Monday, April 30, 2018

week in review

Good week which ended with an awesome bikepack trip, which I will do a separate post on.

Run - 40 miles
Ride - 87 miles
Hike - 12 miles
CityRock - two trips
Accolade - once

Thursday, April 26, 2018

accolade 24

Wednesday - nothing.  Felt like I needed a day off, so I took one.

Thursday - 2.4 mile dog hike followed by my 24th trip to Accolade. 

Kircher and I are heading out on another bikepacking trip this weekend, based loosely around the Gold Belt Loop.  Short day on Friday starting after work, then big days on Saturday and Sunday.  Old Stage Road to Victor, descending Phantom Canyon to Florence Brewing before camping at Oil Well Flats, then climbing Shelf Road to Cripple Creek before dropping back to the Springs.  I'm already packed.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

run commute 26

Monday - 2.4 mile hike with the dog in the early AM, followed by run commute 25.  4.1 miles to work, 4.3 miles home.  CityRock 65 at lunch.

Tuesday - 2.8 mile hike in the Garden with the dog, 5.5 mile run to work through Sonderman Park.  CityRock 66 at lunch.  6.3 miles back home through the same park but with it snowing.

I did find the graveyard of the beloved #olympiccityusa blue frame on my run home.

Monday, April 23, 2018

week in review

Not the best week numbers wise.  Suddenly owning a second dog for two days took a lot of workout time away.  Also took a wilderness first aid class through the Colorado Mountain Club, which sucked away my weekend.

Run - 18 miles
Ride - 15 miles
Hike - 16 miles
CityRock - four times
Accolade - twice

Also did hot yoga on Saturday.

They closed the Garden to traffic on Sunday morning, so we went on a road hike.  It was awesome!

Speaking of awesome, I wasn't holding out much hope for our found dog once I had to take him to the humane society.  But a day later I checked one of the FB posts and saw this:

$100 had named him Willis, which he didn't answer to since his name was Max.  Dog hiked all the way from Yoder, a good 40+ miles from where we found him.  But he's all good now, back home safe and sound.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

accolade 23

Had a decent mileage week all planned out after the Lost Creek hike.  But on Tuesday morning, as the dog and I were out on our morning walk, a large and ferocious looking pitbull came up to us.  And he followed us, periodically running into the street.  Friendliest dog ever.  Obviously belongs to someone.  And I was afraid he was going to get hit by a car.  So now this dog lives in our backyard while I try to locate his owner.

Monday - run commute 23, CityRock 61.

Tuesday - 5k dog hike, bike commute 20, CityRock 62.

Wednesday - 2.8 mile dog hike, run commute 24.

Thursday - accolade 23.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Refrigerator Gulch

Good week of training.

Run - 46 miles
Ride - 64 miles
Hike - 18 miles
CityRock - three trips
Accolade - zilch

The highlight was a Sat/Sun overnight hike we did at Lost Creek Wilderness, rucking 7.5 miles in to Refrigerator Gulch, spending the night, and walking out the next morning.  Great time, even if it did get a bit chilly on Sat night.  We are planning a big three day/two night trip in Lost Creek over Memorial Day, our last overnighter before we leave on the Colorado Trail.

After the hike we enjoyed a well earned late lunch at the famous Bucksnort Saloon.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

incline 10

Friday night incline.  Poor weather forecast, so hardly anyone else was over there, but it was actually quite pleasant.  Straight up and straight back down, I think coming down is a great hiker workout.

Friday, April 13, 2018


Monday - 2.5 mile hike with the dog followed by bike commute 18.  CityRock 58 at lunch.

Tuesday - 5k hike in the Garden, five mile run to work, 4.2 mile run home.  CityRock 59 at lunch.

Wednesday - 2.6 mile dog hike, run commute 22.  5.5 miles to work via Sondermann Park, 3.2 miles back.  Then rode over to Red Leg.

Thursday - a bit hungover.  Nothing before work, nothing but junk food for lunch.  2.4 mile dog hike and a 13 mile ride after work.

Friday - 6 x 400m at the track, untimed.  Followed by bike commute 19, CityRock 60.

Not feeling very motivated this week after shitting the bed at Platte River.  We are headed to Lost Creek Wilderness this weekend, I'll try to get the effort up a bit next week.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Platte River Half

I guess I can no longer consider myself a sub 90 halfer as I failed miserably at Platte River.  Things just weren't there mentally or physically on Sunday, and combined with a terrible headwind I just completely gave up around mile six.  1:43:38.  If there is one thing I'm good at nowadays it's throwing in the towel.  I either hit that goal or don't even come remotely close.

At least I got to try a new brewery, 38 State (it was delicious!) and visit one of my favorites, Living The Dream.  So the day wasn't a complete disaster.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

week in review

Pretty good week.  Been battling some low grade crud that I'm trying, but not having much luck, to get rid of before Platte River on Sunday.

Run - 40 miles
Ride - 26 miles
Hike - 16 miles
CityRock - six times
Accolade - one time

Winter came back on Saturday and it was 23F for our morning dog walk in Stratton Open Space.  The dog still had a blast.

Then went for an eight mile run in the Garden.  Love that place.

Friday, April 06, 2018


Got my lazy ass out of bed this morning for 6 x 200m.  Starting to enjoy that workout, but I realize I need to lengthen those repeats someday.

Biked to work (bike commute 17) in shorts and warm weather.  It is currently (1:30PM) snowing.

Small turnout at Adult Bouldering League last night.  Here's the team picture:

Thursday, April 05, 2018

run commute 20

Sunday - either drunk or hungover the entire weekend in no small part because of a friend from El Paso who was visiting, but he wanted to do the Incline so we knocked it out.  Number nine on the year for me, number one in his life for him.

Monday - 2.8 mile dog hike followed by run commute 19.  4.3 miles each way.  A few lackluster fartleks thrown in for good measure.  CityRock 53 at lunch.

Tuesday - bike commute 16.  6.7 miles to work, eleven miles home.  CityRock 54 at lunch.

Wednesday - 5k dog hike in the early AM.  Run commute 20.  4.3 there, 5.6 miles home.  CityRock 55 at lunch.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018


Run - 133 miles
Ride - 219 miles
Hike - 79 miles
CityRock - 19 trips
Accolade - 5 trips

Finished the month on 18 run commutes and 15 bike commutes.

March included the Salida Marathon, a sub 18 5k, and the Tour de Left Hand, pretty awesome month.

Monday, April 02, 2018

week in review

Low week.  Need to get back at it.

Run - 21 miles
Bike - 19 miles
Hike - 15 miles
CityRock - five trips
Accolade - one trip

Had a friend from El Paso pay us a visit so most of the weekend was spent boozing, with a Friday night trip to Murphy's and the Saturday hash pub crawl over in Knob Hill.