Saturday, December 31, 2005

we don't need no stinkin' badgers!

Some of us will be enjoying a pre-NYE feast at Plucker's (183 and Burnet) tonight for the Pitt/Wisconsin hoops game. Game is at 5PM, I will get there as soon as possible after the Hill Country hash. Wear your blue and gold!


Friday, December 30, 2005

1000 bars, 1 blog

This dude visited 1000 bars in the past year and kept a blog about it.

my hero

hashers in the news

Not really sure what this article is about, but it mentions the hash.


quote of the year!

Wow, looks like GW actually did something worthwhile this year. I will never misunderestimate him again!


Hill Country

Anyone up for a caravan to the Hill Country hash tomorrow? Davey is haring! Social Ralphtard is in, we'll probably leave around 10AM. Will return in time for NYE festivities.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Me at the incline.

Slowly working on the picture thing. Lord knows I have enough time during the day to figure it all out. This was from my last trip to Colorado for the Pike's Peak ascent.

paid unemployment

Well, just enjoyin' another late rise here on day #2 of joblessness.

The sadness of deciding to leave Austin is slowly starting to be overtaken by the joy of what lies ahead in Colorado Springs. I'm still nervous though, knowing that the main reason I'm making this move is for the adventures of the Rocky Mountains. I'm in a position where I'm able to pack everything I own into my jeep and skip town, so I figured, "why the hell not."

Got a call today from the Texas Attorney General's office, they want me to come in and interview for some kind of child support position. I got a new Jerry Garcia tie for x-mas that I haven't used, so I'll probably do the interview, at least for some practice. I think it's similiar to the stuff I was doing for the BNE, so I wouldn't take the job even if it were offered.

But now, I think I'm gonna have a cold beer and head out to the Greenbelt. Hope all you saps are having fun at work!

support the troops

One of my better friends from my Army days is currently in Kuwait, waiting to cross the border into Iraq. Brown was in my squad almost the entire time I was over there. He's working on his second combat tour, so if anyone is bored drop the guy a post card.

SGT Benjamin Brown
UNIT# 50001
APO AE 09378-0001

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Hour

I will be at the Draught Hourse around 5:30PM if anyone wants to join me. Yes, I know this is the second time in a row I'm stepping on the toes of the AH3FMRH3 happy hour, but I could give a shit less about Round Rock faux-bars right now.
I am officially unemployed. I turned in my letter of resignation this morning, saying I would work 'till January 11th. My boss returned shortly and said, "if you leave right now we'll pay you through the 11th." Ten minutes later I was at the bus stop, arms full of all the personal stuff from my office.

Was feeling pretty bummed about the whole deal, but as my bus was passing through campus I saw a big scene, and a bunch of cop cars were around, and I caught a glimpse of someone handcuffed and being put into the back of a pigmobile. And I thought to myself, "things could be a lot worse...."

Anyways, possible happy hour at the Draught Hourse tonight. Right now I'm off to enjoy the Greenbelt trails.

it's official...

I have informed my boss that she will be receiving a letter of resignation today, my last day with the BNE will be January 11th.

Monday, December 26, 2005

bye bye brownie...

Barring any last minute change of heart, I will be submitting my two week notice tomorrow. I've received a job offer from Colorado and will be moving shortly. I kinda always figured I'd end up in Colorado someday, I love the mountains. Didn't think it would be this soon, but the chance to have Pikes Peak in my backyard was too good to pass up.

More info later. I will certainly miss all the great people I've come to know in Austin. Some of you have helped me out, both recently and during my Army days, more than I can ever possibly hope to repay.

El Paso Blog Party!

My sis, Beggin' For It, co-founder of the Lehigh Valley H3 and new hash blogger, is contemplating a trip to El Paso for the TexMex weekend. Everyone go to her blog and tell her to go. Click the "jes" link on the sidebar for the address.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Monte tonight!

Looks like we'll have a fun crowd for the Monte show tonight. AH3, SAH3, and Hill Country H3 all representing! Call if you want info on showtimes and prelubes (Barfly!).

a family that blogs together...

Everyone welcome my little sister jes to the blog world!


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

At least someone is doing it...

Usually not much need to read the metro & state section of the Austin American-Statesman, as we've had several hash scribes in the past few years who are better writers than John Kelso, but there was a great quote on the front page of that section today:

"Leave it to a guy from Pennsylvania to make Austin a little weirder."

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Finally, a reason to go to H-town...

Got this message thru the Houston Pitt Club. Hopefully it will expand and come to Austin soon.

I am writing you to let you know that a few of my good friends just received their loan to start "Steel City Pizzeria." It is going to be a Pittsburgh Sports bar with Iron city on tap at all times and specializing in brick oven pizza. They will have a full pittsburgh themed menu and the place is going to be loaded with big screen tv's and Pittsburgh sports memorabilia. We hope that it will become the mecca for Steeler/Pitt/Pens/Pirates fans to gather for all games. It will truly feel like home. It is going to be located off of the Rayford/Sawdust exit near the Woodlands on Pruitt Road (off of the feeder road close to Papa's Ice House). I will keep you updated with an approximate grand opening date but look for it to open by spring. I was hoping you could pass this on to all of our members. We are very excited about seeing everyone there. Thank you so much.

Of course, I will keep everyone posted on this grand place!

El Paso or bust!

OK yunz wankers, figured we'd done enough talking about TexMex flights, it was time to order 'em. Here are my flights:

Depart Austin on Jan 12 (Thurs), 11:45AM, flight 304. Arrive El Paso at 12:20PM.

Depart El Paso on Jan 16 (Mon), 2:15PM, flight 1881. Arrive Austin at 5:55PM.

I plan on having no recollection of anything between Thurs at 11:45AM and Monday at 5:55PM!

Anyone else from Austin gonna do the Asshole trail? Haha, I ask that even though I know the answer. Can't wait to hear the excuses for pussing out!

on-on to TexMex!

Zane supper

Went to our little Zane Grey dinner party last night. Shan, Meredith, Paul, Pete, Melissa and myself in attendance. Shan, Meredith, and Paul have all bailed on Zane. We've also got Joe and TJ going though, so we still have a good group. And the quitters actually had good reason not to go, all dealing with other tough races in their schedule. I'm sure I'll still put in a ton of miles with all these folks in preparation for our various endeavors.

Finalized my race schedule, gonna be fun having more than just me heading to all these races. I'm pretty much done with all my long runs until Bandera. I was motivated enough to get up at 4AM this morning to hit the gym. Gonna re-dedicate myself to Gold's, kinda been slacking there lately. Want to hit the free weights two or three times a week in the morning, and head there on some of the evenings to hit the rowing machine, get ready for that adventure race. Plus, by going after work, I can call out Alexis and DBD for being posers.

Thanks to Melissa for cooking last night, my first real meal in some time.

Off to Walnut Creek for the weekly night ride/Mickey's happy hour. Hopefully the news ain't there tonight and the Thirsty Eye atmosphere is a little more laid back.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Adventure Race

Think Stayfree and I are gonna team up for another go at an adventure race. We did one before, out at Reimer's Ranch. We're a good team in that we're able to counter each other's weaknesses. He's a great rower and mountain biker, areas where I could improve, but I was able to run forever and get his directionally challenged ass through the navigation part. We ended up capitalizing on the mistakes of other teams and won the Reimer's race outright. Our next challenge:

Too Cool

January is shaping up to be a great month. My first attempt at 100K at Bandera and now the adventure race. Not to mention the TexMex weekend!

Jingle Bell Ride

Didn't wake up 'till 1:30PM on Saturday, due to the effects of the previous night's hashmas party. Felt like hell too, but I was still able to drag my ass down to the annual Jingle Bell Ride.

Met Nicole, Becky, and Tiffany down at the start. The JBR was fun. It's more of a parade than a ride. I like seeing all the different kinds of bikes. High end mountain and road bikes, cruisers, dirt, tandem, frankenbikes, folding, unicycles, roller blades, all kindsa goofy stuff. I was on my mountain bike, but I kinda wish I had rode my BMX. The start was super congested, and I did more walking than riding, but once we got onto Barton Springs things were fine.

Doing the trail of lights on two wheeles was fun. It's the most Christmas-ish thing I'll do all year.

From the trial of lights we went down to Austin High, took Cesar Chaves down to Congress Ave, and then went up for a loop around the capitol. It was a cool sight, all those bikes on Congress Ave.

After the ride it was off to bed. Very lame Sunday for me, at least I got out to do one worthwile thing.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


From Gov't Canyon it was off to Bandera to set up camp. I love when camping is part of a trail running weekend, it just seems to add more to the experience. A lot of my buddies get hotel rooms during these weekends, but I would never consider that.

Of course, you should have asked me my opinion about hotels around 2AM, when I was freezing my ass off in my tent! But anyways...

I arrived and set up camp just in time, as the campfire was just getting hot. Steve, Carrie, Corey, Dano, and I just chilled around the fire, shooting the shit. Steve whipped up some spaghetti, and of course I had brought some yummy PBR. We sat around the fire for several hours, talking about anything and everything. Alternative training methods, pot brownies, the Runtex forum, the Dirty Sanchez, garage sales, I think we covered just about everything in our bullshit session. It was warm around the fire, but we were all afraid to leave since we knew how cold it was over at the tents.

The coldest (non-military, anyways) I've ever been was out at Bandera, the night before the 25K last January. I had someone with me that night, and I wasn't sure I was gonna make it. This weekend was a close second. Damn, it was cold. My sleeping bag is rated down to -4F, which must mean it will keep you alive but certainly not comfortable. I was so cold I couldn't fall asleep. Decided that I'm definitely borrowing Ann's van for the 100K!

Eventually, the night passed and it was soon time to get up. Packed up camp and drove over the the equestrian area to begin the run.

Government Canyon

Cough, cough. It's Friday, better call in sick! Too sick for work, but certainly not too sick for the Rogue Holiday Hill Country Trail Tour!

Off to Gov't Canyon (not to be confused with Gov't Mule, one of the best rock and roll bands in the world!), the brand spankin' new state park down in San Antonio. My plan was to get in one good last back-to-back workout before Bandera.

Had a small but fun crew joining me. Steve, Carrie, and Corey were at Runtex for the caravan, and Dano was gonna meet us down there. Weather was gonna be perfect for running. Chilly and cloudy, but luckily the rain held off!

Gov't Canyon is slightly less than a two hour drive from downtown Austin. Well worth it. I was able to get a good 3.5 hour run in, and I saw less than half the park. It reminded me a lot of Austin's Brightleaf State Natural Area, but much bigger. And without the rush of jumping fences and trespassing.

From the trailhead, my first loop went out the Far Reaches trail. Beautiful trail, and at two points (Chula Vista and Sotol Overlook) the shiggy opens up and you get a great glimpse of the San Antonio skyline way off in the distance.

Decided to complete my first loop by coming down the Sendero Balcones trail. This was pretty cool. Very technical downhill. I hate running downhill, but once my Pikes training ramps up I'm sure I'll be back down to do this trail the opposite way, over and over and over again.

That first loop took me just over an hour. Grab a Clif bar, refill the water bottles, and I'm off again.

Jumped on the Joe Johnson Route, a jeep road. Took that up to Wildcat Canyon. WC was a lot of fun too. Nothing like running new trails, but I must say I will be returning to this park very soon.

From WC I went up and returned via the Twin Oaks trail. Another beautiful, somewhat technical trail. Next time, I'm gonna carry a beer back there to drink at the Twin Oaks tree.

Hadn't been drinking much water due to the cool temps, so without the need to refill I was able to take in a bit more of the park than I had planned. Decided to head north and check out the Overlook trail. Another awesome trail, and this also had a beautiful view of the park. After chillin' here for a bit, it was back to Joe Johnson to get my thirsty ass back to the trailhead.

Had planned to go back out and see more of Gov't Canyon, but the park has a 4PM cutoff time and the park ranger there was watching me. He allowed me to go check out some of the Frontcountry, but that's the part of the park set up for fat people and it was more like town lake (minus the UT babes) than a state park. Ended up getting 3.5 hours in and I called it a day.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Couple 'o more Sunmart pics.


Monte - Live at Workplay

FINALLY got the new Monte CD yesterday. Been listening to it at work today. It sounds pretty good. Doesn't seem to have quite the energy at his previous "Live at the Caravan of Dreams" CD, but that's probably because I'm listening to it on my rinky-dinky work computer. There are quite a few songs I love during his shows that I haven't been able to get on disc, like the alternate version of "1st and Repair," "Let's Go," and "Bringing Me Down." Good version of "Wishing Well" too. Has a few of his slow, boring, love songs on it, I could do without those. Monte should put out an album called "Depressing Love Songs that Losers Who Are Always Whining About Not Having A Girlfriend (Like DOF) Will Listen To," then put out more rockin' live albums for folks like me who are all about ROWYCO tunes. Also, the CD could have used a long version of "When Will I" to push it over the top. But all in all a pretty good effort, and I'm sure my opinion will improve when I listen to it with a bit more volume.

If anyone wants a copy, say something nice about me on my blog and buy me a beer and maybe I'll burn it for you.

Looking at seeing Monte on Dec 23rd at Antone's. This is his annual Christmas party, even though it's not actually on x-mas this year, which sucks.

Also gonna try to catch the Asylum Street Spankers at the Saxon on Dec 28th.

And, of course, the Scabs are at Antone's on the 30th! Ain't no party like a Scabs party!


Got the following e-mail from my boss, who is a buddy to quite a few law enforcement folks. Just throwing it out there as a warning.

FYI:We got briefed last night that the TCSO Sheriff and all the local municipalities are changing their policies for the holiday season - especially APD. APD will now run a '4 miles over' speed limit policy - which means if you are more than 4 over, they WILL stop you! The entire area is also participating in a'0 tolerance' policy for DWI's - if you are over .08 or visually impaired, you will be hooked and booked. This policy starts this weekend and will extend through the beginning of the new year.Be careful this holiday season! They will be out hunting. If you're drinking, be smart and figure out an alternate way of getting around town, or have a designated driver!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

H.A.W.K. happy hour

Hey, that was fun last night! Anyone catch the news?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ivy Division

Special anniversary today, it was exactly two years ago that folks from the 4th Infantry Division caputred Saddam Hussein. I was involved in a pretty heavy firefight that night, though it was in Bayji, well away from the real action south of Tikrit where the ace of spades was finally caught.

Kind of bittersweet, since my old division is currently deploying back to Iraq. Had I stayed in or been hit with stop-loss I'd be in Baghdad right now. I still have several buddies in the 4ID, and I wish them the best of luck in their shitty situation.

Night workout/H.A.W.K. Happy Hour

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!

Anyone up for a night frolic through Walnut Creek Park? You know that place. We hash through there every four or five months, and every hasher always bitches, "we always hash through Walnut Creek, it's boring." Most hashers who say this never leave their couch save for Sunday, but I digress...

Anyways, bring a flashlight. Troy and I are gonna start our ride around 6:30. Ride for an hour, then do a 20 minute run. All are welcome to join me on the bike and/or run.

And bring some clothes to change in to. Post workout refreshment will be at Mickey's Thirsty Eye! Mickey's is currently involved in a lawsuit dealing with the smoking ban, so come out and help them pay their legal bills! As of last week they were still allowing smoking here, so if you're some nancy who is gonna bitch and whine and cry about it and threaten to call 911 and moan about your right to breath clean air, then you are not a member of H.A.W.K. and you are not invited. Stay home and wipe the sand out of your pussy.

So who is in?

Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm here to help...

Lots of new bloggers to this page, here's a link to help you get started.


Sunday, December 11, 2005


Once again, off to Huntsville State Park for another ultra run. Had done two races here already, my first 50K (Hog's Hunt) and my PR 50K (Rocky Raccoon), but Sunmart was going to be a test on another level.

Rented a shelter from the park, and good luck gave Dan and I a campsite less than 100 meters from the start of the race. We actually set up tents inside of the shelter, so despite the low temps we were able to keep somewhat warm and grab a decent nights sleep on Friday.

Up at 5AM Sat morning, well before my alarm was set to go off due to nervous energy. Race didn't start 'till 7AM. Oh well, gave me plenty of time go grab a good caffeine buzz. Went over to help the Hill Country Trail Runners set up their site. Set up four large carport-tents, the club was gonna have a ton of people there.

Stood around for another hour drinking coffee, shooting the shit with all the other runners. Was trying to eat, but my appetite just wasn't there. I knew this was gonna cause problems later on, gotta get those calories in for these long runs.

7AM, immediately after the Star Spangled Banner, the race began. I tried not to think of how far I had to go, just wanted to take it one lap at a time. Race was four 12.5 mile laps.

First lap was fine. Huntsville State Park is beautiful and I love the trails, but they're not overly challenging. No hills, nothing too technical. As long as you don't trip over a root or get eaten by an alligator you're fine. I setteled into a comfortable pace with my friend Meredith, and we talked about just about everything. She recently got into Western States and is also part of the upcoming Austin Zane Grey adventure, so good on her. The pace was comfortable, and we hit the halfway aid station in just under an hour. Actually had a lot of fun that first lap, and we finished up in around 1:58. Perfect.

Made a quick pit stop at the HCTR tent. Refilled water bottles, pounded a Red Bull. Again, I tried to eat, but I was feeling a bit nauseous and was afraid I'd puke. I knew this was bad, but I was afraid of dehydration if I threw up so I continued on without food.

Meredith had gone out of the tent ahead of me, so I began the second lap alone. Didn't last long, as Sunmart is one of the biggest ultra events in the world (actually, "one of the biggest ultra events in the entire universe as far as we know," as my drunken Rogue pal Dan had told me a few nights earlier). Well over 200 people had signed up for the 50 miler. To put that in perspective, less than 10 people had signed up for the 44 miler at Warda a few weeks ago.

Anyways, I soon ran into old friends and made new ones. Everyone is super friendly out on the trails, at least for the first half of the race. Some of us get kinda grumpy after that.

I continue on. There's a shitty out and back jeep road portion of the course, which I hate but it is nice to see everyone. Meredith is running strong and is well ahead of me. On the return I see Kelly, Mark, Shan, Joe, TJ, Mike, all folks I've done significant miles with getting ready for this. Good to see them all running strong.

My future doom is increased as I blow through three straight aid stations without eating. I'm not feeling horrible but not feeling as good as I could either. I pass 1.5 loops in three hours, on a good pace but I can tell things are going to get tough.

About 1.75 loops in, we meet up with the 50Kers. Almost 500 are rego'd for this race, so things get a bit tight on the singletrack for a little. We go over my favorite part of the course, a long wooden plank-like bridge that hovers you just inches over a swamp. I know Choo Choo, from the Houston hash, is in the 50K, and I look for him to push him into the swamp. I also watch my back, 'cuz I know he'd do the same to me.

Blow through another aid station and hit the halfway point in 3:58. At the HCTR tent, I finally force some food down. A pickle, half a clif bar, and another can of Red Bull. I realize a crash is coming soon, and I decide to push the third lap to get as far along in the race as I can before I hit the wall.

I tear out of the tent. Still running strong, I do try to grab food at the aid stations to delay the inevitable. Fig newtons, gummy bears, bananas, pb&j, even cheetos. Taking salt tabs and migrane strength excedrin every hour. But I could feel my energy starting to sap away.

About 50K into the race I crashed. I kept running, though my pace was probably more like a fast walk. I just had nothing left. Started to get cramps in my legs, which I've had issues with before. Started tripping on roots due to not lifting my feet as much. It was a damp, chilly day, and I started to shiver. Still had six miles to go to be able to change, and almost 20 to go in the race, and I began to wonder if I could make it. It was weird, how quickly I went from good to bad.

Struggled it out to the tent. Got a minor boost from passing Pam Reed during my slog, a very accomplished ultrarunner who was obviously not having a good day (she would soon drop out). I also got to run a bit with Choo Choo, it was good to catch up with the H4. He was running strong in the 50K, and soon left me behind.

I hit the end of three laps in 6:10. I probably did the first half of the third lap 20 minutes faster than the second half. 37.5 miles down, 12.5 to go. I look like death in the tent. Several people would tell me later on that they thought I was going to drop out. Even Janice, who I have never heard say anything negative let alone swear, said, "jt, you really looked like shit out there." Thanks for all the support, guys!

I crashed into a chair by my cooler. Another Red Bull. Another half of a clif bar. I knew if I ate much more I'd puke on myself right there. This was about the worst I've ever felt physically. Upset stomach, shivering cold, cramping legs. I really thought about dropping out. Which meant, of course, it was time to break out the liquid courage.

I did a shot of jager at Warda more as a joke. Nobody thought I'd really do it. I would have finished regardless, I had a much better day out there. Here it was really up in the air. I took a huge swig from the bottle, probably two or three shots. And after giving the booze a few seconds to seep into my bloodstream, I immediately thought, "if I can just tough out this final lap in less than five hours, I can qualify for the Western States lottery."

I arise from my chair and head out. In my jager induced charge I decide to leave behind my water belt and just hand carry a bottle. Which is fine, except I now have no salt or excedrin.

I run just 'till the folks at the tent can't see me, and start walking. I start doing what was probably four minutes running/two minutes walking. I notice that what was a pancake flat course earlier this morning now has great Bandera-like hills. I'm on my run/walk struggle and I hit my least favorite part of the course, the out and back jeep road. Last time of the day. But this section just beats me down. I end up walking damn near the entire thing. I fake jog when I see Meredith and Shan coming by, don't want to look like a huge wus, but I bet I walked 90% of that two mile stretch.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the jeep road turns back into singletrack. I'm now stopping at every aid station, thanking the volunteers, telling them I'm having a really weird craving for doritos. Believe it or not, all the stations had some! Mmmmm...doritos!!!!!

I continue my death march. I'm almost to the halfway point of the final lap. People I passed over seven hours ago are now passing me, giving me encourgaing words but probably thinking, "damn rookies."

Coming into the halfway point aid station, I tell the volunteers, "I'm very grateful for what you've all done today, but I'm really, really, really glad I won't see you anymore." That's probably what everyone says to them, but they're still cheerful and offer me fresh doritos, gawd I love aid station volunteers!

I hang out for a while, and one of the volunteers says to me, "you're basically finished, it's more of a pain in the ass to drop out now than it is to just finish." I don't take her hint, so in a few more minutes another worker says, "Lovejoy's, you've been here long enough, move along."

I have to walk down the steep hill leaving the aid station, but the thought that I'm almost finished must release some adrenaline. After feeling like death for the better part of three hours, things start to improve. I start to skip my walking breaks. I actually pass a few people. I grow stronger with every step, knowing I'm getting a little closer to the finish and my cooler full of St. Arnold's. I'm actually sad going over the plank bridge for the final time, knowing it's gonna be a while 'till I cross it again. I probably would have cried had I not been so severely dehydrated.

Soon after the bridge I hit the eight hour mark. I think to myself, "self, that's an entire days work you just ran, and you're not finished yet."

Hit the final aid station of the day. Slam a few gatorades, thank the volunteers, and I'm off. Three miles to go. I'm actually doing quite well now, considering I've covered 47 miles of trail.

I'm able to run almost the entire final three miles, even pass a few more runners.

The final 200 meters of the course is a straight away lined with people. It's great, after having put forth such a monumental physical effort, to hear the roar of the crowd. Of course, as I'm stumbling in, I hear "Brownie is a wanker!" Roller Balls was the culprit this time, he was there cheering on Choo Choo but couldn't waste such a golden opportunity to rag me so he waited around.

The finish was somewhat anti-climactic, I was just so friggin' happy to finally be done that I didn't care about joining the 50 miler club. Finished in 8:47:22. My second half was almost an hour slower than my first half.

Things started looking up soon after I finished. Got to get my Sunmart blanket, now I don't have to be so jealous of my roommate who has one (I think he has two, I'll hafta go back next year). Even got a very pleasant surprise, as despite my horrible second half I still managed to grab third place in my age group and received a kick ass horse trophy for my efforts!

But the best part was in the HCTR tent afterwards, telling war stories with those who had already finished, and cheering on those who were just finishing their race. Drinking lots of beer the entire time! Both the club and the Rogue group had fantastic days!

Congrats to all who finished! TJ, Dan, Joe, Joyce, Gabe, Kelly, Meredith, Shan, I could go on and on and on. Thanks to Melissa for helping out with everything too, really appreciate that; she even managed to take a few pics. Here they are:


Next up for me is this weekend's Rogue Holiday Trail Tour to Government Canyon and Bandera, followed in early January by the Bandera 100K. Fun, fun, fun!

Friday, December 09, 2005

pseudo-hash article

From the greatest newspaper in the land!


dirty du pics

A couple pics from the Dirty Du last weekend. Stupid Kreutz photography! I had a great ride, and the one pic they get of me on the bike is when I'm walking.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

sunmart strategy

Had the Sunmart strategy meeting/pizza party at Mangia's tonight. Had the stuffed pepperroni pizza, yum yum!

Anyways, I've decided to attempt to break eight hours on Saturday. It's a fairly lofty goal and I'll have to have a great race to do it, but I've been training hard and I do have a legitimate shot. And I figure if I can hold that pace for a few laps, even if I completely fall apart and have to walk the entire final lap I'll still be able to finish sub-eleven and qualify for the Western States lottery.

Also looking like Zane Grey is a definite go. Was checking the race calendar and I'll be able to squeeze in some awesome trail races to get ready. Bandera 100K, East Texas 50K, Cross Timbers 50 miler, Waco 50K, and the Grasslands 50 miler. Other than Bandera, none of those are really "tough" races so it looks like I'll be hitting the Hill of Life many, many times between now and then.

Working half a day tomorrow, then leaving for Huntsville around 1PM. Camping at the park. Thought about getting a hotel but I feel like camping ads to the experience. Gonna be friggin' cold out though.

El Paso

Anyone book flights yet? We should get a group of Austinites on the same plane, could make for an interesting flight.

hashers in the news

More of those damn bioterrorist hashers!

it's only flour!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I have kicked Ass Gagger's ass twice already in war tonight. She'll be drunk soon. Lightweight!

Cheaper To Keep Her

Another name for your Christmas card list. I don't have nearly the respect for civilian contractors as I do for the soldiers over there, but Cheaper is a good guy nonetheless. A usual staple at the TexMex weekend, he will be missed this year.

Brandon Burke
APO AE 09342

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

in the news today...

Anyone notice that Mickey's Thirsty Eye was on the front page of the Statesman today? Seems they're going to court over the recent ban on smoking. According to Mickey Leathers, the bar's owner, "99.9 percent of the customers are smokers." And that's only because they count Troy and I, who stop there after our Walnut Creek rides for a few bottles of Miller High Life. Oh well, just another local, character rich pub that's gonna close it's doors. Pretty soon we're gonna be a town of Little Woodrows' and Fox and Hounds' and Hooters'. I'm gonna go throw up now.

Keep Austin Weird

Monday, December 05, 2005


Couple 'o pics from the Turkey Trot.

too sexy

Saturday, December 03, 2005

He's back!

I had offered to drink all of Davey Crotchett's down-downs for him if he showed up to the Founders hash, and received the following reply:

No one drinks Davey's down-downs except Davey!!! See you tomorrow.

Woohoo! Davey is back! A lot of you don't even know who he is, so get ready for a trip. A human hash hymnal if there ever was one.

Dirty Du - Rocky Hill Ranch

Once again, it was time for one of my least favorite races of the year - the Dirty Du at Rocky Hill Ranch. Last year this race kicked my ass all over the place, left me sore for days. So of course I had signed up to come back as early as possible.

Arrived early, about 90 minutes before the start. Already had quite the fan club out there, as Melissa and Meredith (congrats on the WS entry, M!) were out there for an early run. Nicole arrived soon after, there to cheer on her buddy Evan.

I hung out for a while, drinking some coffee, tinkering with my bike, shooting the shit with some buddies I hadn't seen since the last Du. I was feeling pretty nervous, I knew I wasn't going to be strong on the bike. I also realized that I hadn't done a brick (that's a bike/run combined workout) in over half a year. And today I faced having to run Fat Chuck's, then having to bike a tough-ass 12 miles, then having to run Fat Chuck's again! It was not going to be pleasant.

But, the reason most of you are reading this, I was worried about the competition, or specifically, the competition provided by a certain 16 year old girl, who had kicked my ass last year at this same race. The couch potatoes out there who continually rag me about this are unaware that she'll soon probably have a major bike sponsorship, and don't listen to the fact that I did beat her at the two final Dirty Du's, but whatever. I was going to quiet the critics today.

It almost wasn't meant to be. Fifteen minutes 'till the start, and she's nowhere to be found. Afraid? Probably not. Maybe she was grounded or something.

Race starts, a pack of about 200 athletes starts off. Even the start of this race sucks, it's on a jeep road but there are big, loose rocks everywhere. And then it starts to climb. Up a grassy hill to the campsite, through a cow gate, and then on to Fat Chuck's. It is on the grassy climb that I meet my nemesis, the 16 year old. I think she had been hiding. She's already breathing heavily, not even a half mile into the race. Is she sick? Injured? Out of shape? I don't care, I quickly blow by her.

Had a pretty good first run, 3 miles. Fat Chuck's was rough, but I held my own with the competition. Finished in 23:40, a pretty good time for that stretch.

Into the transition area, feeling pretty good. I'm well ahead of the young'in, and I have a little confidence in the fact that I've done a few night rides recently. Maybe I'll make some noise on the bike. But hey, it's the transition area, why be in any hurry? Results show my T-time at over three minutes, and ranks this as the 129th quickest time out of 131 Du finishers! In fact, during this nap, Evan passes me and I never find him again.

Onto the bike. Riding at Rocky Hill, for a novice such as myself, is horrible. Rocks and roots bounce you everywhere, and it's very difficult to keep control of your bike. Throw in a lot of sand, tons of tight turns, and the fact that a lot of fast mountain bikers are gonna be blowing by me and it makes for a difficult day.

Nonetheless, I tear out of there. I actually pass a few people right away, as there is a long, non-technical climb to get to the real trails.

Onto the fun part. Right away there's a wreck, and without time to react I swerve around the fallen biker and hop over a huge root, peddling like a maniac. Less than a mile into the ride, and I've conquered an obstacle I would never attempt on a training ride. Very big confidence booster.

Trail continues through some of the classic Rocky Hill sections. Easy Up, Gray's Highway, Off the Lip, Frontal Lobotomy. Up across the power line to the Longhorn Loop and Tris Cross. Once again I was robbed, course did not go on Omar's Howl or the Tunnel 'o Pines, my second straight trip to RHR without my two favorite sections!

I was riding well. Yeah, a lot of folks were passing me, but I knew that was gonna happen. I was riding over a lot of obstacles I usually have to dismount for, so I was happy there. I had even managed to pass quite a few people myself.

Then, about eight miles into the twelve mile ride, I hear "passing on the left." I oblige, and the bike that goes by has the 16 year old on the saddle. Damn! I'm worried. With so long left on the ride, she has a chance to put a lot of ground on me, more than I can make up on the final run. I stay on her back wheel, and we talk for a bit. I mention to her that a lot of my buddies gave me a lot of shit for losing to a 15 year old girl last year. She doesn't miss a beat and says, "Are they gonna give you shit for losing to a 16 year old girl this year?" Wow, a worthy foe not only athletically, but also on the smack talking scene. But hey babe, the race ain't over yet!

Another long, non-technical hill, and I'm able to pass her. She sticks on my rear wheel for a while, but I can hear her breathing heavy and I think I may get her. She also knows I'll whoop her on the run, so every minute I'm ahead of her on the bike is a huge psychological blow.

We pass quite a few people during our duel. Then, just before Blac Trac, about 1.5 miles out, I turn to see how close she is and she's nowhere to be found. I've dropped her. But I continue to hammer, doing a lot of the super technical stuff I'm usually scared shitless about. I even attempted to ride The Wall, an obstacle I usually have trouble walking up. Almost made it too, didn't dismount 'till about 80% of the way up. Of course the dickhead kreutz photo guy waited 'till I got off the bike to take his pics! A-hole.

Anyways, after The Wall, it's less than a mile to go on a normal jeep road, and I hammer it. I have a much quicker transition this time, still going scared that the young'in will show up. But she doesn't, and I'm off on the final three mile run, one last duel with Fat Chuck.

This run is one of my least favorite things to do, even when I'm fresh. When I'm dead tired, it's near impossible. But I shuffle on. A lot of people are walking at this point, and they'll walk the entire time. I manage to run the first long, non-technical hill and make it down the first part of Fat Chuck's before I walk. But I keep moving forward, very important. Walk up the hill, run down the hill, walk up the hill. As an added bonus, the race director had some fallen trees put over the trail, and these were damn near impossible to get over in my weakened state.

Before I knew it, I was at the top of Fat Chuck's. Hit the water station and out to the turn around. I'm running alright and realize that if I push it I can break 2:30. Plus, I gotta keep on keepin' on, victory over the chick is almost at hand!

I give it everything I have over the last 1.5 miles. Still had to walk the up hills, worried about cramping up, but was able to run the flats and downhills. Hammer the final downhill, then jump the hay bales, then sprint the last 100 meters to the finish line.

Finishing time was 2:24:48, good for 69th place out of 139 finishers. My time last year for this race was 2:41:12, so I'm quite pleased as I pop open a cold bottle of St. Arnold's. The improvement was almost all on the bike. Last year's bike time was 1:39:38, compared to 1:25:23 this year. I lay the challenge down now: Lance Armstrong, I am coming for your course record!

I'm physically wasted as I retire to the RHR saloon for burgers and beer. The Dirty Du crowd is a fun one, and lots of BS stories are told. I didn't see the 16 year old, but someone tells me that she broke her rear derailler and had to walk her bike in over the last few miles. I immediately deny that I had anything to do with her equipment failure. I will confirm this rumor next Du, but either way I kicked her ass.

Congrats go to No Hands, who grabbed third place overall (he kicks ass on the bike!). Thanks to all those who came out to cheer me on, thanks to Boomer and Skid for continuing to be super cool to hashers, and thanks to Team Rasta for providing comic relief when he said, "Alexis needs to get her fat, lazy ass out to the next Du so I can whoop her."

Next up on the Du schedule is Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort, Texas, on February 25, 2006. Another gnarly mountain bike trail.

Friday, December 02, 2005

route finder

Pretty cool link for the runners out there. You can map out a course and then save it to the national database or find a new course to run. Should be great for when one has to travel.


Just came online a little bit ago, already tons of courses in Austin listed.

calling Johnny Cochran...

Wow, threatened with legal action over my blog! How cool is that? This is an e-mail I received earlier today:

JT~Please do not post references in your blog that are slanderous or libel about me or my roommate Squeezebox. (we can take legal action about those as they can be printed from archives) No-one appreciates your prigish, infantile and immature outlook of others and feelings of inadequacy about yourself.

I've certainly been called immature before, but never prigish or infantile. In fact, I had to look "prigish" up, I had never heard the word before. Neither had, but I'll assume the author meant "priggish":

1. A person who demonstrates an exaggerated conformity or propriety, especially in an irritatingly arrogant or smug manner.
2. Chiefly British. A petty thief or pickpocket.
3. Archaic. A conceited dandy; a fop.

Well, I guess it fits. Cool! But to state the obvious, if you don't like reading my ramblings or you're offended by what I put on here, then don't fucking read my blog, idiot!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Go away!

Some people can't take a hint. If I delete all your posts, it's because you annoy the fuck out of me beyond belief! Go away!

great quote

I'm on a big ultrarunning e-mail list, and everyone is talking about their personal top ten ultra events of the past year. This one is my favorite so far, I thought I'd share:

1 - Narrowly escaping certain death, when a gigantic rattlesnake, with enormous fangs, tried to eat me on the 3rd loop at Javelina. Actually, the snake wasn't that big, and I thinkit was only moderately annoyed that I almost stepped on it, but I still crapped my pants (metaphorically) nonetheless. [a sidenote: i love being involved with a sport where, when you use the term "crapped my pants," you have to specify whether or not you are being literal.]

first thursday w/Grupo

Anyone wanna hang out in South Austin tonight? Grupo Fantasma is playing Ruta Maya. Tix for Grupo are $7, show is at 10:30. Folks, see these guys before they get too big to play small venues!

I'm gonna head downtown around 7 or so, hang out with all the first Thursday weirdos, then head over to Ruta Maya. Doors open at 8PM, I believe there is an opening band at 9PM, Grupo is at 10:30PM.


Yunz guys see the new look for my blog? Yup, figured out how to do that all by myself. No fancy computer degree or anything. Pics are coming, then a webpage, and then who knows. Fish and Raf, don't worry, once I own Apple I might still keep yunz guys on the payroll.