Tuesday, March 31, 2009

daily haiku

Stole this idea off my personal physician. Very saddened that he may be stopping his daily haiku. Hopefully enough peeps will complain and force him to continue.

Not sure what the rules of haiku are, other than the 5-7-5 format. And, as followers of my blog will attest to, I'm not very good at writing anything creative. Was gonna start this tomorrow since I figured riding the bus would give me some good material, but I came up with this over lunch while battling the crowds at the condensed rock gym. So, without too much further ado, my very first daily haiku:

Stupid traverse wall
At least the blonde chick is here
She's gained some weight though

Thank you very much, I'm here all week! Please try the free potato buffet...

HPb 130 - early morning fartleks

Another hard run with the downtown PPRR crew. 2 mile warmup, then 5 x 4 minutes hard, with 2 minutes of recovery in between. I ran the following distances for the hard intervals: .57, .61, .61, .69, .70. Not too shabby for a guy who's race pace often goes above 30 minutes per mile.

I'm streaking again - 16 days in a row. I only took two rest days in March.

Start time - 6 AM
Distance - 6.2 miles
Time - 55:00
Pace - 8:53 per mile
Weather - 25F; where the hell did the warm weather go!
Weight - 169 lbs

Monday, March 30, 2009


Good news from the climbing gym! I asked when the new wall would be open, and the hottie blonde told me "in a week or week and a half we'll be having a comp on the new wall."

Woohoo! Great news all around! The new wall looks super sweet, there's gonna be lots of new bouldering problems on it (it's strictly a bouldering wall, no roped routes). And while they've been working on the new wall, they've really neglected the rest of the gym. So besides half of the gym being closed, thus forcing the crowds onto the same few remaining problems, the remaining problems that are there have either gotten too easy for me, or too hard to move up on. So besides raising my push-ups and sit-ups sets to 61 reps (from 51), there hasn't been too much to report on. Last year I got through Hardrock on climbing three times a week, including the sets of 51 push-ups/sit-ups (oh, and a crapton of running too...). This year I've been going at least four times a week, so hopefully I'm good in that area.

While I'm on the topic of climbing, think I'm gonna check out this film on Saturday night. Looks pretty sweet. Goes a long way towards proving my point that ropes are for sissies. Here's the trailer:

It's playing at Dwire Hall on the UCCS campus at 8PM. Luckily I did a test run on the sweet PPRR winter series jackets at Banff, and I discovered that each pocket can hold it's own bomber of Pabst!

HPb 129 - easy OCC/Manitou

Very easy run out to Old Colorado City and back through downtown Manitou. Felt good, though I'm sick of cold weather. One more day to go in March, should end up with just over 300 miles for the month. I've had one 300+ mile month just once in my life, last May.

Start time - 6 AM
Distance - 7.1 miles
Time - 1:00:16
Pace - 8:30 per mile
Weather - 30F
Weight - 169 lbs

HPb week 15

Sometimes life (and the weather) gets in the way. Lower mileage than I wanted, but I'm not too worried since I had some good quality workouts, including a good speedwork session on Tues, two good hill climbs on Thurs, and a great long run on Saturday.

Also found a way to squeeze in 5.5 hours of yoga during the week. Including 2.5 hours straight hot yoga on Sunday. That was rough, thought I was about to start hallucinating at the end of that session. Very slowly undoing 19 years of tightness that running has inflicted on me.

Anywho, the rundown:

Mon AM - half the incline (see post below); 4 miles, 1:23:13

Tues AM - 6 miles with the morning PPRR crew, 53:00. Middle 28 minutes were a very hard tempo run around Bear Creek Park.

Wed PM - very easy 4.7 miles in 49:33. Would have liked to go further but wanted to help with the PPRR newsletter stuffing.

Thurs AM - 5.5 miles around Section 16. Just under an hour, the first time I've ever gone that fast for this loop.

Thurs PM - six miles up the Incline in the blizzard of '09. 1:44:18.

Fri AM - 4.3 miles around Manitou in 40:13. Had planned to go longer but the snow just crushed my will. Where the hell is spring???

Sat AM - CRUD long run. 18.4 miles in 3:19:55. Very long climb to start things off, then lots of plowing through snow.

Sun AM - Incline Club. 10.5 miles around the Garden and Intemann in 1:51:21. Still sore from Saturday so I took it real easy.

The stats:

Weekly distance - 59.4 miles
Weekly time - 11:41:26
Average pace - 11:48 per mile

2009 distance - 787.4 miles
2009 time - 143:08:14 (5 days, 23 hours)
2009 pace - 10:54 per mileaverage
2009 daily mileage - 8.8 miles (2009 totals through March 30)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

CRUD run

Great run with Team CRUD yesterday morning.  Up Crystal Park Road (and I mean UP!  Gains about 2000 feet in 8.5 miles of continuous climbing), then down the Palmer Trail to Section 16, then back to Manitou via the Intemann Trail.  The first picture below shows the lead pack - Paul D, Larry D,  Tony K, , myself, and Rick H.  You can clearly see Fast Eddy well behind the pack, about to get chicked...

Thanks to Larry and Steve for all the pics!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

big pimpin'

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Damn, I want one of these!

happy birthday!

CPT Frederick Pabst celebrates his 173rd birthday today.  Be sure to pay your respects!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


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incline happy hour

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snow day!

My office just closed, I'm outta here! Woohooo!

Mile High!

Holymuthafuckinshit!!!!!!!!!! Check out who's coming to the Mile High Music Festival this year!

Widespread Panic (playing both nights!)
Ben Harper
The Black Keys
Gov't Mule
G Love & Special Sauce
Buddy Guy
John Butler
The Wailers
Lyrics Born

And many more with more to be announced! Holy crap, what a helluva way to recover from Hardrock!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

brownie the pervert

Been cyber-stalking this gal for a few weeks since I saw her pic in a climbing magazine. Then earlier today I actually read some of the words on her website, and it turns out she's only 15! Holy crap, I feel like a child molester! I mean, I was obviously only checking out her climbing techniques and seeing what gear she uses and all, but sheesh - 15! I'm going to go register as a sex offender now...

drink for whining!

I really, Really, REALLY hate reality shows, but I feel I can't escape one right now with every Colorado media outlet covering the drama between Bronco QB Jay Cutler and new coach Josh McDaniels. Will you two fuck already and get it over with?

But I see Cutler's point. I mean, here's a star QB who has two Super Bowl rings, a 59-22 regular season record as a starting QB, an 8-2 playoff record, and already has 19 4th quarter comebacks under his belt.

Oh, I'm sorry, those are Ben Rothlesberger's stats. Big bad Jay Cutler is 17-20 in his career with the Broncos and currently has been to the NFL playoffs just as many times as I have (technically I have more, as I once attended a Steeler AFC championship game). Not to mention the EPIC meltdown he led the Broncos through over the final three games of last season!

What a fucking baby.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

in the beginning...

end the war!

By far the dumbest war we're currently fighting is the so-called war on drugs. Here's a good article on why we should end it, obviously written by some stoned deadhead from High Times magazine. Oh wait, it's from cnn.com, and the guy is an economics professor from Harvard.

Can't believe I live in a country where I can buy cigarrettes, alcohol, guns, and double bacon cheeseburgers (not that I have a problem with any of those), but I'm looking at jail time if I wanna smoke marijuana.

I am, however, very much behind the upcoming war on fat people!

Monday, March 23, 2009

it's official!

I got the vacation approved. I bought a fancy $10 map. My Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run is on! 42 miles, from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other. And then back. Anyone who has done this before have any advice? Any good bars down in that area for rehydration purposes?

Leaving very early on April 10th. Doing the run on April 11th. Doing the tourist thing on April 12th. Then coming back on the 13th.

HPb 121 - Incline

No better way to start the week than the Incline! Unfortunately, I hit the snooze button a few too many times and was only able to do half the hill so I wouldn't be late for work. Probably a good thing, my legs were pretty beat up from the weekend and the hangover I was nursing from the Trinity employee party was slowing me down pretty good.

Start time - 5:30 AM
Distance - 4 miles
Time - 1:23:13
Pace - 20:49 per mile
Weather - 35F, light snow
Weight - 173 lbs

HPb week 16

Been slacking on the running posts, which I'm sure everyone misses. So here's the rundown on a good week:

Mon - 5.6 miles easy through Red Rock Canyon in 1:00:17

Tues AM - 2.7 miles to Rainbow Falls and back in 31:04.
Tues PM - 9 miles on the Sante Fe trail in 1:38:14. Had to stop three times to shit, kind of reminded me of Lake City '07.

Wed - bus to work, then ran 14.3 miles home in 2:16:21. Two weeks ago this same run took me 2:46:21.

Thurs AM - 5.5 miles through Red Rock Canyon in 1:02:17.
Thurs PM - Incline happy hour, 5.5 miles in 1:33:33.

Fri - my house to Section 16 and back. 15.5 miles in 3:15:59.

Sat - Three Peaks Run, including the Incline. 12 miles in 3:49:22. Go ahead and laugh at that slow time, it was a retarded hard course.

Sun AM - 6.8 miles in 1:18:16 on the Garden trails. Horribly hungover.
Sun PM - Incline straight up and straight down. 4.3 miles in 1:44:13. It actually takes me longer to come down the Incline than it does to go up it.

Overall a real solid week. 81.2 miles, over 18 hours on my feet! Also took a big step by joining corepower yoga. I've been more or less doing nothing but running for the last 19 years, and while that is a very healthy hobby all that pounding has really taken a toll on my body. I have somewhat serious lower back pain (which I think is more of a tight hamstring issue than a back issue) as well as other aches and pains that go along with certain workouts and the stiffness and minor pain in my right ankle thanks to the Air Force. I'm hoping the flexibility gained through yoga helps all these issues go away. I did 5.5 hours of hot yoga last week, including three 90 minute sessions. I was SMOKED after the 90 minute classes, don't think I ever sweated that much even when I lived in Texas.

Weekly distance - 81.2 miles
Weekly time - 18:09:36
Average pace - 13:25 per mile

2009 distance - 724.9 miles
2009 time - 131:49:45 (5 days, 11 hours)
2009 pace - 10:54 per mile
average 2009 daily mileage - 8.8 miles (2009 totals through March 23)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

smelly hippies!

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sweet 16!

Wasn't pretty, but Pitt is on their way to a national title!


David Jack Daniels, me, Jerry Garcia, and some chick, enjoyin' the good times at THL!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Two hands, two drinks at the Townhouse.  That shirt has my current PR's for the 100 and 200 meter dashes.

Molten Audio Experience

from Mt. Manitou

Nice view from the summit of Mt. Mantiou.

from rocky mtn.

Pikes Peak and Pike National Forest as seen from the Rocky Mountain summit.



Manitou Springs from Red Mountain.  You can see Garden of the Gods in the background.

from Red Mountain

Pikes Peak, the Incline, and Rocky Mountain, as seen from the top of Red Mountain.


Employee party at Trinity this Sunday!  Hike up the Incline at 3PM, then the taps are open 'till 10PM!

jack trades!

Crappy photo, but the Jack Trades rocked the Rocket Room last night!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

HPb week 15

Fairly decent week, highlighted by the Salida marathon. Backed things off so I could finally fully recover from Austin (yes, I'm old and it now takes me more than a month to recover from a road marathon) as well as taper for Salida.

Weekly distance - 48.4 miles
Weekly time - 7:34:37
Average pace - 9:23 per mile

2009 distance - 676.8 miles
2009 time - 118:45:09 (4 days, 22 hours)
2009 pace - 10:31 per mile
average 2009 daily mileage - 8.7 miles (2009 totals through March 19)

happy b-day!

For better or for worse, the Iraq war is six years old today. I may go to the Legion for a brew to celebrate tonight, but truth be told, with all the whining today's vets do, I feel like a pussy when I'm drinking with Vietnam and WWII vets (I'm usually the only post 9-11 veteran at the Manitou Legion). People were just a helluva lot tougher back then.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colorado's newest brewery!

Eddyline Brewery, which I got to sample at last year's Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, looks set to open in May out in lovely Buena Vista. The website says mid to late May, but here's hoping that they have some beer on the shelf by the end of Collegiate Peaks!

they're back!

Phish is going on tour again! And they're playing four nights at Red Rocks in late July/early August!



Just doing my part to piss off the religious right!

One of my old Austin friends posted this link on her facebook page this morning. I chimed in with one of my usual smart ass comments:

"Preachers should only be allowed to say "God" when they're banging some gay meth-dealing prostitute behind their wife's back!I have better things to do than complain everytime someone brings up religion around me, but as a non-religious person I hafta deal with it all the time, especially in Colo Springs. It's annoying as f*ck."

Wow, bringing up Ted Haggard and differing viewpoints really hits a sore spot with some religious peeps! I got the following response from someone in Tennessee I don't know:

"I don't know who you are but sooner or later you will be shouting out his name.....from Hell. Since you live in colorado springs you should run on up the road and get in touch with James Dobson maybe he can open your eyes just a little. Speaking of better things to do, I would just as soon not have to waste my time reading the kind of trash you are putting out. Surely an intelligent guy like you has more important things to do like flip another burger or drop some more fries or something!"

Best. President. Ever.

Obama has Pitt in his final four! I am definitely voting for him in at least the next two elections!

Lance to return to Leadville

The Summit Daily News reported that Lance Armstrong will be returning to the Leadville 100 mountain bike race this year in an attempt to avenge last year's loss to local legend Dave Wiens. See the article here.

Lance will be in France for a good chunk of time before Leadville. Let me tell ya, folks, France ain't no place to train for a race as tough as Leadville. My predicted order of finish for the mountain bike race:

1. Larry D
2. UltraRob
3. Dave Wiens
4. Floyd Landis
5. Lance Armstrong

HPb 110 - Salida marathon

Salida marathon #4 for me. Two things really worked in my favor this year: I was in pretty decent shape and the trails were bone dry. This allowed me to drop my PR for this course by over 36 minutes. It also allowed me to improve on last year's time by over two hours!

Started a little faster than usual. Not blazing by any means, but in years past it was not unusual for me to be in last place for a short period of time. Not so this year. Hit the half marathon turn around in 58 minutes (I was hoping for 59 flat) and the 12.1 mile turn around in Turrett in 1:47 (wanted 1:50). Yes, that sounds slow to you road runners. And there's only one hill on the way out to Turrett. Unfortunately, that one hill is 12.1 miles long.

Ran HARD on the way back. There were two guys in front of me, Harry H and Tom S, whom I had never beaten before and wanted to give it a shot. Harry has finished second at Leadville before and Tom is sort of a legend in these parts (as well as the former world record holder for the snowshoe marathon) so it was gonna be tough to catch either of 'em. I think I actually gained some time on both over the last 14 miles, but not enough to catch 'em.

Had a real good last 9 miles too, the part of the course that is on the more rugged trails. On my way out of the 17 mile aid station I saw my friend Boulder Bob not far behind. We've battled in ultras before and I knew he'd be coming after me. So I had to work pretty hard. I was told at this aid station that I was five minutes behind Harry and Tom, so I covered the terrain at the same pace as those guys, and that's moving much faster at the end of a race than usual for me.

Ended up in 10th overall in 3:53:47. Results are here, though they have me with the wrong finishing time.

Katie and Nacheaux would finish together in 6:17:45. That's over a 30 minute improvement from last year for Katie!

Pretty good day for CRUD too, taking 3 of the top 10 spots. Please note that times for the Salida marathon are roughly equal to, if not faster than, WTC times, since that's a flat course at sea level:

Rick H - 3:29:42
Harry - 3:48:40
Steve B - 4:08:12
Gina H - 4:35:44

Start time - 9 AM
Distance - 26.2 miles
Time - 3:53:47
Pace - 8:56 per mile
Weather - 50F, clear skies, dry trails
Weight - 174 lbs

HPb 109 - easy does it

Very easy run last Friday morning. I'd like to say it was because I was preparing for Salida, but in reality I was hungover from the Joe B show and the weather was shitty and I just didn't really feel like running.

Start time - 7 AM
Distance - 3 miles
Time - 30:37
Pace - 10:13 per mile
Weather - 30F, very windy, snow
Weight - 173 lbs


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Friday, March 13, 2009


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On-out to one of my favorite mountain towns! Moonlight pizza, the marathon, lots of dive bars, good peeps to hang with, woohooo!

Everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


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Salida thoughts

Once again, just like every other year, I head into Salida thinking I'm in good enough shape to break four hours. My previous times:

2008 - 5:01:07
2007 - 4:28:26
2006 - 4:47:32

I've run this race every time it's been held, and the course is responsible for my three slowest marathon times, excluding Pikes Peak, by far. Something always goes wrong at this race - the weather is awful or I get lost. Which I suppose is one of the reasons I love it.

Some other thoughts:

-Rick H and I bet a six pack over who would win. I've never finished anywhere near him, but I think the time has come for that old man to get his due ass whoopin'. It's a long race, I have a fast, recent marathon time behind me, and if that doesn't seem to be working, it's an out and back course and I'm a lot bigger than him.

-A time honored tradition will be ended this weekend as I'll actually be taking the same woman from last year. The first three years all saw me with different chicks. After seeing a miserable, snowblind Katie finish last year, I was pretty sure she was never gonna speak to me again, much less run the race again, but she has persevered.

-Jon, the RD of the race, once broke his leg during Hardrock and had to crawl to an aid station for medical attention. That's one of the awesomest things I've ever heard!

-I'm already hungry for Moonlight Pizza!

-The race website says the course is 90% dry, so maybe I'll have a chance at a fast time. Of course, it was probably 85% dry last year; but that wet 15% was mostly taking two steps and falling down so who knows what'll happen this weekend.

-Good luck to everyone running this weekend. Salida, Way Too Cool (aka the JT 50K), Coyote Two Moons, Catalana. However, if you're running the St. Pat's Day 5K in downtown CS you're a poser.

Craftwood Inn

Took Katie to the Craftwood Inn a few weekends ago. This is only notable because A) it's the first (and last) fancy restaurant I've been to since probably my senior prom; and B) it's the first (and last) time I've dropped over 100 bones on a meal.

They had some deal where you get two four course meals for $60 so I thought I'd try that. Of course, that didn't include booze, which brought the final bill to $100.18. And it wasn't a lot of booze.

I had elk, which was really good though a very small portion, and a bunch of other crap I can't spell or pronounce. Katie had Durango trout (which I tried and didn't like since I hate fish) and a bunch of other crap I can't spell or pronounce.

I probably spend $100 on groceries in three weeks. I blew it on food in about 90 minutes at the Craftwood. Plus, I actually had to shower and somewhat dress up for this. Ugh.

So there you have it, my review on the Craftwood Inn. I'll be sticking to my usual hangouts from here on in.

HPb 108 - Greenland Open Space

Got off from work in Denver a bit early so I decided to hit Greenland Open Space on the way home. Real nice trails out there, though on a windy day it can get pretty rough. Felt like hell starting off but after a few miles things got better and I had a decent run.

Start time - 5 PM
Distance - 8.4 miles
Time - 1:16:26
Pace - 9:06 per mile
Weather - 40F, very windy
Weight - 172 lbs

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

from greenland open space

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For once, there's actually something worth reading over at Paul's blog. Race mishaps! So funny because they never happen to me (due to my high level of preparation towards every race I run) and always happen to other people! Check it out.

I'm in!

Pikes Peak or bust! I'm rego'd for the marathon. Good workout in between Hardrock and Leadville.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As I was on the throne for the third time today at work (on top of the two loafs I dropped on my run this morning), I suddenly remembered that I had to drink out of a stream near High Drive on Friday. Yes, I know that was a bad idea. Sheesh, I sure hope it was that pizza I had last night...

let the predictions begin...

Seth Davis, who has always been one of my favorite writers for cnnsi.com, is now one of my favorite people, period. Check this out from his latest article:

"All right, let's cut to the chase here. Who is going to win this thing?

I like to save my official pick for the Selection Show. If I spoiled the suspense here, what reason would you have to watch? While I always reserve the right to wait until the last possible moment to make up my mind, let's just say it's pretty unusual for a city to celebrate both a Super Bowl championship and an NCAA championship in the same year. This is feeling like one of those years."

Hey folks, he sure ain't talking about Duquesne!

HPb 107 - poop fartleks

Good run with the PPRR guys this morning. 4 x 5 minutes hard with 2:30 rest in between. Due to an entire pizza I ate last night I had to stop twice on this run to shit. First time I was lucky and near CC, but the second time I was pretty much out in the open. Thank gawd for daylight savings time as I used my ninja skills to become invisible in the darkness, though you guys on the CRC happy hour run may see my work of art on Wed evening.

Start time - 6 AM
Distance - 6.5 miles
Time - 55:30
Pace - 8:33 per mile
Weather - 20F, windy, snow, stupid Colorado winter!
Weight - 173 lbs

HPb 106 - easy Red Rock

Easy run through Red Rock Canyon on Monday morning. Legs were sore from all the hill climbing I've been doing lately. A LONG way to go before I'm ready to tackle Hardrock, but I'm off to a good start.

Start time - 5:45 AM
Distance - 4.3 miles
Time - 58:17
Pace - 13:34 per mile
Weather - 40F
Weight - 171 lbs

HPb week 14

Real good week, my most mileage since I ran Hardrock. Highlights were my Wednesday long run home from work, the 5 hour adventure I got in on Friday, and the new trial I explored with CRUD. Also had a good track session on Tuesday and two good hill climbs (Cheyenne Canyon and the Incline) on Thursday. I'll be backing off on the upcoming week to get ready for Salida.

Weekly distance - 81.9 miles
Weekly time - 17:02:50
Average pace - 12:29 per mile

2009 distance - 602.1 miles
2009 time - 106:36:06 (4 days, 10 hours)
2009 pace - 10:37 per mile
average 2009 daily mileage - 8.7 miles
(2009 totals through March 10)

HPb 105 - failure on the mountains

Had one helluva Saturday night in Manitou and that definitely ruined my plans for a three peak run - Red Mountain, Rocky Mountain, and Mt. Manitou. After sleeping in 'till about 3PM (give me some credit - it woulda only been 2PM without daylight savings time), I eventually got out the door. Made it up Red Mountain, where I proceeded to puke my guts out (it tasted like gin!). Went back down Red and actually started up Barr Trail, but I just wasn't feeling it today. Still a decent hill workout, though not what I was hoping for.

Start time - 4:20 PM
Distance - 6.2 miles
Time - 1:30:17
Pace - 14:34 per mile
Weather - 60F, sunny
Weight - 172 lbs

HPb 104 - CRUD run

Nice, easy run with the CRUD crew on some new trails up and around Williams Canyon. See the pics a few posts below. Went up a long, steep hill to some awesome views of Williams, and then Larry and I decided to hit Waldo/Ute for the run home. Nice of him to be spending most of his time at sea level in California, this is the first time I've ever been able to keep up with him!

Start time - 7AM
Distance - 12 miles
Time - 2:30:16
Pace - 12:32 per mile
Weather - 40F, partly cloudy
Weight - 169 lbs

Monday, March 09, 2009

running sure ain't cheap

I found out on Friday that I'm the highest paid dishwasher in Colorado Springs. Not sure when "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" will do a show on me, but I have funded my entire racing season with the loot from Trinity. And it's quite a chunk of change:

Austin - $100
Salida - $35
Desert RATS - $100
Collegiate Peaks - $65
Jemez Mountain - $70
Triple Crown - $130
Hardrock - $250
Leadville - $225
Oil Creek - $120

That's almost 1100 bones on one season, sheesh. Plus the Trinity cash covered the three pairs of shoes I've bought so far this season. At least I can drink good beer and eat awesome mac-n-cheese while earning the extra loot to cover all these fees.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

goodbye hangover!

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Saturday, March 07, 2009


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CRUD pics

Couple 'o pics, courtesy of Steve and Larry, from this morning's CRUD run.  Went on some sweet new trail up Williams Canyon for some good hill running and some fantastic views.  Came back via Waldo and Ute Pass.  Good times!  All these pics were taken less than 2.5 miles from my apartment.

Friday, March 06, 2009

HPb 103 - lost

Planned a nice long run for today but it turned out to be a little longer than I expected.  Left my house and went along the Intemann trail over to Section 16, then down to High Drive.  Holy crap the backside of that road was steep!  Made it to the top of High Drive, where CRUD ends their hill climb coming from the other direction.  On the way back I decided to get some more miles in by doing the rest of Section 16.  Somehow I ended up getting off trail there.  But I knew if I could just get to the top of the mountain I'd see where I needed to go, so I didn't turn around.  I thought High Drive was steep, but this exploring was awful.  My Garmin lists your pace up until 1 mile per hour, and it wasn't registering at all on this climb.  Even by my slow standards, that's not moving very fast.  Eventually I got to the top and started down towards a creek.  So much friggin' shiggy to move through that my pace wasn't much faster.  But eventually I found the actual trail and finished up.  Not the kind of run I wanted heading into Salida, but it was great training for Hardrock!  And it sure beat the hell out of working!

Start Time - 8:30 AM
Distance - 17.5 miles
Time - 4:57:00
Pace - 16:59
Weather - 50F, clear skies
Weight - 169 lbs

HPb 102 - Incline happy hour

Pretty decent effort up the Incline last night considering how much I've been beating up my legs lately.  Was rewarded with the Ace of Spades PBR at Kinfolk's (that mean's it's free!).

Start time - 7PM
Distance - 5.5 miles
Time - 1:31:26
Pace - 16:38
Weather - clear skies, 45F
Weight - 171 lbs

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Salida weather

It's a bit early, but the long range weather forecast is calling for Salida marathon race day to be sunny and 50F!

Hardrock snow report

Good news on the Silverton snow front. As you can obviously tell from the above graph, while last year at this time everyone was wondering if they would be able to run Hardrock due to the huge dump mom nature took on the San Juan mountains, this year has seen a lot less snow (hooray global warming!). So far Silverton has had 120.2 inches of snow. Last year at this time they'd already seen 209.3 inches. Keep your fingers crossed for March, which is usually Colorado's biggest month for snow...

HPb 101 - CRUD hill climb

Met up with the CRUD peeps this morning for the final Cheyenne Canyon hill climb of the season. Didn't run particularly well, but it was still a good workout. Legs have been feeling dead lately, think I'm gonna pile on the miles and hills this weekend and then back things off a bit before Salida.

Start time - 5:50 AM
Distance - 8.4 miles
Time - 1:17:03
Pace - 9:11 per mile
Weather - 40F
Weight - 28.2 pounds less than Keith

100 in 96

Took me 96 days to reach my 100th Hardrock/Leadville training run.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

HPb 100 - Sante Fe/Bear Creek/Intemann

Great run tonight!  My office is only about a two minute jog from the Sante Fe trail, jumped on that and headed south past America the Beautiful park, then headed west through Bear Creek Park.  From there I headed up to Section 16 and caught the Intemann trail back to Manitou.  Started to feel the short, steep hills in BCP.  Then the long, steep hills on Intemann kicked my butt pretty good.  Still not too shabby a run for a Wed night.

Actually got stopped by a cop at the trailhead on Section 16.

"You OK?"
Yes, sir.
"You sure?"
"What are you doing?"
Just going for a run, that's all.

I know better than to get smart with a CS cop (remember, these are the guys who thumped the hell out of an old lady at our St. Pat's day parade two years ago),  but after he kept bugging me I wanted to say, "what the hell do I look like to you, a black teenager?  Leave me the fuck alone!"

Start time - 6 PM
Distance - 14.5 miles
Time - 2:46:21
Pace - 11:29 per mile
Weather - 50F (it was 60F when I started my run!)
Weight - 171 lbs

i'm a genius!

Hell yeah, check out the pics below! I took them via my phone over lunch and sent them directly to my blog! And I figured out how to do that on my very own, with no help from anyone else!

Since I took the bus to work today I wasn't able to get to the rock gym. So instead I went for a hike around Lake Sinton. Saw Tommy the Turtle and got some cool views of Pikes Peak. Saw my first robins of the year as well, but they wouldn't sit still for a photo.

My run home tonight should be a good one - Sante Fe trail south, through Bear Creek to Section 16, then Intemann back to Manitou. Hafta take it easy because I plan on destroying everyone tomorrow morning at the CRUD hill climb.


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HPb 99 - easy Garden

Very easy run out and back through the Garden from Trinity. Post-run recovery with Trinity Awaken and Grant Sabin.

Start time - 6:30 PM
Distance - 5.8 miles
Time - 58:16
Pace - 10:03 per mile
Weather - 50F, clear skies
Weight - 173 lbs

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

big news at the rock gym...

The remodeling has started! They're redoing the entire north wall! Look for it to be done "maybe in a few weeks or so," according to the stoner dude who works there.

new phone

Finally got a new phone. The Blackberry Pearl 8120. Not the phone I wanted but I got this for free and it'll at least last 'till my T-Mobile contract runs out in June and maybe even last 'till the next generation of google phones come out.

I did lose all my phone numbers while switching phones, so if you're someone I call or text (or if you're just some hot chick who lurks on this blog), e-mail or text me your phone number.

HPb 98 - quarters

Real hard getting out of bed this morning, so I told myself that since they were "cruise" intervals I would just try to average seven minute miles - or 105 seconds a quarter. Of course once I hit the track it was a different story. Did my first two in 95, then got in a group and we picked things up. I ran my next ten laps all between 87 - 89 seconds. Then dropped the hammer and ran 85 and 79 for my last two. Along with a two mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down, pretty decent workout.

Start time - 6 AM
Distance - 8.5 miles
Time - 1:00:00
Pace - 7:03 per mile
Weather - 45F, clear skies
Weight - 173 lbs

Monday, March 02, 2009

white acres open space!

It's not very often I say nice things about a church, but kudos to Bethany Baptist Church for selling their land for use as an open space as opposed to development! Read the story here.


First time go on a new V2 at the rock gym over lunch! Was on top of the world, and obviously not paying attention on the way down, since I caught my long pants on a fake rock and ripped a big hole down the side of 'em.

That wasn't too embarassing as nobody saw it. The only two people in the gym were me and the hottie blonde girl, and she was at the front desk a good 100 feet away. A few minutes later while I was doing some crunches I let loose a big, smelly fart. No big deal, the blonde was way on the other side of the gym so she wouldn't smell it. But as luck would have it, she suddenly had to get something out of the closet that I was doing my core work in front of. I couldn't come up with a good excuse (what was I going to do, blame it on her?) so I just ignored her.

nine nines

Starting a new schedule at work today. Work 8AM to 6PM every day, but I get every other Friday off. Should work out pretty well for me, as it gives me an extra half hour in the morning to run and still gives me pleanty of time after work to run. Also saves me a ton of vacation as I have geniusly planned my three day weekends to fall on Desert RATS, Collegiate Peaks, Jemez Mountain, Sand Dunes, Leadville, and Telluride Blues & Brews. This Friday is my first three day weekend and I'm thinking of celebrating with an epic long run...

They've also messed with my lunch hour, going from 12:30 to 1:30 now. Which is awesome, because it lets me ROWMCO to the Blue Plate Special on KRCC and then hit the rock gym when it's not quite as crowded.

Unfortunately, this may be the end of a tradition I've held since I moved to Colorado - the CRC happy hour. Since my slowpoke ass won't be able to get there 'till at least 6:30PM, I think I'm just gonna start taking the bus to work on Wed and running home.


Just got my tix and camping passes for Blues & Brews! Telluride or bust!

HPb 97 - half Intemann

Planned on a much longer run this morning but my legs were tired from Black Forest and Barr Camp so I cut it real short.  Ran a bit around Manitou and then did the cemetary half of the Intemann trail.  Beautiful morning, great way to start the week!

Start time - 5:30 AM
Distance - 3.5 miles
Time - 32:11
Pace - 9:12 per mile
Weather - 42F, clear skies, beautiful sunrise
Weight - 173 lbs

Sunday, March 01, 2009

quote of the day

Heard this classic while taking a break at the Experimental Forest sign on my run this morning:

"I blew my nose to let the pressure out of my head, and snot came out my eyes."

Such a sexy hobby I have!

HPb week 13

Pretty decent week for still being sore from Austin.  Real good numbers especially for taking a rest day on Friday instead of a planned 12 miler.  Psyched about my back-to-back three hour runs on the weekend!  Not fully recovered from A-town yet but I'm close enough to where I can start training hard again.

February turned out to be a pretty good month.  Didn't quite meet my goal of 250 miles, but I did get my Boston qualifier.  The low (240.2 miles) mileage for the month was due to the recovery week following Austin, which totaled a whopping 20 miles.

Weekly distance - 75.2 miles
Weekly time - 13:40:35
Average pace - 10:54 per mile

2009 distance - 504.9 miles
2009 time - 87:39:29 (3 days, 15 hours)
2009 pace - 10:25 per mile
average 2009 daily mileage - 8.4 miles

HPb 96 - Barr Camp!

Finally made it back up to Barr Camp!  On the way up I was thinking about the last time I had been there, and it was before Hardrock.  Haven't been running the mountains lately, so it was a slow and painful shuffle, but I did walk a lot less than I was expecting.  Back-to-back three hour runs this weekend, let the ultra training begin!

Barr Trail is in INCREDIBLE shape for March 1st!  I put yak trax on after No Name Creek, but I could have gone without 'em.  Hell, the rock tunnel, which usually requires a damn ice axe this time of year, was bone dry.  Neil said you can get all the way to A Frame with just yak trax right now, so look for that run to happen soon.  Hooray for global warming!

Start time - 8AM
Distance - 15.0
Time - 3:35:15
Pace - 14:21 per mile
Weather - 45F, sunny 
Weight - 171 lbs

HPb 95 - Black Forest

Usually do the PPRR Winter Series Black Forest 20K course twice, but arrived late and had to cut a few miles off my first loop.  Still got a good run in.  Felt weak on the hills, so I decided not to race the second loop as my next big prize is Salida.  Good timing between the loops, as all I had time to do after my first loop was take a dump before the race started.

Start time - 8:15 AM
Distance - 21.9 miles
Time - 3:16:28
Pace - 8:59 per mile
Weather - 45F, sunny
Weight - 171 lbs

HPb 94 - Incline happy hour

Bailed on the Incline tonight for my best run since Austin.  12+ miles on the Garden trails at night, had a blast!  Had the entire park to myself.  Afterwards I proceeded to drink myself into a stupor at Kinfolk's, the Royal, and the Townhouse.  Good times!

Start time - 6:30 PM
Distance - 12 miles
Time - 2:00:04
Pace - 10:01 per mile
Weather - 48F, cloudy
Weight - 172 lbs