Monday, September 27, 2021


Finally getting back into the swing of things after a month of travel.

My beloved iPhone 7 shit the bed at Telluride, so I lost a lot of pics from the road trip and the festival.

Blues and brews was fantastic as usual.  If you've never listened to Larkin Poe, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Got up Pikes this weekend to keep the 14er streak alive.  Tried to do it from Devil's Playground onSaturday with Millie as we were dogsitting.  But she struggled with the scrambling near the summit so we had to turn around.  I went back out on Sunday and did the route from the Crags parking lot.

The theme on Pikes this weekend was washed up has beens.  Besides me, I also ran into Nick Clark and BStap on the hill.  Hadn't seen either of those two in a long time but I can confirm they are alive and well.

Hit the track this morning for a 5k solo time trial.  19:19, splitting 6:15, 6:08, and 6:09.  That last mile hurt a bit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

road trip

Another excellent van trip in the books.

Rut weekend, all three races, went really well and I got my 23rd state marathon under my belt.  All are really difficult races.  The 50k took me a few seconds under nine hours to finish.

After that it was lots of hiking and breweries.  Not a whole lot of looking at mountains thanks to all the smoke.  So yeah I went to the Grand Tetons and Wind River range and couldn't even see 'em.

I'll try to get pics and a better report of the race up.  Right now I'm preparing for a long weekend down at Telluride Blues and Brews.  Liver is going to need some rehab after September.

Thursday, September 02, 2021