Friday, December 30, 2022

'22 numbers

On x-mas day I hit a patch of ice on my bike and ended up landing on my knee.  Alcohol may have been involved as well.  So I'm basically down to just run/wobbling four milers to stay in the bet with Toby.  I can take Saturday off so I'll take a full rest day to get this thing healed.  Nothing long term, it just hurts like a bitch.

For the year:

run - 1652 miles, 337 hours

ride - 3002 miles, 295 hours

hike - 1381 miles, 576 hours

Not a big year, but I had some good highlights.  Rainier, a bunch of 14ers, another state marathon, a new dog.

The 14er monthly streak came to an end this month.  Still hoping to get some winter 14ers in over the next few months.

Pitt ended the year on a high note: big hoops win this morning over North Carolina, then a great game and a win over UCLA in the Sun Bowl.  HAIL TO PITT!!!

Monday, December 26, 2022

week in review

Weighed my bike over the weekend, came in at a svelte 65 pounds.

Decent week despite plenty of holiday beers.

run - 40 miles, eight hours

ride - 78 miles, 7.5 miles

hike - 14 miles, 6.5 hours

Friday, December 23, 2022


Tues - bike commute 86, ten there and eleven back.  Five mile run on the Garden trails in the evening.

Wed - Five mile Garden trail run with Mookie before bike commute 87.  Ten there, four back as I had to get home to get the car for a quick trip up to Pikes Peak Brewing to pick up Kircher's dog.  Watching Ollie while he and his family visit South Dakota over xmas.

Thurs - a crazy cold front blew in late Wednesday.  National Weather Service reported that as it rolled through Cheyenne the temp dropped 32 degrees in nine minutes.  Not the best conditions for run commute 70.

But I got it done.  Four there and four back.  It had warmed up to 0F for the slog back.  Oof.  When does summer get here???  

Nice to watch Air Force beat Baylor in the Armed Forces bowl.  Them Texas boys from Baylor really struggled with the cold temps.

Fri - run commute 71.  A balmy -1F with no wind for the four miles in.  Ten whole degrees for the run home.

Not much planned for Christmas.  Some dog hikes, some running, some biking (temps return to our normal winter mid 40s to mid 50s on Saturday), maybe some beer drinking thrown in there.  Looking at an attempt on Mt. Sherman on Monday to keep the 14er streak alive.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Good weekend down in Salida.  $100 ended up getting an All City Space Horse and has already put quite a few miles on it.

There also might have been a little bit of drinking over the weekend.

Low week for me.  Haven't done much since the first 13 miles of the Seattle Marathon, that's gotta start changing soon.

run - 17 miles, 3.5 hours

ride - 40 miles, four hours

hike - 26 miles, eleven hours

I did make a running bet with my friend Toby from Salida.  Minimum of a four mile run, five days a week.  My run commutes only count as one day.  First one to fall off the wagon owes the other $200.  We started on the 19th, which was a run up Iron Mountain with Mookie.

Not being on social media anymore, information about the '23 Tour Divide is hard to come by.  But I believe tomorrow is the day I send in my letter of intent.  June 9, 8AM, Antelope Wells, NM.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

catching up

Took a bit of much needed downtime after Seattle.  Now as I'm trying to get back into it, the weather is making things difficult.  Dreaming of warmer days already.

run - 35 miles, seven hours

ride - 68 miles, 6.5 hours

hike - 21 miles, nine hours

Had lunch with our cadet, she has finals this week before heading home to Texas for a while.  She said she will be back next semester.  She seems to be taking to the Academy life quite well.

We now get to see hollydog whenever we head out the front door for our dog hikes.

$100, who bikes to work almost everyday, had her beloved Jamis stolen on Friday.  Some douche cut the lock and took off while she was at happy hour.  So we're off to Salida this weekend to shop for a new bike.  Bike thieves suck!

Tuesday, December 06, 2022


Not a whole lot after the Seattle Marathon.  Was pretty tore up after the race, and $100 and I spent the rest of our time there exploring the city.  Bunch of breweries and dive bars, the Space Needle, and of course the Pearl Jam and Nirvana exhibits at the museum of pop culture.  Seems like a cool city.

I took the next week off of any physical activity.  $100 was in Chicago for work most of the week, so it was just long dog hikes with Mookie.  Needed the rest as it took me a while to recover from the 'thon.

Did catch Nims Purja up in Boulder for a talk.  Incredible dude.

On Friday we went up to Denver and caught Doom Flamingo/Andy Frasco & The UN at the Ogden.  Some of our favorites, and both shows were fantastic. 

As it is every year, I had long forgotten about the Rock Canyon half down in Pueblo until race weekend.  Came close to bailing on this, but in the end I was glad I went.  Nothing special, I kept things at MAF pace, but it ended up being a pleasant run and it kind of broke me out of a funk.

Might have found a new Monday night activity.  Love doing the Incline, but I'd like to get Mookie out with me.  Doing the Iron/Red/Iron out and back gets you the same amount of climbing over seven miles, plus none of the whiny anti-dog bitches who think they own the Incline.  And no idiot city employees asking you for your reservation to visit public lands.

Tuesday was bike commute 81, my first ride in a while, and CityRock 112.