Tuesday, June 30, 2020

2020 is halfway over!

Halfway through 2020, here are the numbers:

run - 824 miles, 154.5 hours
ride - 1433 miles, 144 hours
hike - 653 miles, 244 hours

All of those put me a little ahead of the number goals I set at the beginning of the year.  Plus I've been fairly regular at the garage gym thing, hopefully making up for the lack of climbing.

I should be done with all my virtual stuff in July - Tennessee and the CO Trail.  I fully expect Chicago to cancel one of these days.

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Ran up to the Bob's aid station on Saturday, my first solid hill run in quite some time.  My MAF pace is pretty weak on the climbs right now and I have some work to do before late August.  11.5 miles total.

Hit Fossil after the run for a parking lot party.  This was the first live music I've seen since mid-March.

Pretty good week.

run - 40 miles, 7:15
ride -  70 miles, 6:21
hike -  32 miles, 12 hours

My great virtual run across Tennessee is slowly winding up, I'm at 500.9 miles, in lovely Talbott, TN.  78.9% done.

A little over halfway on the Colorado Trail bike ride, 312 miles (out of 549).

Friday, June 26, 2020

CityRock 30!

Run commute 41.  Four miles there, 5.5 miles back home.  On the way home I got to watch a bobcat climb a six foot fence which was pretty cool.

But the big news was my first trip to CityRock to climb since March 10.  The gym is open, though pretty much empty besides me and a few bazillion bottles of hand sanitizer placed everywhere.  My climbing is super weak, as was expected, but it was nice to get back there.

Thursday, June 25, 2020


Mon - track.   8 x 200m, untimed.  Good effort.  Also got out for an hour ride later in the day.

Tues - bike commute 46.  Ten miles to work, eleven miles back home.  The wife and I also went to an hour session of yoga at CityRock.  We were the only two in the class.

Wed - run commute 40.  Good five mile effort to work, easy four miles back home.  Guitar lesson in the evening.  The F chord is ruining life right now.

Wednesday AM was also a motorless morning in the Garden.  $100 and I took the dog over for a nice, long road march.

I'm approaching Knoxville on my Tennessee run.  464.7 miles, 73.2% done.

Monday, June 22, 2020

incline 19

Had a great trip down to the San Juans last week.  We tried San Luis Peak but the wind was horrible once we got up to around 13000 feet, so we turned around.  I'll go back there for a solo attempt over July 4 weekend.  Rest of the weekend was spent in Chaffee County and we had a blast.  Hit up two new breweries over the trip - Irwin Brewing in Crested Butte and Tres Litros in Salida, both were good.

On Saturday a friend and I headed over to the Incline.  It's still closed, and there was a protest hike that morning.  We were a bit early for that, but on our way down we saw quite a few folks hiking.  The closure has nothing to do with public health and has become a pissing contest between Manitou and COS, so I'll start up weekly hikes up the thing again.

For the week ending June 20:

run - 30 miles, 5 hours 45 minutes
ride - 54 miles, seven hours
hike - 25 miles, 9.5 hours

For my Tennessee run I'm 431.6 miles in, 68% completed, just past Philadelphia, TN.  For the Breck Epic virtual CO trail ride I've gone 266 miles, almost halfway. 

Shit continues to slowly but surely open up here in Colorado.  I have reservations for yoga and climbing at CityRock this week.  The Pikes Marathon is a go.  The Classic 10k is taking registrations. 

My dog got me a pretty sweet fathers day present:

Friday, June 12, 2020

bike commute 44

Thurs - run commute 38.  5.25 to work, 5.71 back home.

Fri - bike commute 44.  Ten miles to work, six back home.

Taking the van down to the San Juans this weekend.  Been a while since I've been down there.  Buena Vista on Fri night, two day hike of San Luis Peak, some down time in Lake City, then 1.5 days to get back to Colorado Springs.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

bike commute 43

Twenty miles total, on the bike, to and from work.

I am 341 miles through Tennessee.  Not competing with Dr. Slow Ride but if this was a real life race I could probably yell at him and he would hear me.  53.8% finished.

I also got suckered into doing a virtual Colorado Trail bike ride that started when the Breck Epic cancelled.  Doing even less inspiring there than Tennessee, as I sit at 159 miles (29% done).

We were originally planning on heading out to Fruita this weekend, but the dog pointed out that she does not enjoy temps in the mid 90s.  So we're gonna go hike San Luis Peak instead.  A 14 mile round trip at altitude is a bit much for a senior pup, so we're gonna overnight it.

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

run commute 37

Monday might have been a little rough on the hangover front but I did get the dog out twice for a combined five miles and did a 12 mile ride in Red Rock Canyon.

Tuesday was run commute 37.  Four miles there, four miles back.

I have doubled down on my lockdown musical education and am now learning to play two instruments.

Not sure if the ukulele is similar to playing a guitar, as I don't know how to play a guitar.  Yet.

Holly is now an internet superstar.

Monday, June 08, 2020

incline 18

On Saturday I headed over to the incline.  It's still closed, but that seems to be due more to a pissing match between COS and Manitou more than any pandemic precautions.  They put a high school kid who should be working her summer job at the local pool at the base of the incline at 6AM to try to turn away hikers.  I was at the bottom tie at 5:15AM as to not have to deal with some 15 year old kid.  Great hike up, then dropped down Barr and ran the new-ish Ute Pass Trail that also starts at the base of the incline.  As I ran by that kid was sitting on a bench staring at her phone.  Got in nine miles total.  Hit Benny's later in the day with an old hasher buddy, becoming quite the regular there now that they're back open.

Our Air Force cadet returned on Saturday.  She headed back to the hill Monday morning.  She has to quarantine for 14 days and then she will help run basic training for the next wave of cadets. 

Kircher picked me up early Sunday and we went up Pikes via the Crags route.  Hot damn was it windy.  But we made it and it was my first big day in the mountains in a long time.  14 miles, just over five hours.  The first 14er for Ollie the dog.  Took a nice digger shortly after starting down the hill, my left hand and right knee are banged up pretty bad.  Should heal quickly though.

Another lackluster week in the books.

run - 35 miles, 6.5 miles
ride - 62 miles, six hours
hike - 38 miles, 13 hours

CityRock is showing signs of opening.  They're doing some weird reservation system now, but at least it's a start.

Friday, June 05, 2020

Winchester, TN

Wed - run commute 35.  Good five miler to work.  Home was a bit different, as I got word that Benny's was going to re-open.  So the run home included a long stop at Benny's followed by another long stop at Smiling Toad.

Thurs - morning was a 6.7 mile run over in Red Rock Canyon.  Evening was 7.6 mile fatbike ride in RRC, stopping by Fossil for a few mugs of Mammoth IPA.

Fri - run commute 36.  Little hard getting out of bed this morning but still got the dog out for a good hike before jogging 3.4 miles to the office.

Looks like CityRock will be opening back up soon.  I've been using my lunch hour since the gym closed to hike, getting good mileage towards getting across Tennessee.  I'll need to up the running mileage once CityRock is open again.  Currently 285 miles into the state, near Winchester.  44.9% done!

Wednesday, June 03, 2020


Quick trip over the weekend and on Saturday morning we headed down to Crestone.  Love that place.  Just an overnighter but got in some good hikes with the dog.  Hit the Salida triple crown of Soulcraft/Moonlight/Elevation and they are all open for business.  Tried 14er Wiener on the way back home and that place is delicious!

Holmes track on Monday morning for 6 x 400, all in the 89-91 range.

Tuesday was bike commute 42.  Ten miles to and from work on the fatbike.

I'm currently 260 miles through Tennessee.  41% of the way there, near Crowley Hollow.  Projected finish of July 18, but I hope that date moves up as my wonky knee is starting to return to normal.