Thursday, July 18, 2019


Wed - had to go to Canon City for work.  Colorado Territorial Prison to be precise.  This facility sits on highway 50, between the heavily trafficked highway and Skyline Drive.  But make no mistake, there are some actual bad hombres housed there.  Murderers, rapists, arsonists.  And yeah, I got to go in there and talk to a bunch of 'em about what to do when they get released.  Good stuff.  Luckily that didn't last the whole day and I got to hit up Section 13 for an 80 minute run in what felt like 500 degree heat.

Wednesday evening $100 and I went to see Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker at the new Lulu's Downstairs.  Great show and I love the new venue.  Hopefully they can stay open and bring some better live music to our village.  Walking distance from the house as well.

Thurs - not much sleep last night so I took the dog out for 80 minutes and bummed around the house drinking coffee.  Rode straight to work, bike commute 46, and had a lackluster CityRock lunch. 

We are heading to Chaffee County this weekend for the Wayfarer Van shindig.  Should be a good time.  Royal Gorge tonight, then Salida tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

run commute 44

Monday - body was pretty beat up from the weekend so I took an easy day.  Long morning hike with the dog, then bike commute 45, straight to and from work, and CityRock 82 at lunch.  Later that evening $100 and I and a bunch of friends hit up the Rocky Mountain Vibes game.

Tues - run commute 44.  Five miles to work in 41 minutes.  Good session at CityRock over lunch.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

weekend update

Fri - incline number 20 with $100.  Straight up and straight back down.

Sat - drove up to Devils Playground on Pikes with my buddy Austin.  Playground to the top, then down Barr Trail to the two mile sign, then back to the car by the same way we came.  Good couple of hours at altitude.

Relive 'Devils Playground/Two Mile Sign'


After the run $100 and I headed down to Blues Under The Bridge.  Great event.  Of course we were there for  family favorite Tab Benoit, but we caught Selwyn Birchwood and really loved him.  Nikki Hill was no slouch either.  And of course Tab crushed his set.

Somehow I still got up early on Sunday for the Summer Roundup.  Wasn't expecting much and only went because the race is part of the local triple crown.  Not my best race ever and I didn't have much over the second half of the course, but it wasn't the disaster I was expecting and I got in a decent workout.  Rallied over the final 1.5 miles to break two hours.

Relive 'Summer Roundup'


For the runners out there here's a pic of my friend Lauren showing off her gross knee.  Her kid ran into her at the wrong angle and this was the result.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

run commute 43

Wed - 6.2 miles to work through Sondermann with some three minutes on/two minutes off work.  Four miles back home after work.

Our microsoft computers at work always throw up some nice photo when they go to sleep.  It's usually beautiful locations from around the world, rarely the USA.  But on Tuesday it was my back yard.

Thurs - on our morning dog hike we saw another bear!  Right on the path we take to get to the Garden from Rock Ledge Ranch.  We observed from a distance for a bit and when it seemed like he wasn't going to move we decided to take a different route. 

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

run commute 42

Sun - 2.5 hour mountain bike ride in Red Rock Canyon and Section 16.  Very slow.

Mon - super beat up so took it easy today.  Bike commute 43, straight to and from work.  CityRock 79 for some easy climbing.

Tues - run commute 42.  Five miles to work, slowed down by this guy getting in my way:

No trail etiquette whatsoever.  Dude was all like, "You got a problem?  Come at me bro!"  First bear sighting of the year for me.

Monday, July 08, 2019

week in review

Great week.  Had been building consistency without doing much long stuff, this week I got in both a ride and a run that were over six hours with some climbing and high elevation. 

run - 47 miles/11 hours
bike - 54 miles/8.5 hours
hike - 24 miles/9 hours
CityRock - two trips

Saturday, July 06, 2019

elk park

Finally got in some higher stuff as I did the Elk Park/Barr Camp/Pikes summit out and back today.  22 miles in just over six hours, with the lowest point at Barr Camp, 10,200 feet.  My uphills were really solid.  The downhills, not so much.

Kudos to $100 who mooched a ride with me and rode her bike from Elk Park, down to Barr, then took the Lake Moraine/667 route back to Fossil Brewing.

Relive 'Elk/Barr/Pikes'


incline 19

Super easy Friday night incline with $100.

Friday, July 05, 2019

missing link

Rode the Missing Link loop on July 4th.  Two miles into the ride my rear tire on the Mariachi weirded out.

So I went back and switched to the fat bike.  I was a bit hungover from a Fossil/Trails End double the night before, and hauling the fattie up Barr Trail through all the Incline folks was quite the death march. 

But holy cow it was worth it.  The missing link, which is officially known as the Lake Moraine trail, is a fantastic ride.  You turn off Barr Trail just before Barr Camp and the trail takes you over to Jones Park.  We catch 667 which takes us to Captain Jacks and then it's just a long downhill to Fossil.  Such a great loop.  There's also the option of shuttling up to Elk Park and dropping down to Barr Camp, thus avoiding the traffic on Barr Trail.  Will definitely do this ride again soon.

Relive 'Missing Link'


Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Hartman Rocks

We headed out in the van Friday after work for Gunnison.  Rolled into town around 9PM and ended up pulling off our first stealth in-town night.  Parked on a side street next to the Gunnison River Fly Shop, conveniently located down the street from High Alpine Brewing.

$100 started off her fly fishing career with a guided trip up near Crested Butte.   Seems the trip was a success.

I was left to hang with the dog while she fished.  We hiked the in-town Van Tuyl loop before heading out to Hartman Rocks.  Stopping by the river along the way, of course.

Had a blast out at Hartman Rocks, a place well known but we haven't spent much time there.  We will definitely be back.

Good drive back on Sunday as we hit Elevation, Soulcraft, and Florence breweries, then ended the weekend over at Fossil.

Thursday, June 27, 2019


Tues - run commute 39.  Five miles to work, 5.5 back home.

Wed - bike to work day here in Colorado.  I ate breakfast three times.  On the way home I got BOGO beers at Brass Brewing and Cerberus, then dropped by Trails End.

Wednesday was also our annual Waldo Fire reunion.  Been six years since that fire.  They are finally starting to talk about opening the canyon back up, but it's still going to be a while.  All pics by Peter M.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Fri/Sat - I took a gym to crag class at CityRock.  On Friday after work we met at the gym to go over some basic climbing stuff, such as how not to fall and kill yourself.  On Saturday we went out with a guide to Cheyenne Canon.  Great day climbing and we bailed just before a huge rain storm blew in.  Wanted to get in a run after climbing but instead I went to Fossil and Trails End. 

Sun - nice run up and down Barr Trail for a ten miler.  Would have liked to have gone further but I was time crunched as I had to get up to Red Rocks for the Umphrey's show.  UM brought the heat!  Such a great show, including a set full of Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham sitting in on drums.

Pretty hungover on Monday but I got out for my favorite 7.5 mile loop in the Garden before grabbing a burger downtown for burger week.  Later in the evening $100 and I and our friend Amber went over to Red Rock Canyon for some climbing.  I lead up, set up a toprope anchor, made sure $100 and Amber didn't fall to their deaths, then climbed back up, cleaned the anchor, and rappelled back down.  Good times.

Friday, June 21, 2019

bike commute 39

Wed - ten miles to work on the bike via the Garden, Sinton, and Santa Fe trails.  Took my favorite route home via Bear Creek Park and Red Rock Canyon to Trails End.

Thurs - took the dog over to Red Rock Canyon to run our 3.5 mile White Acres loop.  After work, I hiked 1.5 miles over to Kindergarten Rock for the weekly CMC climb.  Had a great time, and made it up (barely) the first pitch of New Era.  Got my ass kicked on a few other climbs but it was a fun way to spend a Thursday evening.

Fri - bike commute 39, straight to work via the Midland trail.  Some bouldering at CityRock at lunch.

I have settled into a weekly routine that seems to be working for me.  20 miles of dog hikes, 50 miles of riding, and 30 miles of running.  Last week was 20 miles with the dog, 43 miles on the bike, and 36 miles of running.  This week will end up with roughly those numbers.  It's a good balance that I think lets me keep or improve fitness while giving me time to climb and pursue some other stuff - live music, van life, yoga, beer, making sure $100 doesn't leave.  I'll start climbing more on the runs to get ready for Pikes, and in July I'll do the Elk Park/summit run to get ready for the marathon distance.