Monday, March 30, 2015

Cheyenne Canon

Back when I was heading into the meat of Leadman, I could ride from my office to the top of Cheyenne Canon in just under an hour.  Today it took me 1:16, which did not include stopping for beer, but unfortunately included having to get off and push my bike up the steepest part.  Definitely have some work to do.

Commute 26 on the year.


Easy 10K on the Garden roads this morning.  Sore as hell from back-to-back long rides and trying my best to drink all the beer in Colorado.

Will get to a write up of the Tour de Left Hand soon.  Until then, yunz can go read this front page Gazette article about where I work.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tour de Left Hand

Schlongmont or bust!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


It looks like all I've been doing lately is drinking beer, but I'm still getting outside for some physical activity every now and then.

Monday - Six miles up and over Carson pass in the AM.  Did the Garden trail loop in the evening, 7.4.  I start to feel good about my fitness when I can average ten minute miles on this course (quit laughing, it's technical and hilly).  So I was pretty stoked when I dropped a 65 on this run.  And I would have went sub 65 had I not had to wait for a few cars to cross the road right at the finish line.

Tuesday - Carson pass in the morning.  I've started running this over my usual Garden road course on the easy mornings.  Much more of a climb.  Incline #9 in the evening with $100.

Wednesday - Overslept, which is pretty rare for me.  Got up in time to do some laundry, making the wife happy as I've really been slacking in the house chores department for some time now.  Did get over to CityRock at lunch for a few laps up and down the wall.  Wednesday evening I rode the bike over to Red Leg for the Team RWB 5K.

Thursday - Seven miles on the Garden roads.  Threw in some three minutes on/three minutes off to change things up a bit.

Lousy lighting for this pic, but Pikes got some snow on Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


On Sunday I threw a passed out Carson into the jeep and headed home from Nederland.  Did some back roads exploring for the big bike ride coming up this weekend, and then hit Pikes Peak Brewing.  Yes, Carson slept the entire time.

After getting home, $100, Amanda, and I headed over to Red Rock Canyon on the bikes.  Such a great day to enjoy the back yard!  After some time on the trails there we decided to jump on the bike path and head down to Brewer's Republic.

Forget who I was talking to, but I was bragging about having tubeless tires and how I never, ever get flats.  Of course on the ride home I hit a glass bottle and it took a big chunk out of the tire.  A new tire for the bike (I went with the Continental Mountain King) runs 65 bones!  Crikey, but so worth it.  I've rode the Salsa hard for a full year now and this is the first time I've had to put any significant money into the bike.  Probably would have had to replace the tires soon anyways as they were getting pretty worn down.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Good times this past weekend.

Ran up to No Name Creek on Saturday morning, nine miles on the round trip.  Pretty much snow free to that point, gets messy after that.  But with the warm weather it won't be long until all the white stuff is gone.  Anyhow, judging by this run I have some work to do on the climbs before August.

After the run, Carson and I headed up to Nederland to visit Slow Aaron.  We had lots of time, so we hit some breweries along the way.  First stop was Red Leg.

Then we hit a new one for me, Grist Brewing Company.  It's very much a Highlands Ranch joint, all shiny and clean and nice and upity.  Beer was OK.  They're going to have to step up their game if they want to compete with Living The Dream just down the road.

They had a machine that would fill up a growler.  Seemed to me they were taking something that is usually a pretty easy job and making it very difficult.  Kind of like any running gear that is not a pair of sneakers.

It had been a long time since I had visited the Rocky Flats Lounge, so we made a quick stop there.

And one last brewery for the trip, a new favorite.  Loved the vibe of this place in Ned.  I definitely recommend dropping by when you're in the area, and I can't wait to go back.  The Royal We IPA was the shit!

And then no more pictures until the next morning.  Aaron rented a house in Ned, and this was the view the next morning while slugging coffee to battle my hangover.


The view of Pikes from the living room yesterday.  Not a bad way to start a Monday.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


I'm signed up for the Double.

This will be my first race in a new age bracket.  One of only two races I'll give a decent effort in for 2015.  The goal will be to break three on Saturday, and five on Sunday.  Lofty, but I'm convinced that the only reason I haven't gone sub three on that mountain has been because I have yet to put together a decent race there.  I think going sub three at NYC will be tougher than sub three at Pikes seeing as I live on the mountain.  But I'm sick of talking about how 2:59 should be easy for me.  Time to put up or shut up.

Beating GZ will be glorious as well.

Stole this pic off Christian Murdock.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Decent week, capped off with a good long run at Salida.  51 miles running, 81 miles on the bike, four hours in the gym.

The Salida marathon has definitely grown up as a race.  When it started it was barely more than a fat ass, a bunch of guys who would show up in mid-March out of shape and ready to get back to training now that the weather was getting better.  I think I took 8th place one year with a five hour effort, back when the course was faster than it is now.  "Times have definitely changed," I thought as I was sitting in a bar at 8PM on Friday and all the runners had gone to bed for the night.  There was a mountain biker at Benson's who informed BLOS and I about the Commodore Award - given to anyone who finishes a race the day after staying up past midnight and drinking at least four beers.  So at least I got to join that exclusive club over the weekend.

Salida was a blast as usual.  Great to see everyone, great to get a long run in (I ran 4:59, including a 16oz and 12oz can of PBR, about 15 minutes faster than I thought I'd run), great to enjoy some awesome spring weather, and just great to hang out in the best town in Colorado.  And I finally got to get the dog off the leash for some hiking.

There may have been some drinking involved with the weekend.

On Sunday $100 and I jogged up to the top of Tenderfoot Mountain (a.k.a., S Mountain).

Then we hiked the dog again, then rode bikes out to Elevation Brewing.  Our dream is to retire in Salida, but this weekend had us about to buy a house right this minute.

The week after the marathon has been hit-and-miss.  Lots going on in the social world to keep me from working out.  St. Pat's day, the resulting hangover, a play tonight (it's about K2, so it shouldn't be too bad), and a trip to Nederland tomorrow will keep the mileage down.  First world problems.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Icy Bike #30

Been a good week.

Easy five miler on Wednesday morning, followed by a bike ride to work, followed by bailing on the RWB run at Red Leg so I could watch Pitt get crushed in the first round of the ACC tournament.  NIT here we come!

Thursday started with another easy five miles in the Garden.  Another bike to work.  CityRock at lunch.  Pure Bouldering after work.  Then a trip to Fossil Brewing for some Mammoth IPA.

Hit my goal of 30 commutes to work between mid-December and Salida weekend.  My friend Lauren rode 22 times.  We're not going to change the world by any means, but that is 52 round trips that a vehicle wasn't in the downtown area.

Off to Salida soon.  The marathon isn't going to go well, but the eating and drinking sure will!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Old Colorado City

Saw this in the latest edition of Elevation Outdoors.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Incline #8

Tuesday evening incline with Team HoKat (that's what we call it when Brooks' wife and my wife hang out).

Wednesday morning easy five miles down to 503W and back.

Still a bit sore from the weekend, will be taking it pretty easy between now and Saturday.

Icy Bike #28 today.  The bike to work thing is catching on here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tour de Left Hand

Marc and I will be riding up to Schlongmont once again this year to partake in the Hops & Handrails festivities at Left Hand Brewing.

Marc was director of navigation last year, and needless to say he won't have that position this year.  The prelude will start on March 27th at Fossil Brewing with a time trial over to Red Leg Brewing.  From there the peloton will head north, stopping at Pikes Peak Brewing and any other brewery or bar along the way.  The stage will end at a hotel I read about on The Oatmeal.  Day one mileage is approximately 70 miles.

Day two goes from the Best Western to Left Hand Brewing, roughly another 50 miles.  Still working on the best bike friendly way to do that. 

The Tour officially ends later that evening at The Tasty Weasel.

I will post more about the route and breweries we will be stopping at as the tour approaches.  Hopefully we will see some familiar faces out there.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Incline #6 & #7

Beautiful day on Sunday so I headed over to the Incline.  Two laps on the stairs, ten miles.  I don't keep track of my time up the Incline as religiously as most people, but I think my second time up might have taken me longer than it ever has before.  Including when I lived in Austin at sea level and I'd come up to do this hike.  Post run wings and beer at Manitou Brewing.

Also got an hour of hot yoga in, followed by post yoga recovery at Red Leg.  So nice to see the sun still shining so late in the day!

Getting pretty excited for Salida.  The marathon ain't gonna go very well for me, but P.T. Woods is having an anniversary party on Saturday night.  And the Sunday visit to Elevation Brewing, knowing we don't have to head home that night, is always one of the highlights of the year.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

the week that was...

Busy week.

Mon - Lunch break at CityRock and a Garden 10K after work.

Tues - Garden 10K in the morning, icy bike commute #24 in the afternoon, and Incline #4 on the year in the evening.

Wed - More winter weather so I hit the Y in the morning.  Decent weight session followed by four miles on the treadmill in 32 minutes.  CityRock at lunch, and the RWB 5K at Red Leg in the evening.

Thurs - Final day of shitty weather, and I just couldn't take it anymore so I bailed on any outdoor activity other than walking the dog and shoveling the walks.  Y at lunch and evening climbing at Pure Bouldering followed by some Mammoth IPA at Fossil Brewing.

Fri - Taking a new class at CityRock from 6:30AM to 8:30AM on Fridays.  Did a hangboard workout today, first time I've ever done that.  I was pretty smoked after the first week.  Also got Icy Bike #25 in, and Incline #5 after work.  Finally starting to warm up!

Sat - 17 mile run on the local bike paths, including 12:19 at the two mile Nielsen Challenge.  Watched Pitt punch their ticket to the NIT by losing to Florida State, then took out the Surly for a nice 25 mile road ride (with a long stop at Red Leg thrown in there for good measure).

Manitou Brewing turned one last Sunday.  Love that place!  Good time over there hanging with the Manitoids.

I wish more local breweries were dog friendly.  So does this guy.