Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Bit to catch up on.

On Tuesday I went eastward to the Black Sheep to catch Stryper, an 80s Christian hair metal band that for some reason I listened to a lot of when I was in high school.  Solid show.

Saturday found me once again helping out with the local SAR dogs.  Love all these pups.

This was up at Black Forest Section 16.  Some good views of our mountain from that area.

Got in a good ride on Sunday, up Rampart Range Road to Mt. Herman Road and back home via the Santa Fe trail.  66 miles.  Lots of climbing.

For the week:

run - three miles.  Hardly anything, and even the one run I did was a disaster as the Mook and I got stuck in a hail storm.

ride - 153 miles, 16 hours

hike - 38 miles, 15 hours.  Saturday's dog training included a lot of hiking.

On Monday I hit up Red Leg for the annual Angels of America's Fallen 10k.  Started off a bit slow and that cost me a place or two in the end, but pretty happy with the effort, especially over the second half.  45:29.  Allowed me to start my holiday beer drinking before 9AM.

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