Friday, May 27, 2022


First off, congrats to Ryan for somehow making it through the Academy.  She will do a one year assignment as a recruiter and then she's off to flight school.

Low mileage week as my old Pitt roommate (who is Ryan's uncle) came into town, and then I spent all day Wednesday doing the graduation stuff.  

Mon - nine mile run over in the Garden.

Tues - bike commute 33.  Ten there, four back.  After work beers at the house, then Murphy's, then the Triple Nickel, then Fossil.  Oof.

Wed - Mookie's first motorless morning in the Garden.  We hiked a 10K before heading up to Falcon Stadium.

Thurs - bike commute 34.  Ten there, four back.  Had a HAMS meeting up in Palmer Lake after work.

Fri - run commute 36.  Five miles in 42 minutes.

Taking the van down to Chaffee County after work, gonna attempt Shavano tomorrow and hike the shit out of the dogs.  Back on Sunday for Bob's annual visit.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

the week

Travel, weather, injury, Academy graduation - May sure has gotten away from me.

The Sunday I was in San Fran I somehow tweaked my lower back.  Not a crushing injury like I've had there before, but I had to take things easier to make sure it didn't get worse.  Then on Thursday, the temp hit 88F.  And on Friday we got a good foot of snow at the house.  So the week wasn't much to write home about.  The back is better, and the big hiking week included a trek with a 40+ pound pack and heavy mountaineering boots through a ton of snow up to Barr Camp with the HAMS group on Sunday.

run - 17 miles, three hours

ride - 30 miles, three hours

hike - 42 miles, 18.5 hours

So much snow here.  Which is great, but my monthly 14er streak is definitely in jeopardy.  Going to try for Shavano on Saturday, but they got good snow down there as well.  And Kircher is tagging along, so not only is there a good chance of not getting to the summit, but hospitalization and loss of a limb or two are probably in play as well.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Bay to Breakers

Well holy shit that was fun!

Quick trip to San Fran, flying out on Saturday morning and returning Monday evening.  Tons of pubs in between, including during the 12k race.  Took $100 and I 3.5 hours to meander the course, and I ran up Hayes hill with a gin & tonic in hand.

Friday, May 13, 2022


Mon - easy lunch ride, 15 miles in 90 minutes, and a post-work 7.5 mile Garden trail run.

Tues - bike commute 29.  Ten there, 18 back home.

Wed - run commute 32.  5.7 there, 4.2 home.  Guitar practice in the evening, followed by a quick ride to check out a possible sighting of Amanda's stolen bike.  Still haven't found it.

Thurs - run commute 33.  5.2 there.  5.5 back.  Took Mookie over to PubDog in the evening, I drank beer and he ran approximately 400 miles in circles around their small dog park.

Fri - bike commute 30.  Eleven there.  

We had so many fires Thursday in COS it was hard to keep up.  I have a bad feeling this is going to be a rough summer.

Off to San Francisco for the Bay to Breakers 12k this weekend.  Won't be winning any awards unless there's one for most booze consumed during the race.

Monday, May 09, 2022


Busy lately.  Lots of good stuff going on.

The Atlanta trip was incredible.  So much good music.  Big Something, Doom Flamingo, Oysterhead, Too Many Zooz, Sexbruise?, and Taz Niederauer were some of the highlights for me.  Was excited for Umphrey's but their lead guitarist had to take some time off, and I thought the band was missing something.  Hit up the Clermont, Elliot's, Sister Louisa's, and a slew of other bars.  So much fun.  Possible return trip next year.

Had a good seven mile run around the MLK national historical site and the Freedom trail.  Also did a 5k on festival Saturday and did pretty well, winning the masters division in 19:59.  Goose was doing their soundcheck at the finish line and ended up playing three songs for the runners.

Took a while to recover from that.  I'm old and four straight days of partying left me pretty rough.  Did recover in time to have a good race at the Take 5 in the Garden though.  4.4 miles on the Garden trails in 34 minutes.  Then on Sunday the HAMS peeps and I went up to Loveland Pass to attempt Grizzly Peak.  Crazy windy so we had to bail early, though we did manage to summit 13,117' Cupid Peak.  Might have to go back there to get Grizzly and Torreys.

For the week of the festival:

run - 16 miles, 2.5 hours

ride - 38 miles, four hours

hike - 13.5 miles, five hours

For the previous week:

run - 31 miles, five hours

ride - 70 miles, 7.5 hours

hike - 25 miles, ten hours