Friday, January 18, 2019

Canon City

Had a few days off work so the dog and I took the van down to Canon City for a quick overnight. 

Had big hiking plans but they were changed when we saw how much snow was still on the trials.  First stop was Oil Well Flats where we managed a 5k walk through mud and snow. 

Of course no trip to Fremont County is complete without a stop at Florence Brewing.

Then it was off to spend the night at the Royal Gorge.  Had a good night hike on some of the dirt roads there.  After a few beers it was off to bed early.

We came across this on our Fri morning hike up to the radio tower overlooking everything.  Somebody in Canon had a good time.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

bike commute 4

Wednesday.   Another early morning session in Red Rock Canyon with Lance.  Though today was mostly pushing my bike through snow.  Close to a two hour ride with a stop at Rudy's for breakfast tacos.

CityRock 9 at lunch.  On Tuesday I did some leg blasters at the gym, the first time I've done those since before JFK.  My legs are still crushed as of Thursday morning.

Very unexpected blowout of UNLV by the fightin' Falcons on Wed night.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

run commute 4

Mon - super hungover, but I did manage to pedal the klunker to work after an hour dog walk.  Bike commute three.  Felt much better in the evening after watching Pitt smack down #14 Florida State.

Tues - 2.5 mile dog hike followed by run commute four.  Four miles, with some two minute fartleks thrown in.  The winter (mostly the cold temps) has beat me down, the motivation to get out for a full hour before work just isn't there right now.  I'll ramp up my game once things warm up.  Also got to CityRock for a good lunch workout.

Monday, January 14, 2019

week in review

run - 22 miles.  Includes the one mile race, an incline, and a good fartlek workout.
bike - 16 miles, including the solid Red Rock Canyon pre-work ride.
hike - 14 miles, including a four mile snowshoe hike on Saturday.

Plus two sessions of yoga. and four sessions at CityRock.

Not much in the mileage realm.  But some good workouts.  And I also took the CMC showshoe class.  A night about backcountry travel, a night about showshoe specific stuff, and a Saturday AM trip up to Horsethief Falls, which had just gotten a ton of snow.  I am thinking of finally accepting the fact that global warming isn't going to end winters in Colorado anytime soon and perhaps maybe I should try to get outside more often between November and March.

Made it back just in time to head up to the Academy for the Army/Air Force hockey match.  The two teams played twice, one on Friday and one on Saturday, and both games ended up 2-2.

We (will probably turn into just "I") are going to the AF/UNLV hoops game on Wednesday.  Tipoff is 9PM.  Mountain West is terrible sometimes.

On Sunday I headed over to the Incline Club for incline number three on the year.  Despite the recent snow it was a great day to be out there.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Friday, January 11, 2019


Ran my first ever indoor mile up at UCCS this evening.  I listed 5:45 as my predicted time, but secretely I was hoping a fast field could possibly drag me to a 5:29.  They ended up having two heats, and my heat was much slower than I thought, especially the first few laps.  I went through lap one (200m) at 45, hit the quarter at 89, half at 2:55.  But I was up front, and I didn't want to take the lead.  After the half a few high school kids and I got after it.  I ended up finishing in second place after not being able to run down a kid and he finished about half a second in front of me.

Had a blast though.  They do these races once a month and I look forward to returning.

bike commute 2

Slowly trending back towards regular training after goofing off since JFK.  Ran to work twice this week, including some short fartleks (up to run commute three).  Seven trips to CityRock this year, hitting that 5.9 and starting to regularly boulder V3.  And another early morning super chilly ride in Red Rock Canyon with Lance (bike commute two).  And two yoga sessions.  Boom.

Of course, all that healthy stuff was countered by the four shots I did at Murphy's on Thursday night.

Can't remember if I mentioned it here but the Fat Ass is on January 19.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

varsity club

Number seven. Emmets. Yum.

varsity club

Shot number six. Goldschlager.

varsity club

Shot number five.

varsity club

Number four. Barenjager.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019


Stayed up a little late on Monday night having a blast watching Alabama get crushed (Clemson had a harder time beating Pitt).  Then got up late for the Tuesday morning dog walk, putting me at CityRock behind schedule.  Wasn't expecting much, so I just tried a few laps on the 5.9 I've been working on.  It's the wall I need to be able to climb to get lead certified at the gym, and I have been struggling with the second to last move for quite some time.   But lo and behold I finally figured it out on Tuesday morning. 

For those who don't know anything about rock climbing grades, climbing 5.9 indoors is probably somewhere in the range of running one mile in eight minutes.  90% of the population could do it with less than two weeks of training.  It's not good by any means, but it's what I do.

But you know what I am good at?  Getting concert tix!  Super excited for both shows.

Monday, January 07, 2019

run commute 2

2.5 mile dog hike followed by five miles to work, 45 minutes.  Three miles of two minutes on, two minutes off just to change things up. 

Nice lunchtime CityRock bouldering session. 

Four slow miles back home, followed by some yoga at the house.

Looks like the local fat ass will be on January 21.  Details TBA.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

incline 2

Bit hungover on Sunday as my Saturday ride included stops at Storybook, Murphy's, Goat Patch, Fossil, and Trails End.  But I got up for the Incline Club run and my trip up wasn't too bad.  Trail was in much better condition than Friday evening.

Weekly totals:

run - 24 miles, including two inclines
bike - 33 miles
hike - 17 miles
plus three trips to CityRock and two trips to CorePower

Pretty excited for this:

Saturday, January 05, 2019

varsity club

Shot number three. Amaretto. Courtesy of Mr. Boston.

varsity club

Shot number two. Rumple Minze.

incline 1

Bolted over to the Incline after work on Friday.  Great night.  On the way up it was super dark, and you really feel out there.  Then I looked behind me and realized it was 6PM and I was a mile from an urban area with over half a million people in it.  Hit Manitou Brewing after the run.  I don't talk about them enough but they're definitely one of the better breweries in this area.  The High Ground IPA is one of my favorite Colorado beers.

Hit the Nielsen Challenge on Saturday morning.  12:28 for two miles.  Slower than I wanted, but I'll work on improving that.

Friday, January 04, 2019

bike commute 1

Awesome Friday morning ride in Red Rock Canyon with Lance.  Twelve miles in just over 90 minutes, most of it in the dark.  Loving these super early weekday rides, and I can't wait until the weather is a bit nicer.  Four miles back home after work.

Been to CityRock three times this year so far.


Beers six through twelve.  Not sure what happened to number eight.  I probably left it at Marc & Amanda's in my drunken stupor.

Twelve was a disaster.  Some kind of blueberry beer.  Sometimes those bud light commercials where they make fun of the beer snobs really speak to me.

In general I got good beers this year, but nothing new that stood out as great to me.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

varsity club

Shot number one. Jager.