Sunday, April 29, 2007


I recently wrote a short piece on the Barkley marathon for the PPRR, sure wish I coulda read this article before I finished it. Read all about it here.

run #93 - Greenland

OK, so I skipped a few runs. Don't feel like going back and making them up, so I'll add the results of my past two races (Greenland and the Front Range Frenzy) and start from today.

Met Melissa up at Greenland so I could show her the trails there. More Colorado weather - was 80F at the start and I ran shirtless, but soon a thunderstorm rolled in and we had to cut the run short due to lightening.

Start time: 4:20PM
Distance: 8.4 miles
Time: 1:18:13
Pace: 9:18 minutes per mile
Weather: varied (see above)

hash flash

Pics from the latest kimchi hash can be seen here.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

it's gotta be the shoes

Decided to go with the Fireblades. Much less of a shoe that I'm used to in terms of cushioning and protection. Immediately took 'em over to the Incline and was rewarded with a PR of 28:26, first time I've ever broken the 29 minute barrier.

Because the saleschick at the Colorado Running Company was super hot and wearing a skirt, I was somehow convinced that I needed new road shoes too, and I ended up with a pair of Nike Pegasus. Good thing being a member of the Pikes Peak Road Runners nabs me a 20% discount.

FYI, when I got up to the top of the Incline, there were some Penn State guys up there. Started shooting the shit with them, turns out one was from Lewisburg (about ten minutes away from where I was born) and the other was from Port Matilda (about 45 minutes away and a small hick town where I've passed out drunk before). Small world.

Friday, April 27, 2007

new shoes

The recent Greenland 50K combined with the Rockdale hash odyssey last week has pretty much taken the life out of my Hardrocks. No complaints, I brought my Montrail's up with me from Texas and have run quite a few miles over some rugged terrain in them since I moved up here to Colorado over a year ago. But the time has come for a new pair of teners. Gonna go with a new brand, mostly because I want to buy from the Colorado Running Company, who gives me free beer and wine every Wednesday. Kinda narrowed the decision down to two pairs of La Sportiva, been hearing good things about their shoes and their North American HQ is just up the road in Boulder (buy local!). I am gonna try on a pair of New Balance and even some of those funky INOV8 shoes, but I'll probably end up with one of these, the Rajas (top) or the Fireblade.

Whatever shoe I buy, they'll be put to the test early. Today's workout is a summit of Rocky Mountain via the incline.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Barr Trail Mountain Race

Just a reminder that rego for the Barr Trail Mountain Race starts this Tuesday (the race itself isn't until Sunday, July 15). One of my favorite local races, the BTMR starts at the Cog Railway on Ruxton Avenue in Manitou and runs up the Barr trail to Barr Camp, then you turn around and bomb down back to the parking lot above Hydro Street. It's a great tune up for the Pikes Peak races, and a decent consolation for those who didn't get in. A crapton of Roguers did this one last year.

If you stay up late/get up early, you can rego for $15 from 12AM to 4PM on May 1. After 4PM the rego goes up to $25. The race filled up in less than two weeks last year, I expect it'll take less time this year.

You only get a shirt if you finish, but it's a cool shirt. Plus there's a great post-race scene. Definitely worth the money. Plus, your entire entry fee goes to some cool local groups - local XC teams, Barr Camp, Friends of the Peak, and El Paso County Search and Rescue.

The race website can be viewed here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Can you tell which one is me?

Buccos - 3, 'stros - 0

Have I mentioned that I wish we could play Houston every day?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hoover Daaaamn

This chick refuses to return my calls, but she'll be moving to Colorado Springs in a few days!

Sancho's Broken Arrow

Taken at one of my favorite bars ever, Sancho's Broken Arrow, a Dead bar up in Denver. Best jukebox I'll ever come across, and PBR is only $1.50 a bottle!

run #90 - Garden

I got a call at 5AM this morning from Tits, she was crying about her pussy hurting and her not wanting to run in the rain. "Do they still have these things in crappy weather?" she asked.

I was still in bed, but I mumbled something about real runners doing it in all kinds of shitty weather and that she needed to drink for whining before heading over to the Garden. Then I looked out my window - super shitty weather with heavy rain, high winds, and lightning. I wanted to crawl back into bed, but I was kinda trapped now.

But the weather wasn't so bad over in Manitou. For the first 45 minutes it was a great run. I was pushing up the hills and recovering down the hills, trying not to step on the zillions of night crawlers out on the roads. There was a mixture of sleet and rain, but the temps weren't too low and the rocks were protecting me from the wind. Due to the weather there weren't many people there, so the Garden was quiet and peaceful.

But life needs balance, and the good moments need to be offset by lousy moments. After a while, I left the protection of all those rocks, and the weather hit me pretty good. The wind picked up, and the sleet started pelting me in the eyeballs, which hurt like a bitch. The last 20 minutes of this run sucked pretty bad.

When I finished, there were only two cars left in the parking lot. The other runner saw me and asked "are we tough or stupid?" Mopping wet, freezing cold, and my face numb from the sleet, I told him I was leaning towards stupid at the moment...

Start time: 6AM
Distance: 7.4 miles
Time: 65:41 minutes
Pace: 8:52 per mile
Weather: 35F - cold, wet rain/snow/sleet

Kudos to Tits for braving the weather, not so much for Kibbles and Tits (did I get that right?) who slept in.

And yes, I know I skipped some runs, including two races, but now that I have a working computer at home I'll catch up soon.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Front Range Frenzy

A couple 'o action pics of me from Saturday's Front Range Frenzy race #1.

More photos of yours truly can be seen here. Actually, you hafta go there, click on the Chatfield 7.5 mile race icon, and search for bib #1746. Lot of work, but when you get there you can order a coffee mug or a calendar or a tote bag with my image on it. I know all the ladies will want one!

The race itself was a blast. I didn't run particularly well, but had a good time. Course reminded me a lot of Walnut Creek Park back in Austin. Plus, there were three water crossings. Tried to talk a few Springs folks into going, but they all bailed. Yeah, the $20 entry fee was steep, especially for no guaranteed schwag, but they had so many door prizes that everyone went home with something. I got a nice pair of yuppie runner socks, which would probably run me about nine bucks in a running store.

keep the Springs weird!

Great day in the Colorado/Manitou Springs area yesterday!

Started the day off with a hard run with the Incline Club.

After that it was breakfast at the Purple Castle! Yummy! Some guy tried to eat a whole bowl of green chili. The cook (who is also the owner) came out of the kitchen and said, "Have you ever had our green chili before? You sure you wanna do this?" The customer replied, "It's OK, I grew up in Thailand." The guy got one spoonful down and threw in the white towel!

After Purple Castle it was off to Red Rocks Open Space for some hiking and goofing off. From there I went to Kinfolk's and then over to the Ancient Mariner!

And to top the day off, I went down to Tony's to watch the Nuggets beat the Spurs. Gotta love a bar that has PBR, Old Style, Hamm's, Miller High Life, and Labatt's on tap!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Virginia Tech still sucks

Shooting rampages aside, I just want to let everyone know I still hate this school, and will not be wearing anything orange or being a fag and saying something queer like "we're all hokies today." Their football team has a reputation as one of the dirtiest and most un-sportsmanlike programs in the country, and I remember them blatantly running up the score against Pitt when I was a student (Mike Vick was their QB back then).


Leadville week #20

Decent week, highlighted by the 50K.

Week #20 distance: 48.2 miles
Week #20 time: 7:35:15
Average week #20 pace: 9:26 per mile

Total quest distance: 657.6 miles
Total quest time: 106:24:47
Average quest pace: 9:42 per mile
Average weekly mileage: 32.9 miles
Average daily run: 7.7 miles

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Platte Road Challenge

Pics from the Kimchi 100th can be seen here.

Friday, April 20, 2007

not leaving

Up in Denver with little internet access, just dropping a line to tell everyone the CEO offered me a big promotion and a huge raise so I won't be quitting my current job.

Staying up here tonight with Melissa, gonna have her show me some new trails. Tomorrow it's off to the Front Range Frenzy and then way down to Rockdale for the P2H4.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

new hash blogger

Tits On The Ritz is getting into the act!

name that castle!

Free breakfast to the first hot chick who agrees to put out and who can tell me the name of the restaurant in this cartoon! If you want your own special sticker, you'll hafta put out before we dine though.

no MOPP this Fri

I said I'd hare a MOPP on Friday but I'll going to Denver tonight for a concert, back to Denver tomorrow through Saturday for my current job, then back to Denver on Monday and Tuesday for my new job. So I'm kinda too swamped to hare the MOPP. Sorry, I know how much everyone was looking forward to it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Greenland 50K

Race report will follow if I can ever get my home computer working again. Ran 5:01 to finish 18th out of 60 finishers. Was running great until about the marathon point, when leg cramps got to me and ruined my chances of a sub 4:30 finish.


Woohoo! I won tickets to see Wolfmother at the Fillmore tomorrow!

Speaking of music, I got a few new albums recently, if anyone wants a copy let me know.

1. Yonder Mountain String Band
2. Hellyeah
3. Phish - Colorado '88

Sunday, April 15, 2007

hash flash

Just Dani, er, I mean, Nappy Headed Whore, has posted pics of the Kimchi 100th/Platte Road Challenge. They can be seen here.

running and drinking hall of fame

If there is one, I'd be in it after yesterday. Greenland 50K finish, then immediately to the Platte Road Challenge where I drank at twelve bars. Ugh, I'm feeling it today though.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Barkley marathon

Researching Barkley for my article and I found this little gem. Seems like one hell of a race. It's a bit outdated, as there have now been six finishers since the race started in 1986. I know there are some ultrarunners who read this blog, if you know anything about the Barkley let me know.

60 hours to run 100 miles
36 minutes a mile
I don't care how tough the course
I don't care how steep the hills
I can run 36 minutes a mile
All it takes to finish
I must only not quit
Over 300 runners have thought this
Only one has backed it up
The others have heard a voice
A pitiful, plaintive voice in the wilderness crying "Mommy, I can't take it anymore."
"Mommy, I want to go home."
And the voice was their own
Humility Awaits at the Barkley

yet another new job?

The CEO of the company I currently work for just called me, minutes after she received my resignation e-mail, asking me not to leave and serenading me with promises of a promotion and huge pay increase. She's gonna get back with me on Monday with more details. Obviously she doesn't know that my sole purpose of being at work today is to win Tool tickets from KILO.

I've also taken a volunteer gig as an associate editor for the Pikes Peak Road Runners newsletter. Not time consuming, but a pretty cool job. Basically I just keep on the radar concerning running stuff (events, gear, news of the weird, etc...), and write little blurbs for the newsletter. My first one is gonna be about the Barkley marathon. Rest assured I'll eventually get something in there about the country's only duathlon club, the Austin Duathletes!

shitty weather

I'm about fed up with this shitty Colorado winter weather. Need to get back above 14,000 feet again or I'm gonna go crazy!

next MOPP

I'm gonna lay the next MOPP trail on April 20. Yup, the 4:20 hash! Details TBA. With a MOPP tonight and another on the books, this is probably the most organized that hash has ever been.

So, besides technically being a hare for Saturday's impending debacle, if you just can't get enough brownie trails here's my upcoming schedule:

April 20 - MOPP
May 5 - P2H4 80909 hash with a cast of thousands
May 11/12 - Sand Dunes hash with Bloody Z
June 7 to 10 - CoTex
June 25 - DIM hash with Tits on a Ritz
June 30 - Fart Collins hash with Free Bus(c)h and Knees Up (it's actually in Golden, CO)
Aug 6 - Jerry Garcia b-day DIM hash
TBA - SRV memorial hash, Austin, TX

Thursday, April 12, 2007

da na na na

Hey, someone be sure to call Cock Scratch Fever and tell him to get his ass to the Platte Road Challenge!


My boss is on vacation (in Dallas, TX, yuk!) but I'm gonna call her today and tell her my last day at work is May 4! Seems like a lot of time to give, but that includes the two week Air Force shindig I gotta do between now and then.

run #84 - Garden of the Gods

Another good run through the Garden. Started the run on the roads, pushing the pace quite a bit for me. About halfway through the run I veered off to find some new trails. After the run it was a very healthy breakfast - bacon cheeseburger (no rabbit food!) at the Purple Castle.

Start time: 6AM
Distance: 6.5 miles
Time: 51:13 minutes
Pace: 7:38 per mile
Weather: 35F - you can tell this next storm is gonna be a doozy!

blizzard '07

It's already snowing in Pueblo!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

run #83 - CRC happy hour

Pretty decent run tonight. Felt horrible at first, but as I got warmed up things improved. Talked to the RD for the Greenland 50K, and he said it might be postponed due to weather. Bummer.

Start time: 6PM
Distance: 6.7 miles
Time: 60:54 minutes
Pace: 9:05 per mile
Weather: 45F - probably the last decent day we'll have for a while

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

hash article

What follows is my final draft of a hashing article for the Pikes Peak Road Runners monthly newsletter. It's length, subject, and rating have been heavily watered down by the editor, and I think it's alright but not great, but it still surves the main purpose of introducing hashing to the general running public.


Standing knee deep in a muddy puddle, I strain to hear calls of "on-on!". I’m bleeding, I've hopped fences, stepped in dog poop, crawled through a tunnel under I-25, and trudged half a mile up a creek. All to reach the beer check, a garbage bag full of luke warm Pabst Blue Ribbon hidden behind a bush. Yup, I must be spending another Saturday afternoon hashing in Colorado Springs!

Hashing started in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, back in 1938 when a group of hounds, led by Albert "G" Gispert, began a weekly jog based on the old game of hare and hounds. Always beginning at the Royal Selangor Club, the group began to call themselves the Hash House Harriers, a dig at the less-than-outstanding food served at the club. Since then, hashing has spread out across the globe, and now boasts over 1500 kennels worldwide.

Though one will encounter different traditions in every kennel, there are some similarities. A hare will set out beforehand, either several hours early (a dead lay) or several minutes early (a live lay). The hare will drop markings with flour, which the pack is expected to follow. Typical markings include dollups (a mark of flour), arrows (which show which way the trail goes), checks (usually in the shape of an X, means trail can continue on in any direction and the pack must seek out true trail), and, every hashers favorite, a BN (beer near) - implies refreshments will soon be consumed.

While there are never any rules at a hash and trail can be anything from paved road to raw sewage, hashers tend to gravitate towards "shiggy," basically meaning they really like to get dirty. And hashers also have a thing for themed trails, usually involving a costume or special kind of alcohol. The infamous Red Dress Run, the beer mile, Jerry Garcia's birthday, the Betty Ford memorial, any major or minor holiday, basically any excuse for a hasher to let loose will be used.

The trail will eventually end, and the "circle" will start. Various infractions will be punished, such as finishing first, finishing last, wearing any article of clothing mentioning competitive running, having a birthday, wearing new shoes...the list goes on and on. Punishment comes in the form of being serenaded with a time honored risqué limerick just before downing a bit of beer. You do not have to drink beer to attend a hash, but it makes the festivities easier to understand.
A typical Colorado hash will include folks from all fitness levels. From ultramarathoners to two-pack-a-day smokers. But the atmosphere is laid back and non-competitive, and any race-like behavior is strongly discouraged. In fact, it is not uncommon to have a few fast runners get lost on trail, only to finish up with the folks who walked the trail already enjoying a brew.

The front range has several kennels to choose from. Here in the Springs, there are two groups to hash with on opposing Saturdays, the Colorado Kimchi Hash House Harriers (CKH3) and the Pikes Peak Hash House Harriers and Harrierettes (P2H4). In general, the Kimchi hash involves more drinking than running, and vice versa for the P2H4. We also sometimes have a DIM (Damn, It's Monday) hash, which tends to gather the more serious runners. Other options include hashes in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, and Durango. Shucks, even Pueblo gets into the act every now and then.

The options don't end in Colorado, however. Kennels can be found worldwide, anywhere from Iraq or Afghanistan (which includes several Navy ships deployed to those locations) to bike week in Sturgis, SD. Hash megacenters such as Washington DC or Atlanta give one the option of hashing every night of the week.

As a first time hasher, you will be a "virgin". After doing something really stupid or on your fifth-ish hash, which ever comes first, you will be named. Your hashing name will stick with you forever unless you top your original stupidity with another stupendous event. Some of the few printable names from local harriers include Chucky Cheeks, Nuthin' But Net, Hoover Daaamn, and NASCOCK. Do not go to your first trail and suggest a name, you will not like the results.

If you want to become a local hasher, tailgate any vehicle displaying the Hash House Harriers footprint with the On-On logo or visit the "receding hareline" web site at and just show up. There are no dues and you don't have to "belong" to any kennel, but you will have to pay $5 for the free beer. If your interest is peaked and you want to try a hash but you don't want to put your pristine character in jeopardy, consider this - many of the Colorado hashers are entrusted with this countries most highly classified military secrets, even if they are running down Platte avenue in a red dress.

nappy headed ho

I think we should name someone that at this weekend's festivities. I'm getting such a kick out of the whole Rutgers/Don Imus story.

While reading this story, I was also reminded of another great hash name, "boner-nosed, beanie-wearing Jew boy." That was another remark Imus made on the air, but I guess it's a bit more acceptable to make fun of Jews than black females.

For the record, what little I've ever heard of Don Imus didn't really impress me as funny. Not sure if you can even get his show here in the Springs, and if you can I have no idea what station it's on.

Sure glad the politicians are getting involved in this, must mean there aren't any other major problems going on with our country.

Anyways, my nomination for my own Indian MOPP name: Nappy Headed Ho of the Boner Nosed, Beanie Wearing Jew Boy Tribe! Or NHHOTBNBWJBT for short.


Couple 'o pics from the show this weekend. The top one is Galactic playing during the snow! Good times - despite all the ski yuppies trying to show off all their expensive winter gear, it was warm enough to get by with my usual get up of a long sleeve tee with a short sleeve shirt over it. I was actually somewhat sober for both shows, but the night went downhill quickly, as you can tell from the second pic.

run #82 - Garden of the Gods

Up early for another great run at the Garden of the Gods! Sadly, I'm thinking of bailing on the trail group and heading out with the fast group. Love the trail running and the folks that make up the GOTG group, but they are S-L-O-W. Felt like I was back on the Greenbelt with the HCTR guys - run super slow for ten minutes, then stop and wait for anyone who has fallen behind. Good times, and it's nice learning about the lesser known trails there, but not the greatest workout.

Tits On A Ritz and Just Angie showed up, we get many more hashers there and I'll hafta start bringing beer. I'm serious too, I'd have no issues throwing back a PBR that early after a hard workout at the Garden. I mentioned this to the two, and Angie said she'd rather bring starbucks. Normally, when I tell a gal to put something in her mouth, it's not a bar of soap, but it was horrible coming to the Garden talking about starbucks. Sheesh!

Start time: 6AM
Distance: 4.0 miles
Time: 41:56 minutes
Pace: 10:29 per mile
Weather: 40F

Monday, April 09, 2007

damn, I'm sexy!

From the Platte River half marathon.

second interview

Had my second interview with the Resource Exchange today, it went real well. Think they're gonna offer me the job soon. Not sure it'll pay enough for me to leave my current gig though. But it would be super cool to work within walking distance to the Purple Castle.

Tomorrow I have a second interview with the City of Fountain working at their 911 dispatch center. I'm getting pretty creative with the excuses I'm coming up with to miss so much work!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


For all the jamband followers out there, I've known about for a long time but could never get it to work on my old computer. Works just fine on my new computer though, which rocks 'cuz there's a CRAPTON of live stuff for free. Just go to and click on the "free stash" icon in the top right corner.

Leadville week #19

Yet another lackluster week. Really, really gonna be happy once the shitty weather ends! Upcoming highlight includes the Greenland Trail 50K on Saturday, first time in a while I'll hit the thirty mile mark.

Week #19 distance: 30.6 miles
Week #19 time: 4:58:00
Average week #19 pace: 9:44 per mile

Total quest distance: 609.4 miles
Total quest time: 98:49:32
Average quest pace: 9:43 per mile
Average weekly mileage: 32.1 miles
Average daily run: 7.5 miles

run #81 - Palmer Park

Been having some issues with a tight hamstring, so I decided to take it easy today and went over to Palmer Park for some trail work. Great run! Palmer reminds me a lot of Bandera, with the technical trails and all. Fresh half inch of snow covered the ground and it was cold but comfortable.

Start time: 9AM
Distance: 6.2 miles
Time: 60:41 minutes
Pace: 9:47 per mile
Weather: 35F; snowing

a moment of silence, please...

Great concert yesterday, and I got epically hammered over the course of the day, but it was not enough to dull the pain of finding out that Alma's Only Bar has closed down. It's currently for sale, hopefully someone buys it and keeps it open. And hopefully they do it before CoTex, or else a short pub crawl is gonna be even shorter.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Denver full moon

Pics from the passover hash can be seen here.

serious like a vato!

job hunt

Thought I'd throw out an update on the job hunt. Due to changes way above me up at TASC HQ in Denver, there has been a lot of office politics going on here. I stay out of it, but it's made this a pretty crappy working enviornment and it's getting on my nerves.

First off, let the insults fly, I failed my psychological exam for the parole office. I have protested the decision, mostly because the letter I received didn't give a reason I was rejected. The exam was 600 multiple choice questions and a four or five minute interview with a psychologist. No idea why I didn't make the cut, I'm more than able to handle the rigors of the job since I work so closely with parole officers. I'll let everyone know how the appeal goes.
Had two interviews last week. First one was with the sheriff's office to do pretty much the same thing I do now, but inside the county jail. Wouldn't be quite as exciting as the folks there aren't the serious criminals I see here every day, but it's a ton more money. That interview went well, I expect to hear from those guys soon.
The second interview was for a company called The Resource Exchange. Seems like a pretty cool gig, I'd be an investigator for them, making sure the retarded kids are being taken care of and stuff like that. Great hours and a downtown location, which I would love, but it's a non-profit so I'm not sure the pay will be enough for me to leave my current job. I had that interview on Tuesday, and on Wednesday they called me back and asked that I come back in to do a written portion of the interview, they want to check out my writing skills I guess. So I'm headed back there Monday, very convieniently around lunch time so I can stop by Purple Castle!

This Tuesday I have another interview with the City of Fountain to work in their 911 dispatch office.

Also got an e-mail today saying I'm in the running for some GS-7 gig with the department of labor. Would be a sweet gig, but it's up in Englewood so I'd hafta move, not sure I wanna do that.

Would be a good time for me to get a new job, I could start after my annual two week training gig for the Air Force, which starts later this month.


As much as I hate to end my streak of hashing, I'll be bailing on the P2H4 tomorrow in order to head up to Copper see Keller Williams and Galactic! And it's a free show!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

more drinking and running

For someone who supposidly doesn't hash very often, I'll be leaving in about 20 minutes to do the Denver full moon hash, my fourth different kennel in the past six days. I'm taking my camera and will try to remember to actually take a few pics this time.

Garden of the Gods

Hard to describe how awesome the Garden of the Gods is through my crappy photography (actually, BATT took this pic) but here's just one of the zillions of rock formations there.

Rocky Mountain Double Marathon

Assuming I do alright at the Greenland 50K next Saturday, I think this is gonna be my next ultra. Trying to talk Melissa into it, but she's being a wus so far. If any of the locals are interested in a decent road trip they could do the half marathon here and hit Bolder Boulder on the way back.

Rocky Mountain Double Marathon

Update: Melissa has already dished out some lame excuse to skip this one. If you know her, e-mail her and tell her what a wus she is! She's really gotten soft since leaving Austin for Colorado!

run #80 - Garden of the Gods

Woke up at 4:30AM this morning all groggy, but there ain't no foul mood that an early morning run at the Garden of the Gods can't help improve. The Pikes Peak Road Runners have a group that meets at the park at 5:45AM every Tuesdey and Thursday, and if you can get out of bed that early it's a great workout. Did a loop around the perimeter of the Garden and then hit some of the trails that run around the Kissing Camels and all the other rocks there. There was never a time during my workout where my view couldn't have been on a post card, this is one of the most scenic places I've ever run. My GPS kept crapping out because of the rocks, so I think my distance and pace might be a lot better than reported here.

Start time: 6AM
Distance: 7.3 miles
Time: 60:13 minutes
Pace: 8:14 per mile
Weather: 45F; cloudy

run #79 - Texans can't do the Incline!

Had a good time whooping the shit out of Johnboy at the Incline tonight. True, it was a tremendous home field advantage for me, but JB ain't no slouch as he's in the taper mode for a sub-twelve hour Ironman next weekend in Phoenix. I stayed back with him, taunting him, and we made it to the top in just over 40 minutes. Not bad for a sea-level guy, very few Springsites could get near that time. After the Incline it was off to Kinfolk's for some good brews.

For the record, it was the second time this week I left Johnboy in the dust. At Monday's DIM, he tried and tried but just couldn't keep up. He finished second to me at the beer check; and even though I had to solve the last five checks by myself, and I could see him and Charlie working together to try to catch me, they finished about half a Pabst behind at the on-in.

Start time: 6:30PM
Distance: 4.0 miles
Time: 1:15:00
Pace: 18:45 per mile
Weather: 40F

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Had planned on running from my house down to Quinn's and then doing the long loop, having a few beers, and running back home. Instead, I drove down and walked over to Sam's, the World's Smallest Bar, with new Kimchi transplant Hoover Damn. We had a beer there, watched all the Quinn's wankers run by, and then walked back to the cheap Laughing Lab pints. Good time though, saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while.

In other news, the Pirates are still undefeated and the Nuggets beat the Lakers last night!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Platte Road Challenge

Below is the invite I've been sending out across the globe. Maybe I have some local blog stalkers who will show. Maybe Texas hashers will see that the Kimchi hash will drink more in one afternoon than the entire crew at TXIH will drink in three days. Maybe the Austin Duathlete pub runners will consider this their Ironman.

Kimchi forever!


The Colorado Kimchi Hash House Harriers cordially invites everyone to the Platte Road Challenge!

The Kimchi hash will be celebrating their 100th trail on Saturday, April 14th. We'll be ditching the usual hash tradition of mud, sweat, and beer in order to have an epic pub crawl along the lovely and scenic Platte Road.

Start will be at Calamity Jan's at 2PM. The order of pubs:

1. Calamity Jan's
2. Putting Green Lounge
3. Baby Doll's
4. Wagon Wheel
5. Black Sheep
6. Knob Hill Lounge
7. Irish House IV
8. Walkabout Pub
9. TexMex
10. Skybox Lounge
11. Bijou Bar and Grill
12. Arctic Brewing

Little something for everyone here - dive bars, a strip club, non-English speaking bars (cerveza, por favor!), a punk club, crime dens, yuppie bars, a gay bar. And, of course, a brewery. 80909 ain't just a zip code, it's the secret code to total drunkennesss!

It's a pay as you go event, plus normal $5 hash cash. Hash cash will be put towards buying kegs at Arctic Brewing at the final stop, so anyone still standing will easily be able to recoup their loot.
Any questions? Feel free to contact brownie or check out for further instructions.

can we do it!?!?!

Can the Pirates go 162-0??? While I say yes, I admit it would be a lot more easier if we played the 'stros every single game.

Long live the DIM!

Monday, April 02, 2007


Just got back from an interview with the sheriff's department for a position in the local jail. Think it's basically the same thing I do here, but a ton more money. Interview went well, I think they'll offer me a job, but it might mean working night shifts so we'll see. Also think it's a weird schedule, 4-3-3-4 or something like that. That would suck since I'd hafta work some weekends, but I'm kinda drooling because on that kind of schedule I could probably knock out all the 14ers by summers end. We'll see.

This interview was the first time I told employers that I was in the Air Force reserve. There were three interviewers, and I could tell by the look in all their eyes that it was definitely a strike against me. Fuckers, they probably all have those "I support the troops as long as it doesn't inconvienience me in any way" yellow ribbons on their cars.

Have another interview tomorrow as an investigator for a non-profit downtown. Don't think it pays much but I'd be able to eat at Purple Castle everyday!


Seems like it was a pretty good weekend for the bloggers. Lulu at the TX State Championships, Tiff at the bridge run, Late Nite at Cherry Blossom, Catwoman sitting around eating all weekend. Congrats to all!

run #78 - Platte River half

Kinda a wasted effort today, due to a raging hangover I never really had my head in this race. Was able to hold a seven minute mile until about halfway, when I fell apart. I just had nothing in the tank to respond when the race started getting hard. Not a horrible run though, I woulda been under the 100 minute barrier had I not wasted so much time at the hash beer check. Ended up 157th place out of 822 finishers.

Start time: 9AM
Distance: 13.1 miles
Time: 1:42:06 minutes
Pace: 7:48 per mile
Weather: 50F

Not an inch of dirt along the course, it was basically just a paved bike path along the Platte River until the last mile or so, where we cut through Denver and ended up at the Buckhorn Exchange.

My thoughts on the race:

-Road runners can be such dorks. Can't believe how much gear some of these people used. For a race lasting less than three hours, significantly less for most people, and aid stations every two miles, I saw tons of runners carrying along more crap than I'd take for a ten hour trip into the wilderness. I saw one guy with a 100 oz camelbak and at least ten packs of gu. It's 13 miles for chrissakes!

-I would like to meet the lady who came up with the idea for that new running skirt and lick her feet clean after she did the muddy buddy. That is one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world.

-I'm very much against the excessive cost of road races nowadays. But I actually got my money's worth here. For $35 I got a cool shirt (an actual race shirt too, not the cotton billboard full of ads that you get at most road races nowadays), good support on the course, all-you-can-eat burgers and brauts at the finish, all-you-can-drink beer at the end, and a ticket to ride the train back to the start.

-Seriously, team in training people need to calm it down a notch. They're fast approaching the level of the super religious freaks. I used to put up with them because the Austin group had a bunch of chicks in it who I wanted to nail. But it's just retarded how giddy they get. They were out in force on Sunday, and it was super annoying. I was sitting along the course after I had finished, about the 13.05 mile mark, watching runners come in. One guy, finishing well over the 4:30 mark, decked out in TIT shorts, a TIT shirt, and a TIT hat, started yelling and screaming, seemed like he was about to cream all over his fancy uniform. It's really great that they believe that traveling around the world to do a marathon or triathlon will somehow help cure cancer, but can you please quit bugging the hell out of everyone else?

-Though there were long sections of this course that seemed to go on forever, one spot really stood out. I was on the path, had a scenic Platte River on my immediate right. To the left I could see the snow capped mountains of the Front Range. And straight ahead I had a great view of the Denver skyline. I love Colorado!

-Was hurting so bad around the nine mile mark that I actually resorted to trying a packet of Gu. Used to eat these all the time, but one time Social Retard and I were out in Bastrop and I took one. She then started making some obscene noises, and just as I swallowed the last of the Gu she said, "now you know how it feels." I haven't had any since, and when I took one yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I think I'll continue my boycott. Friggin' gross, don't know how you chicks do that. The Gu didn't help anyways, the last few miles were painful.

Leadville week #18

Fairly uninspiring week, some heinous flu strain has been kicking my ass but I think I may have finally beaten it down. Warmer weather is finally here, time to start upping the long runs!

Week #18 distance: 38.3 miles
Week #18 time: 6:19:15
Average week #18 pace: 9:54 per mile

Total quest distance: 578.8 miles
Total quest time: 93:51:32
Average quest pace: 9:43 per mile
Average weekly mileage: 32.2 miles
Average daily run: 7.5 miles

opening day

Opening day is finally here, and my beloved Buccos head down to Houston to begin their World Series championship season. Houston wasn't picked to win it all this year, so most of their fans won't be following the team this season.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I caught the hare yesterday! And I didn't do it the Smut Mutt or Bloody Z way, cutting miles off trail, but I actually followed trail, stopped at all the booze checks, and even waited at the boob check (but that's just 'cuz I wanted to see the hot new virgin naked). Yeah, I know, I rock!

Can't believe how shitfaced I got the night before a race. Don't expect a PR from me today.