Tuesday, December 31, 2013

aspiring models

Seems the Westside of the Springs is where all the good looking, let's-use-these-studs-to-sell-shit types of runners hang out.  Peter and I have a bet over which race gets more good looking women...

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Raptor Resolution Run

Third year in a row $100 and I headed down to Pueblo on the last Sunday of the year.  I was suffering a bit from the effects of a late night and managed an uninspiring 33:31.

$100 and Holly (Brooks' wife, not our dog) ran together.  Much less intense than if this were Brooks and I at mile 4.5 of a five mile race.

Also got to see a retired Air Force falcon.  The Academy has a program where they train falcons, including the tricks they use during football games.  He got all butthurt when I told him he couldn't have hacked it in the Army.

The Rev

Headed down to the Black Sheep last night to check out The Reverand Horton Heat.  Hit the Skybox Lounge for some pre-show drinks.  Brooks still shows off the Leadville schwag from the last time he finished, probably ten or eleven years ago:

Caught the opening band and they were pretty good.  Old Man Markley from LA.  Punk bluegrass, reminded me a bit of Larry & His Flask.  Bonus points for their video involving Bigfoot himself kicking some serious ass.

The Rev was awesome as usual.  So glad he makes regular stops in the Springs.


Do live animals count as mascots?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ponderous Posterior

Early sketch of the Fat Ass.  Rick had to hand draw this, so we think the 24.2 mile distance is a bit low.  You could easily add miles either up and down Barr Trail or running the Section 16 loop.  Also lots of options to cut this short.  We'll have a truck heading to the halfway-ish point, so if you need aid please bring a bag with you.

Saturday, January 18th.  7AM and 8AM starts.  321 N 31st Street, Colorado Springs, 80904.  Feel free to bring some beer from your favorite local brewery to share.  We will have some normal food but if you're on one of those weird diets you'll have to BYOF.

Still working out the details for the last few miles through Red Rock Canyon, but here's the map so far.


Got out and enjoyed the warm weather today.  Six hours hanging outside in shorts.  I'll take it for late December!

Early morning run with CRUD.  Red Rock Canyon, Section 16, and back through the Canyon to home.  13 miles in just under three hours.  Solid run/hike for me this time of year.

Then I got out the bike for my first real ride in ages.  Tooled around Red Rock Canyon for a bit and then headed over to climb Cheyenne Canon.  21 miles, almost two and a half hours.  Not pretty, but I averaged 9.1 miles per hour - important since 8.3mph gets you a finish at the Pb100 mountain bike!


Thursday - easy five on the Garden roads, 47 minutes.  Also got in a good half hour at the Y over lunch.

Friday - bike to/from work, some good time at CityRock over lunch, and then took the dog up the Incline.  Trip number 50 up the railroad.  At least I got halfway to my 2013 goal.

Hope to have the map for the Fat Ass out this weekend.

A buddy of mine had his pic taken with Carl Lewis the other day.  Reminded me of his stunning music career.  Wowza.

And of course, there's always King Carl crushing the national anthem.  No need to stand and remove your hat for this one.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Been pretty lazy since I finished Pikes in August, and it's been nice.  Feeling a bit recharged right now and it's time to get back to work.

As most have heard, Badwater has had some issues this year.  They're running the race on a different course, but I have no urge to do that.  And with a new-ish job (less vacation) and $100 buckling down with school, that kind of travel didn't look like it was going to pan out anyhow.  This will be a good year to stay local.

Hardrock could be in the cards, as I'll probably get in off the wait list, but I've decided to take a break from that race this year.  I'll be back, but it's time to try something new.

On January 1st I'm going to sign up for Leadman.  I've been getting more and more into biking lately, mostly commuting, but I'm going to step things up and tackle both the Silver Rush 50 and the Pb100 MTB.  Should be a great challenge, as right now I really suck on a mountain bike.  But I've been picking the brains of lots of guys here on the Front Range who have finished these races, and I think with some work I can make this happen.  My goal for the series?  Just finish, baby!  Oh, and beat Amanda in the hundred mile run.

I don't know the first thing about training for a bike race, nor do I really want to take the time to learn.  I'll just ride as much as I can between now and mid August.  I'll look to this famous pic for inspiration on how I want to train:

Lined up so far:

March 15 - Salida Marathon
April 19 - Fruita 50 mile run
May 3 - Collegiate Peaks
May 10 - Quad Rock
May 31 - 12 Hours of ERock
June 1 - Elephant Rock 100 mile bike
June 14 - Leadville Marathon
June 21 - San Juan Solstice
July 12 - Silver Rush Bike
July 13 - Silver Rush Run
Aug 9 - Leadville 100 bike
Aug 10 - Leadville 10K
Aug 16 - Leadville 100 run

Christmas run

Great morning on the Incline with the dog and some of the CRUD guys.  Ended up tagging Rocky Mountain and exploring some of the Fat Ass course.  See the beta here.  The Fat Ass will allow one to tag three summits - Rocky Mountain, Mt. Manitou, and Red Mountain.  Plus we'll visit the Garden, the Incline, Section 16, and Red Rock Canyon.  Colorado Springs, it's like Fort Collins, except with better trails and better beer!

Top of the Incline this morning:

My 49th trip of the year.  No way I'm going to catch GZ.

Merry Christmas!

What the hell possessed me to think it was a good idea to pick #25 from BLOS?

Christmas Eve

Two more solid beers today!


Way behind on posting the daily beers.  Some of the highlights of the past few days:

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cheyenne Canon

Unlike certain so-called outdoor mecca type places up north, the good folks here in Springs Parks and Rec have been busting their tails to get Cheyenne Canon park back open.  Here's a shot of the drive in, which the dog took because I was busy driving:

They have a grand opening shindig scheduled for January 4, 2014, but they unlocked the gates to the public yesterday.  KRDO did a story on the opening, and you can see me and the dog in the video.

All of the Canon is open, so it looks like the CRUD hill climbs will once again head over there.  Drove back down Gold Camp road to check things out.  The entire dirt road is much smoother than it used to be.  The parking lot for Cap't Jacks is now closed, and a pretty big birm has been placed between the road and the parking lot.  Captain Jack's is closed.  My dog can't read, so she went to check things out.  Saw a mountain biker come down the trail (mountain bikers can't read, either) and he said the trail is in decent shape.  Hopefully they open this section soon.

They better open it soon, because near the "trail closed" sign I found this sign.  Don't want to go pissing off any Fight Club type folks.

At the upper parking lot of the Canon, there is nothing suggesting that you can't run/hike/ride up High Drive.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

7 & 20

Two of my favorite Colorado brews.  Please listen to this while continuing on with this post.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


One of these is an award winning beer!

Easy 10K in the Garden this morning.  Hit the weights at lunch.  Biked to and from work.  Sounds so impressive, but this offseason has been mostly about being lazy and eating junk food and booze.  Semi-Rad says that's OK.

Merry Christmas from Chuck Norris!

And since I'm in a Chuck Norris mood tonight:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013




Good run Tuesday morning through the Garden.  Including 6 x 3 minutes hard with three minutes RBI.  Also hit the YMCA over lunch and rode to and from work.


Sure has been a long time since I had a Keystone Ice.

Rest day today, other than biking to work.

Ate lunch at the soup kitchen today.  Quite the experience.

We'll be having a special edition Red Mountain run on Monday.  Memorial Park in Manitou at 4:30PM.  Red Rock Lounge after the run.  Slow Aaron will be in town and we plan to show him a good time.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I imagine that when someone finally wins mega millions, they won't be much happier than I was last night.

This, on top of getting out x-mas card from Bill Dooper, always one of the highlights of the running year.

Easy five miles Monday AM on the Garden roads, 47 minutes.  Monday evening was a trip up Red Mountain with the dog.  Left my light at home, but holy crap the moon sure lit things up on the trail.

Rode the Klein to work yesterday.  Had been a while since I had been on that bike.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I'm now in two beer-a-day groups.  Booze for Sunday:

Hooray for Colorado beer!

Went up to Littleton for the Santa Stampede 10K yesterday.  Training has been all over the map lately, so I wasn't expecting much.  And not much is what I got, finishing in 41:39.  Hit 5K in 20:30 and the first four miles were really good for me.  Struggled physically and mentally the final 2.2 miles.  Had Liz not been back there keeping me honest I probably would have jogged across the line in 44.  I'm signed up for the entire Winter Distance Series (free rego for helping run the aid station at Greenland) if any of yunz North CRUD guys want to come out and throw down.  I better get some kind of consistency going with the running or a ten mile race is going to crush me.

Dropped by Greenland on the way home for a spin on the bike.  Ten miles, 68 minutes.  Lots of snow.

Took the dog hiking at the Garden today.  So awesome to have this place as a back yard.

We also went up to Woodland Park to pick up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Perfect size since we can use the Pabst-elier as the star on the tree top.

In other news, Led Zeppelin is on Spotify now!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Beers of Christmas

All packed for the 12 beers of Christmas.  Day one is Saturday.

lucky 13

Loves me some 1554.

Easy 4.2 miles in Red Rock Canyon with the dog.  Got out of work early, great to finally have some daylight and decent temps.

Good times at the annual Colorado Running Company party last night.

But the best thing about the party was stocking up on arm panties!

Did everyone hear who is moving back to Colorado!


No running.  But I did ride to and from work.