip with the new truck. Hitting a 14er or two on Saturday and then hanging out at Zapata Lake right around 12,000 feet before camping at the Sand Dunes. The following weekend will be spent at Alma or Leadville.

Really worked my ass off to get ready for the Hardrock/Leadville double, here's hoping I can get an extra 30 miles this year...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

what about the bears, man?

Steve B caught this guy emptying his birdfeeder this morning. Same exact place he got the pic of the bobcat earlier in the week. I told him he should open a zoo.


This morning was my 14th consecutive day of running. I've run 27 of the last 28 days.

Big Sam & Friends

Thursday, June 18, 2009

eyes on the prize!

Three more weeks...


The Thirsty Parrot charges $2.00 - for a glass of water! Hell, PBR is only $2.50 there. What the fuck is up with that? I hope the next asshole yuppie who picks up a DUI after drinking there sues the bejesus out of that shithole bar.

Great concert though. Even a decent turnout for Colorado Springs. Got to meet the band during their break, have some great pictures to download.

good luck!

Lots of shit going on this weekend.

Locally, we have the Sailin' Shoes 5K/10K. Katie is volunteering. She's super jealous of the sweet PPRR volunteer hoodie I recently got and wants one real bad.

I'm kinda bummed that I won't be down at the San Juan Solstice, one of my favorite races. But Dave will be representin', and he sure picked a doozy for his first 50 miler. And kudos to fellow HCTR member Mike S for taking on such a challenge!

Lots of locals heading up to Wyoming for Bighorn as well. Harry, Shad, Pete, and Nick are all running the 100 miler. Brooks and John are doing the 50 miler.

Hope everyone has a great race!

Good luck to mopper as well, she's taking the MCAT today.

Me? I'll be spending the bulk of my weekend up on Pikes Peak. Heading up to the top on Saturday, then spending the night at Barr Camp. Sunday morning it's back up for some donuts and to play preacher man for Melissa and Mike. It wouldn't surprise me if I'm struck by lightning during that ceremony...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New wheeles!

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Since I'm just ripping off everything from the Gazette today (that's what they get for upping the price to $0.75!), I thought this was kinda funny...

Developing story: Woman accidentally shoots herself in face
June 16, 2009 - 9:35 AM
Colorado Springs police are at a home in the eastern part of the city where a 60-year-old woman accidentally shot herself in the face. Police said the woman has been taken to a hospital.

da bears!

More cool local bear news, this time about a bear actually entering a guy's home! Read about it here. This happened in the west end of Old Colorado City, where Katie lives.

slow day in the news...

Yeti and his lovely wife Randi were pictured in today's Gazette on page 3. See the article here. Why anyone would give a rat's ass about veggies when you're so close to Tony's is beyond me...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Usain Bolt

Thanks to Wiley for pointing this out. Good stuff from the world's second fastest human (behind me, of course).

just another Saturday night in Manitou...

Couple 'o pics, courtesy of BLOS, of the Saturday night Garden pre-race activities:

what to do?

Been thinking of adding another ultra to my list. Need to have something in September to keep me motivated after Leadville so I'm still good to go in October for Oil Creek. Luckily, two ultras I've been wanting to do are in September. Unluckily, they're on the same day, September 19.

Moab's Alpine-to-Slickrock 50 miler


Steamboat's Run Rabbit Run 50 miler

Any thoughts?


Pretty solid weekend on both the running and drinking front.

My legs were pretty shot on Saturday morning from a double Incline on Thursday and a run up Barr Trail on Friday. That, combined with the hangover provided by Trinity on Friday night, and the Garden 10 miler looming on Sunday, didn't have me too excited about running. Was hoping to get in an easy 10 miler. But I ended up having one of those days where everything clicked, and I just kept going and going. Ended up doing just over 30 miles. Intemann trail, Section 16, Bear Creek Park, Santa Fe trail, Sinton Trail, the Garden, Rainbow Falls, and back to Manitou. Felt great, and it was awesome to get a 30 miler in. Did take a long pit stop at the Colorado Running Company and picked up a pair of the La Sportiva Wildcat. CRC has such quality customer service that they actually delivered the shoes to my house for me. Hope the Wildcat works out, I'm planning on running at least 50 miles of Hardrock in 'em.

Had a blast Saturday night. Ryan was in town for the Garden and BLOS's brother was visiting, so a bunch of us met at the Mariner for a few beers. A few Fat Tires there and it was off to the Tavern for some gin, and the drunkeness ensued. If that wasn't enough, then we went over to the Townhouse. I'll hafta check the pictures, but we probably hit the Keg as well (my memory is a bit fizzy after the Townhouse).

Sunday morning came way too early. I felt like hammered shit due to the hangover and the previous day's long run, so my goal of beating last year's Garden time went out the window. Ended up not running too poorly, 1:17:xx, about ten minutes off last year's pace but not too shabby given the situation.

Hung around the Garden for a while, watching friends finish and downing a few beers. After that, it was off to Katie's house for a bbq with some of the runners. Had a great time, drinking and shooting the shit and eating my weight in red meat.

Still sore as hell today from all the running. Great confidence boost for Hardrock though. I'll be spending this weekend up above 10,000 feet, and assuming I don't get struck by lightening when I officiate over Melissa's wedding on top of Pikes Peak I think I'll finally be as ready as possible for Silverton.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

quote of the day

"I have known more men destroyed by the desire to have wife and child and to keep them in comfort than I have seen destroyed by drink and harlots."

Happy Birthday to William Butler Yeats!

Manitou wildlife

Steve B got this pic of a bobcat up on Ruxton Blvd.


Stole this from Chad's blog:

hell yeah!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I pulled a Wiley...

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"fast trail group"

Good shot of the trail running group I've been spending my Tuesday and Thursday mornings with for the past few months. In years past I'd be happy with just a nice, slow jog on those mornings. Then I started meeting up with this group, and the workouts were always pretty intense. Lots of mid-distance speedwork: fartleks, tempo runs, intervals, hill repeats. That group is the main reason I was able to bust out a 3:04 at Austin and a big reason I'll be running Hardrock a lot faster this year.

We now change locations and will be running every Tues/Thurs morning at Bear Creek Park.

sad day

I'm going to cry in my beer a little bit tonight because of this.

I'm known here for drinking PBR. In Texas it was Lone Star and/or Schlitz. But my entire beer drinking base was built during my early teens when I would pound either Yuengling or Iron City. And I just can't fathom Iron City being brewer anywhere else other than Pittsburgh.

future plans?

Love wasting time at work looking at this. The two highest are right here in my backyard! If I'm ever successful in completing the Hardrock/Leadville double (which I will be this year), I'm going to attempt the Rocky Mountain Slam. Bighorn, Hardrock, Leadville, and the Bear, sure would make for one helluva summer...

T - 30

One month 'till Hardrock!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Austin/Colorado Springs

The headline in today's Gazette was about a group of local officials visiting Austin, Texas, for some advice on how to improve our local economy. See the story here. For those who don't know, I spent seven years in the central TX area (six at Fort Hood, about an hour north of Austin, and one in Austin), then spent one in Colorado Springs and the last two in Manitou (the mayor of Manitou was one of the local group on the trip). Nice to know that despite the severe cuts the city and county have been making up here (they were fixing every other pothole on Sinton Road yesterday) they still have enough in the coffers to send 30 peeps down to check out A-town.

Some of my favorite reader comments:

enderr wrote:
Step 1: Get rid of FOTF and New Life as well as other religious organizations. Not only do they give the city a bad name, they don't pay taxes. When the local gov't courted all theses fundie groups it was the WORST thing a city could do. Step 2: Load up all of the military retirees and ship them to Florida. Step 3: Boot the USOC. Step 4: Clean house in the local government. Get modern thinkers in there and not just conservatives that have no desire for change or progress. That should be a good start. Once we fix our "image" then we can start to court all of these new businesses.

mpinco wrote:
Well Colorado Springs still has its Intel building [which is vacant, FYI]. Austin on the other hand ...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvcP9_R1Tiw

johnkoury wrote:
Let's see: Austin is the capital, has a major university, a moderate political base, an enlightened city government, major industries, is a magnet for young professionals and is twice as big as we are. And, oh yeah, they aren't dominated by retired military double-dippers and evangelical wackos. Lots in common, all right. Is this some kind of a joke?

eeyore wrote:
This is great! Maybe now Pueblo and Colorado Springs can work together to be the great power house we were meant to be!

solarsam wrote:
Austin is the capital of a conservative red state notwithstanding, Austin Energy has embraced the new energy economy and funded a viable renewable energy program. Colorado Springs Utilities on the other hand published a glossy booklet on how they are good stewards of the environment. They need to walk the talk.

lucius wrote:
Who was playing at Greune Hall?

mananamaria wrote:
three things that seperate us from Austin: A2, Focus, TABOR. Next things: Brown mudpits in parks and no restrooms, potholes, USOC boondoggle. then Austin has governnment employees and we have religious employees who don't make enough money to stay off foodstamps and other assistance. Oh, and the companies they work for pay no taxes.....similarities? INTEL. poor traffic management and sprawl. Also a more public group of ebvangelicals compared to the size of the rest of the population. The willingness to throw public trasit under the bus in favor of ever more cars.....

bike to work day

Colorado celebrates National Bike Month a month after the rest of the country, due to the crappy weather we tend to have in May. Today was bike to work day. Katie and I took part, leaving my house at 5:30 AM for an early morning ride along local hike and bike trails. They had a free breakfast at the Pioneer's museum downtown. The food was kind of crappy, but after seeing Keith in spandex I wasn't really hungry anymore.
After work I'll be biking over to Trinity to help them celebrate bike to work day. Besides the usual 10% discount for human powered arrival, they'll be tapping the brand spankin' new New Belgium Dandelion Ale. I'm sure after drinking that I'll immediately call up my Yale educated brewing friend Yeast Infection and remind her that beer is supposed to taste like beer, not flowers. Still, it should be a good time, as Trinity tends to bring out the best of the local biking community.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mt. Evans

Had an awesome run up the Mt. Evans road on Sunday morning.  Started at the entrance station at 10, 750 feet and covered about 14.5 miles up to the parking lot at 14,130 feet.  The road wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, nowhere near as hard as running up Barr Trail.  The weather got real shitty above Summit Lake though,  with the wind chill dropping the temps well below zero.  Maybe I shoulda brought along some gloves?  Didn't want to pound my legs on the road all the way back down, so I hitched a ride from the Summit Lake parking lot.  Took me just under 2:45 to get up, Then 1:15 back to Summit Lake (which included quite a bit of time goofing off at the top).  Spent another hour or so at the coffee house just above 10,500 feet.  All-in-all I spent a good six hours above 10,000 feet on Sunday.

Kudos to Katie and BLOS, who made the eleven mile round trip from Summit Lake to the top and back.  Here's some of the pics Katie took:


Barbara Thomas was finally sentenced for hitting and killing two local cyclists last August. The price of two lives in Colorado Springs? Three years.

Ms. Thomas is a very well used 64 years old (she has made poor lifestyle decisions over the years, resulting in her taking 18 - EIGHTEEN!!! - daily prescriptions on top of using an oxygen tank) so I'm guessing the stress of prison life isn't gonna allow her to complete her sentence. Hopefully her end comes sooner rathat than later to save taxpayers the cost of all those meds.

See the Gazette story here.

The light sentence kinda puts a damper on tomorrow's bike-to-work day.


Ugh.  I've actually gained weight since I started trying to drop to 160!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Big Sam's Funky Nation!

Hell yeah! Big Sam's Funky Nation is making a return trip to the Springs! They'll be at the Thirsty Parrot on June 17. Tix start at $12. Be there or be square!

Between this, the Neville Brothers on July 1, and the Telluride Mardi Gras camping theme, I should be in pretty good shape for next year's Manitou Mardi Gras...

and the property values keep increasing!

The 200E block of Nevada, near the intersection of Nevada and Fillmore, just opened a new porn shop. So on top of that, the block now sports Comcor (a day reporting place for peeps on parole), two day labor centers, Murphy's (one of my favorite dives in Colorado Springs), Robin Hood (another quality dive bar), and a sleezy motel. Another bar, the Navajo Hogan, recently closed down, probably something to do with drugs.

My kind of place!


Awesome weekend! Included seeing Big Head Todd at Red Rocks and running 14 miles up Mt. Evans. Reports to follow soon...

Saturday, June 06, 2009

damn long haired hippies!

Manitou Craft Lager Festival!

Holy shit, just found out that the Manitou Craft Lager Festival will be on my b-day weekend!  August 8th in Memorial Park, only about 100 yards from my front porch!  Woohoo!

quote of the day

Courtesy of Footfeathers:

"Running is an ulcer faced whore."

Friday, June 05, 2009

My other office...

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I knew it was only a matter of time before science caught up to my ways and validated me. See the greatest news ever right here.

This sign is dated April 30th but was posted in the waiting room to my office yesterday. I made fun of a lot of people for overreacting to the whole swine flu thing. But if you were going to needlessly worry about the sky falling, shouldn't you have started a few weeks ago?

the return of acid jazz!

The Acid Jazz Jam is back at the Ancient Mariner in Manitou Springs!

All musicians, vocalists and spoken word artists are invited to come out, sign up, and kick it for an appreciative, diverse and eclectic audience!

This event is hosted by acid jazz jam band A New Brain For Arnie, fronted by acclaimed bassist Kim Stone and award-winning guitarist Michael Reese, and the band plays sets of their own inspired music to begin and end the jam session.

However, as great as the host band is, this gig is really about the jammers and music fans who come out and make it a great evening. So, come out and jam with us or just to hang out and have fun, and please tell a friend to tell a friend about the Acid Jazz Jam!

Sunday evenings, 8 PM to Midnight.
962 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO


After passing out around midnight, sleeping 'till 7AM, and eating a huge breakfast at the Purple Castle, I blew a 0.044% at 9:45AM. Another great Thursday night!

BLOS and Katie were significantly worse, FYI.

Breakfast of champions!

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Charlotte, North Cakalaka

Not only did I not get fired after yesterday's performance review, but the peeps at the head shed up in Denver asked me if I want to go to a conference in North Carolina this September. After checking to make sure it didn't interfere with Telluride Blues & Brews, I accepted.

Anyone know anything cool to do in Charlotte?

Thought about bagging the highpoint of Carolina while I was there, but I wanna do that state via the Mt. Mitchell Challenge!

what about the bears, man?

I'm all about protecting wildlife, but if a bear ever comes up to me in Acacia Park and bothers me while I'm drinkin' some bum wine with the homeless peeps, I'll fuck him up!

And yes, it seems we do have bears in Acacia Park now. See it here.

upcoming races

In a last ditch effort to regain some of my old leg speed, I've decided to start doing more shorter runs (half marathon and below). I'm certainly not giving up on ultras by any means, as today I will be mailing in my rego for the Oil Creek 100 in October, but lately I've been missing the days where I could easily run a 5K in under 17 minutes. By contrast, today that's a good time for me at the two mile mark of a run.

I'll be running the PPRR Panoramic 4 miler this Saturday at Bear Creek Park. Not a goal race by any means, and I'm gonna run for two hours before the race, run the race hard, then run another hour until it's time to help with the monthly trail clean up (9AM at the 8th street wal mart).

Of course the Triple Crown starts soon, and the Garden 10 miler is already upon us. Hope to run 66 or so this year. The Summer Roundup follows shortly, and despite what this article had to say about last year I will be there this time around, as I need a finish there to run in the Pikes Peak Marathon. Pikes Peak and Leadville in back-to-back weekends, woohoo!

Saw some other goofy shit out there I thought I'd try. Saw this pic and immediately knew I had to run this race:

The Denver Gorilla Run is on October 31st. Real steep rego at $100, but you do get to keep the gorilla costume they give you. As a bonus, the run starts and ends at Wynkoop Brewing. As a double bonus, I'm guaranteed a PR as I have never run a 5.6K race before.

Another one that looks pretty cool is the Fans on the Field 10K on September 13th. You start at Invesco field, run to the Pepsi Center where you run across the floor, head over to Coors Field for a lap along the warning track, then head back to the finish which is on the turf at Invesco. Being from Pittsburgh, I'm not a Denver sports fan by any means, but that sounds like a cool run.

Would like to get back to the point where I can qualify for the A wave at Bolder Boulder. Need an 18:20 5K (which I can easily get), a sub 38 10K (which I would like to run next year at BB), a 1:24:05 (I'll go for that at Platte River next year) and/or a 2:55:34 marathon (Boston '10!).

Oh yeah, and as part of my 50/50/50 goal, BLOS and I (and Katie, though she doesn't know it yet...) are gonna go run the Route 66 marathon in Tulsa this November. We'll hit the Black Mesa on the way home. Oklahoma's state highpoint is a not too shabby 4,975 feet above sea level, but they kinda cheat as the point is just a few feet from the state border with Colorado.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

quote of the day

Not sure who originally said it, but this line was used by my Hardrock pacer Paul S in an e-mail today:

“It’s not only important that you do well but that your friends do poorly.”

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

National Running Day

Just saw this over at runner's world. I'll be doing my usual Wednesday bus to work/run home if anyone wants to join me. Or head over to the Colorado Running Company for their happy hour. The CRC is just like the quinn's running club with two minor differences: 1) they actually run there; and 2) they actually drink there.

Hardrock pacer

Paul S has graciously offered to pace me at Hardrock. I'm gonna pick him up in Ouray and use him for a good 30 miles, at least to Chapman Gulch and possibly to the Kamm Traverse aid station. I have made him promise to drink tequila with me at Kroger's Canteen.

Trying to find someone to pace me from Grouse Gulch to Ouray.

FYI, I own the 513th fastest time ever run at Hardrock. I need to improve that by at least a few minutes, as the person sitting at number 512 is note other than Joe P!

Neville Bros/Tab Benoit

Pretty good show rolling through Colorado Springs on July 1st - Tab Benoit and the Neville Brothers. Great training for Manitou Mardi Gras! Tix are $32, but knowing the World Arena there's a $600 service charge...


Finally got around to notching my 8th PPRR morning Garden run today. For my reward, I selected a vintage 2006 Pikes Peak Marathon t-shirt. '06 was my first PP marathon, and I've worn the shirt about every third day since then, so the new one will come in handy.

more Mile High

Big Head Todd, Thievery Corporation, DeVotchKa, and Lukas Nelson just added to the Mile High lineup!

Hooray live music!

Monday, June 01, 2009

more HPb

I've been wasting time at work by comparing last year's HPb training to this year's. Here's how things stack up, with last year's numbers followed by this year's numbers.

Nov - 22.0/194.1
Dec - 52.9/225.2
Jan - 126.8/254.2
Feb - 204.1/240.2
Mar - 280.8/305.7
Apr - 274.1/270.6
May - 316.6/313.5
Total - 1277.3/1803.5
Even though Hardrock is my true love, it's not too hard to tell looking at those numbers that my Leadville DNF has really driven my training to another level this year. A lot of the miles this year have been much better quality as well, as I've added the Tues/Thurs PPRR morning runs, which make me get up early and chase down a bunch of roadies instead of trotting along at my usual airborne shuffle pace. All that on top of the three 50 milers and the Grand Canyon crossing I've done since April, and I think I'm gonna be as ready as possible come July and August. Here's the RW graph of my monthly mileage, shows I've been steadily improving since October:

Hoping to get around 320 miles in this month, then I'll begin my taper on July 1.

The more important thing here is that I'm enjoying running as much as ever. I've had a great time training for the summer, and the real fun doesn't begin until race day.

HPb - May

Great month of training! Knocked out 313.5 total miles, second most ever for me (only behind last May's total of 316.6). That number included not one but two 50 mile runs, as well as my first trip of the season up Pikes Peak. Only one more month of hard training to go...


Ten days in a row of running!


Good local race this weekend for anyone interested. The Panoramic 4 miler over in Bear Creek Park. Only ten bones and a good crew of peeps out there. Thinkin' I'm gonna run a few hours beforehand and then see what I can do in the race.