Sunday, March 31, 2019


$100 and I were out super late Friday night after catching Chris Duarte at Stargazers, but luckily the Run for Daniel 5k had a 10AM start.  I knew it wouldn't be a strong field, and I was able to pull off a cheap win.  Second through fifth place were females, and nobody besides me broke 21 minutes.  I actually had a decent workout, running 19:38 with splits of 6:31, 6:19, and 6:02.  Results are here if you want to see the quality field.

Good week all around.  So glad the spring weather is here (even though we got more snow on Friday night).

Run - 40 miles
Bike - 60 miles
Hike - 18 miles

As well as a bunch of trips to CityRock.  Hope to start climbing outside again soon.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

boogie at the broadmoor

Great time and tunes at the recent Boogie at the Broadmoor.  Here's some footage that shows exactly how things felt when the great neighbor Broadmoor was invaded by the hippies:

The music was spot on though.  Even after the huge disappointment of having Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real cancel due to their bus getting stuck in the Colorado mountains, the rest of the weekend made up for it.  I saw four classic Salmon sets, a killer show from the Bluegrass Generals, a good set by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, local heroes Tejon Street Corner Thieves (they have a washboard player who was my bartender at the Triple Nickel last night), Tenth Mountain Division, and a set by DeadPhish Orchestra to close out the weekend.  I stayed up past 2AM each night which is pretty impressive for me nowadays.  Great event and I'll be there next year if it comes back.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I'll get posts up about the Boogie at the Broadmoor (which was awesome!) and the new van soon. 

The old van is currently on craigslist and getting quite a bit of interest.  Hopefully she is gone soon as our house is starting to look like a used car lot.  We currently own four vehicles, I rarely drive, and my wife quite often commutes by bike.  We'd be getting rid of the jeep as well but we are going to give that to our cadet once she is human enough to have a vehicle (USAFA kids can have a car when they enter their junior year).

Besides the weekend festival behavior I did get some decent workouts in.  Two hour run on Saturday, two hour bike on Sunday, and another two hour run on Monday.  Plus my usual hikes with the dog.  For the week:

Run - 36 miles
Bike - 10 miles
Hike -  20 miles

Friday, March 22, 2019


Been a super busy week.  Since Wednesday it's been dog hikes and CityRock.  Probably not much more through the weekend as it's time for Boogie at the Broadmoor.

We get a new addition to the household for the next ten days or so.  One of our cadet's friends is not going home for spring break and he had nowhere else to go.  He was just going to sit in his dorm room all week.  So we are going to let him chill at our place.  Hopefully the dog doesn't eat him.

Also, this happened on Wednesday evening:

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

incline 14

Sun - it had been a hot minute since I'd done the incline.  Since before I jacked the hamstring up running that AF mile.  On Sunday I ran up to the top of the W's and was still feeling good on the way down, so I tacked on a trip up the steps.

Mon - our last day with Mr. Moose.  Took the pups for a three mile hike at the Bear Creek dog park.  6.5 mile run in the evening on the Garden roads.

Tues - run commute 19.  Easy five miles to work in 42 minutes.  CityRock 35 at lunch.  Was greeted to this billboard when I entered downtown.  People take not biking very seriously around here.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

varsity club

21. Jose Cuervo.

varsity club

20 bottles down. Happy St Pat's day!


My streak of underwhelming races continued on Saturday with the St. Pat's 5k.  I knew I wouldn't go sub 18 like I did last year, but I was hoping for 18:30 and at worst a sub 19.  Nope.  After a 5:56 opening mile I just fell apart, finishing with a 6:23 and 6:25.  Oof.  Not sure what was going on, I just couldn't respond with anything after that first mile.  Went through lots of pain, just had nothing to show for it.  But just like with my slow run at Salida, you get what you deserve, and the truth is I'm just in mid 19 shape right now.

This was the first event in the Mad Moose Grand Prix.  I'm signed up for the short series.  Next up is the Rattler 10k on April 13.

After the race $100 and I went and text drove a Wayfarer Walter.  Looks like it's gonna happen soon.  We almost pulled the trigger on Saturday but at a cost of fifty grand we wanted to take a few days to sleep on it.  But we are probably putting in an order on Monday.

For the week:

Run - 24 miles.  Good recovery from Salida and a good effort, if not good result, at the 5k.
Ride - 9.5 miles.   To Elevation Brewing and back from Moonlight.
Hike - 25.6 miles.  Big miles from a long Salida hike with Holly and trying to wear out Moose.

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Great weekend in Salida eating pizza and drinking beer.  Marathon was what it was, I ran 5:40 on a snowy course, which is right about what I deserved as I haven't been working very hard at the running thing lately.

Relive 'Salida Marathon'


$100 is still stuck in New Orleans due to the bomb cyclone that blew through the front range, so I am taking care of two dogs, severely restricting my morning and afternoon workout time.  Hopefully this weekend I can get back to some decent workouts, starting Saturday with the St. Pat's 5k.

Friday, March 08, 2019

bike commute 13

Thurs - hour long dog hike.  An hour in the morning with the dog is the standard in our house, but it had been quite a few days since we met that.  I can tell that she is uncomfortable when the temps are in single digits, so when that happens we drop to 30 minutes.  Then I jumped on Amanda's Raleigh gravel bike, as it was still sitting in our garage from Manitou Mardi Gras.  Returned it after work.  Also got in a good climb at CityRock at lunch.  I'm starting to get V3's with a lot more regularity. 

Fri - $100 had an early meeting and is leaving for New Orleans this evening, so it was just me and the dog for an hour.  Then I packed for Salida.

Not expecting much at Salida, as is the case every year.  This weekend is always a wake up call for me that it's time to start getting in shape for the warm weather approaching. 

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

run commute 17

We had yet another cold/snow blast of weather blow through the area over the weekend.  If I haven't made it clear, I'm over winter.

Sat - Nielsen Challenge in 13 flat.

Sun - nothing, due to a monster hangover from Manitou Mardi Gras.

Mon - 30 minute dog hike followed by run commute 16.  My garmin watch seems to have died, as it is no longer picking up GPS signals.  Everything about this winter is depressing now.

Tues - half hour dog walk followed by a good morning session at CityRock.

Wed - run commute 17.  Straight to/from work.  First time I've ran without a watch in years.  Possibly decades.  So I have no proof but I'm sure my pace was well south of six minute miles.

Went to the last AF home game last night.  In keeping with the depressing winter theme, the mountain west started this game at 9PM.  At least my cadet hooked me up with a cool t-shirt.  Alas, AF did not protect the nest and went on to lose to Nevada.  Nevada did not impress me and I will probably pick them to lose pretty early once March Madness rolls around.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

for sale

We bought our 1990 Chevy Astro back in 2016 to see if the van life thing was something we would want to do.  Our thinking was that before dropping major bucks into a good van, we would buy a klunker to make sure it was something we would actually enjoy.  Well, we enjoyed it, and we are nearing the point where we have the cash to throw down on a Wayfarer Walter.  So it's time to get rid of Stella, our current ride.

We paid $3900.  If I put her on craigslist, I'll post for $3000 and see what happens.  But I'd much rather have her go to a friend, or friend-of-a-friend.  If you know me well enough to buy me a few beers while negotiating, I can probably be talked into dropping that price quite a bit.

Not a perfect vehicle, but this is a great rig for getting started in the van life world.  When we bought her we said we'd only ever take her to Canon City as we were worried about breaking down.  But we spent time in Lake City (a five hour drive) and multiple trips to the Dunes (three hour drive) and never had any problems.

Please pass the word on this.  I doubt either of my two loyal readers are in the market, but maybe they know someone who is.

Friday, March 01, 2019

varsity club


varsity club

Peach schnapps.


Tuesday - run commute 13.  Five miles to work on the Midland Trail, 5.5 miles back home through Sondermann Park.  Tested the hammy a bit with some low level fartleks, and all is somewhat good.  CityRock 28 and some yoga at the house as well.

Wednesday - bike commute 12.  Straight to/from work, as it was cold as balls out.  Good climb over lunch.

Thursday - 2.7 mile dog hike followed by run commute 14.  More fartleks and again the hammy is almost full strength.  CityRock 30 at lunch.

Friday - run commute 14.  An hour via Sondermann Park, the popcycle bridge, and Santa Fe.  Good, though easy, effort.

The running/biking in February were a disaster.  Not helped at all by the cold temps, heavy snow, and hamstring injury.  The numbers for the month:

Run - 132 miles
Bike - 115 miles
Hike - 67 miles
Climb - 13 trips to CityRock
Yoga - three trips to CorePower, two sessions at the house

At least my climbing has been trending upwards.  I set a goal to become a consistent 5.9/V3 guy at CityRock in short time, and I'm well on my way.  I am starting to get pretty not-too-shitty at the 5.9 grade, and most V3's in the gym I can figure out in a week or so.  No big head though, as outdoor climbing season will be here soon, and those gym numbers probably equate to 5.7/V1 outdoors.