Saturday, December 04, 2021


Mon - bike commute 81, both directions of the COVID loop.  CityRock 89 at lunch.

Tues - run commute 61.  Five miles there in 45 minutes, four back in 40 flat.  CityRock 90 at lunch.

Wed - bike commute 82.  Through Sondermann on the way there, straight back home late at night after the latest HAMS class.  CityRock 91.

Thurs - run commute 62.  5.2 miles in 51 flat through Sondermann, then four miles back home via the Midland Trail.  Worked on "Folsom Prison Blues" at my guitar lesson then picked $100 up from Red Leg Brewing.

Fri - bike commute 83.  Six miles there and eleven back home.  A good bouldering session at lunch.

Sat - Nielsen Challenge.  Two miles in 12:51.

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The Padre said...

Congrats On The Win And Overall Thrashing Of WF - Tipping A Brew In Your Honor Tonight