Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Spiral Drive

Had a big ride planned for Salida over the weekend, but then it got cold and snowed.  So I just toured the local watering holes instead.  Did have a good run up and down S Mountain on Sunday at the Spiral Drive four miler, coming in just under 30.  And I beat Toby.

For the week:

run - 23 miles, five hours

ride - 89 miles, 8.5 hours

hike - 24 miles, nine hours

Friday, April 21, 2023


Mon - I was a physical wreck from Horsetooth.  Suffered a catastrophic failure of my rear tire on my easy ride, something I couldn't fix.  The tire was almost bald, but I was hoping to get another month out of it before having to replace it.  Got in 23 miles on the ride.

Tues - still feeling the race but did get a five mile easy run in.

Wed - easy four mile run with Mook before bike commute 39.  Ten there, 18 back.  Went over 1500 miles on the bike for the year.

Thurs - four miles of #mookmiles in the Garden, followed by bike commute 40.  Finally recovered from Horsetooth, I really did a number on my quads there.

Fri - easy four miles with the pup, then bike commute 41.  Headed down to Salida after work, running the Sprial Drive four miler on Sunday and getting in some kind of ride on Saturday.  Was planning on a big ride, but the weather is looking a bit iffy up high so we'll see what happens.

Monday, April 17, 2023


Ran about as well as I could have hoped at the Horsetooth Half up in Fort Collins.  My days of sub 90 for this distance are long gone, 100 minutes now the new standard.  Went out with the 1:40 pace group for the first nine miles, then slowly plowed ahead to finish in 1:38:40.  Raced about as hard as I could and the last four or five miles were pretty rough, but I held on.  I'm typing this on Monday night and my legs are trashed.

Another solid week in the books.

run - 32 miles, 5.5 hours

ride - 148 miles, 14 hours

hike - 25 miles, six hours

Took Mookie over to the dog park today, which apparently had a visit from the tennis ball fairy.  Mook was in dog heaven.

Friday, April 14, 2023


Mon - five mile run on the Garden trails in the AM, 30 mile ride in the PM.

Tues - bike commute 35.  Ten there, 13 back.  Four mile run in the evening.

Wed - starting to warm up here, and I decided that if I want to keep running Mookie it will have to be in the morning instead of after work.  So we headed over to Red Rock Canyon super early for a five miler.  Then bike commute 36.  Ten there and 19 back, including a break for guitar practice.

Thurs - morning five miler over in the Garden.  Saw some coyotes, they've been sparce on the westside for a few years but I've seen a bunch of 'em this year so far.  Bike commute 37, nine there and seven back.  Another good training session for Mookie in the evening.

Fri - bike commute 38.  Ten there, eleven back.  We got some much needed rain today.  Already had a local fire that worried me, though it was put out quickly.

Off to Fort Collins this weekend for the Horsetooth Half Marathon.  I have not been running much lately, and with the expected beer drinking on Saturday night I see a 1:44:59 finish in my future.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023


Solid week despite a three concert weekend.  Starting to get more miles on the rides home from work thanks to the improving weather.  50+ mile ride on Saturday.  

run - 23 miles, five hours

ride - 200 miles, 19 hours

hike - 24 miles, ten hours

Caught Hot Buttered Rum on Friday at Lulu's.  Love those guys.

Then we saw Third Eye Blind (yes, they played Semi-Charmed Life) on Saturday and Toto (yes, they played Africa) on Sunday.  Cut me some slack, this is Colorado Springs and it's not like I have a huge choice in live music.  But holy shit does my liver need some rest after the weekend.

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Fremont County

Update: my Pirates have cooled off a bit but are still playing .500 ball and are not in last place in the NL Central.

Good weekend down in Canon City with the wife and the dog and some friends.  Lots of hiking and running and biking.  So glad the weather is finally warming up.  Got in some good rides.  On Saturday I did a tough 60+ miler exploring some of the gravel roads of Fremont County, then followed it up Sunday with a slog up Skyline Drive before heading over to Florence Brewing.

Solid numbers for the week.

run - 27 miles, five hours

ride - 132 miles, 13.5 hours

hike - 25 miles, 9.5 hours

Already got in a good 33 mile ride on Monday evening before some colder weather rolls in.  There were snow flurries during the early morning dog hike in Red Rock Canyon today.