Friday, January 29, 2021

hip to be square

Currently dealing with a weird douche grade hip/hip flexor/quad injury type thing.  Nothing serious, just a pain in the ass.  No idea what caused it, or when it will go away.  Getting old sucks.

Wed - nothing.  It was 4F at 5AM, and at 6:30AM it had dropped another degree.  Took the dog out just long enough for her to shit and played guitar all morning.  Then took the bus to work.  Did get to CityRock for lunch, so it wasn't a completely lazy day, but it was close.

Thurs - the hip thing only really hurts when I've been sitting down and then get up.  For some reason I thought I'd rest it by biking to work instead of running.  About halfway through my ten mile ride to work I realized that the biggest sitting related activity I do is biking (I have a stand up desk at work).  Still got in twenty miles on the day though.

Fri - normally a bike day, but decided to run, which feels fine.  Quick 3.6 miler each way.  Run commute six.

Off to Golden early Saturday to complete the CMC land nav class.  Meeting Shad at Over Yonder at 2PM if anyone is thirsty.

RIP to former Temple hoops coach John Chaney, one of the legends of the sport.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

bike commute 8

Sat - quick 5.8 miler over in Red Rock Canyon followed by a 25 mile ride up to the Air Force Academy.  Then it was a ton of beers and the hash to close out Saturday.

For the week ending January 23rd:

run - 30 miles/5.5 hours

ride - 48 miles/five hours

hike - 27 miles/10.5 hours

Three trips to CityRock.  Need to get back to the garage gym.  And the yoga streak ended this week, but I'm still doing more yoga than ever for me.

Sun - ran up to the Top of the W's, 6.5 miles, then biked the COVID loop, 14.5 miles.

Mon - got some early morning snow.  After shoveling the walks I headed over to the Garden since they plow there early.  5.5 miles.  It warmed up later on and I was able to get 13.7 miles on the bike.  Online avalanche awareness shindig in the evening.

Tues - more snow and cold as balls, but I took the fat bike to work.  Four there and four back.  Bike commute 8.  18F on the way there, 16F back.  No thanks.

Friday, January 22, 2021

bike commute seven

Can't put my finger on why but it's been a very meh week.  Every commute was basically straight there and back, every climbing session was mediocre to poor.  Had started ramping up the effort this month and I guess it finally caught up to me.  Hopefully after a few lower mileage days I'm back to normal next week.

Tues - run commute four.  4.3 there, 5.6 home.  CityRock seven at lunch.

Wed - bike commute six, CityRock eight.

Thurs - run commute five, CityRock nine.

Fri - bike commute seven.  

Pitt hoops took down Duke this week, so it wasn't all bad.

Monday, January 18, 2021

So Many Roads

Jan 16 - behaved myself on Friday night, staying in to complete an online land nav course offered by the CMC.  That allowed me to get up early on Saturday for a dog hike followed by a 15.8 mile loop on the COVID route, 2:23, all at MAF pace.  Best run in a while.

For the week:

run - 42 miles/seven hours

ride - 60 miles/six hours

hike - 25 miles/just under ten hours

Saturday afternoon I headed up north to check out So Many Roads brewing, which caught my attention as they bill themselves as a Grateful Dead museum.  It's owned by the same guys who own Sancho's, and it didn't disappoint, though I want to return if this COVID bullshit ever subsides.  Saw Shad and Kircher up there, first time seeing those guys in a long time.  Quick trip to Sancho's as well.

Didn't drink much as I was driving, but that ended once I got home and hit Fossil.  Few too many, which ended up wrecking my Sunday motivation for riding or running.  No worries, as me and the dog loaded up the van ($100 was out of town) and headed down to Fremont County.  Spent some time at Florence River Park, hit up Florence Brewing, then headed out to Oil Well Flats for the night.  A little reading, some guitar, and an early-ish turn in to bed.

Woke up on Monday and headed out for what I thought would be a four mile hike.  Quickly turned into a 6.5 miler, the dog's longest in a while but she loved it.  She's been sleeping hard since that hike ended though.

Less than a day and a half until this guy hits the road.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Into The Wild

Jan 13 - bike commute four.  Ten miles there, 4.2 back.  Busy Wednesday night as I had guitar practice, a return trip to Benny's (now open again after reduced COVID restrictions), and Amanda's 40th b-day party.

Jan 14 - run commute three.  4.2 there and 4.2 back.  Not very fast (see: last night).  CityRock at lunch but not much to write about there.

Jan 15 - bike commute five.  Straight to/from work.  $100 is out of town this weekend so I have extra dog duty the next few days.

Wanna feel old?  This book came out 25 years ago.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

bike commute 3

The weekend was kind of a bust on the physical activity front as I spent most of the time supporting local breweries.  Visited Fossil, Red Leg, Lost Friend, and Metric.  Evan paid a visit to the Skybox Lounge.

Jan 11 - Monday is now a work from home day for me, and will remain so for a while.  Want to get back to the track, but due to recent snow Holmes is a mess.  7.5 miler on the Garden roads.  15 mile gravel ride at lunch.  3.6 miles up and down Red Mountain after work.  

Jan 12 - $100 got a new sauna for xmas.  So I found myself doing some yoga in the early AM, and the temp in there hit 130F.  Then I jumped on the bike to head to work and it was 18F.  Ouch.  Ten miles there, eleven back.  Still a bit icy on the Santa Fe/Sinton bike paths.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

the week that was...

Fairly decent first full week of ‘21.  Increased the intensity a bit and I definitely felt it, especially the garage gym stuff.

Run - 38 miles/7.5 hours

Ride - 54 miles/just under five hours

Hike - 24 miles/9.5 hours

And four good CityRock sessions.

Thursday, January 07, 2021


Jan 5 - bike commute one.  Ten there, eleven back.  CityRock one at lunch.  The gyms here are also open at a greater capacity so that makes things a bit easier schedule-wise.

Jan 6 - run commute one.  Five there, 3.5 back, the time in between spent with my jaw dropped watching the crazy shit go down over in DC. 

Jan 7 - run commute two.  4.8 there in 42:20.   4.2 back in 42:34.  Good bouldering session at lunch.  Actually made a few moves on a V4.

I am currently on a yoga streak.  I stumbled across Yoga15 and signed up for their 28 day challenge.  The 15 minute sessions, which cut out all the spiritual and mindfulness stuff I don't care about, are perfect for me.  I'm able to squish the session in between my morning dog hike and guitar practice.  So we'll see where this goes.

bike commute 1

Might have let myself relax a bit too much over x-mas as my weight increased quite a bit.  Back at it with the new year though.

Jan 1 - 10k over in Red Rock Canyon.  Might have been horribly hungover.  But still had to knock out the annual Rescue Run miles.

Jan 2 - 5.5 mile Garden run followed by a 15 mile ride on the 'ol COVID loop.

Jan 3 - Incline Club.  Ran up the new incline bail trail, connected to the steps around 1/3 of the way up, and climbed.  Back down and up Red Mountain.  Ten miles total, just over 3k of vert.  21 miles on the bike in the evening.

Jan 4 - nice seven miler on the Garden roads in the AM, 3.6 miles up and down Red Mountain in the evening.  We are back to level orange so the post run beer at Manitou Brewing was my first drink inside a brewery since before Thanksgiving.