Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Apparently I am unable to run a halfway decent road marathon anymore.

Started off at eight minute mile pace, and then it was the same story as Chicago.  Made it to just past halfway before the legs just gave out.  I guess I'm old enough now that I can either do well running up a hill, or do well running on a flat road, but not both.

4:13:58 officially.  Was at mile 25ish when I passed by new (to me) Reverence Brewing.  Big sign out front said they were open early for the marathon.  So I went in.  And they were playing Widespread Panic, so I ended up having two pints there.  So I probably would have broke four without that, but there's really no difference between 3:59 and 4:13 for me.

Bunch of quality bars after the race.  Back to Reverence, the Satellite Lounge, Nob Hill, 1UP, Sancho's, and Kinga's.  Physically, the race wrecked my back and hamstrings, but at least the booze took away the pain.

Did the 5k on Sunday in City Park with Kircher's dog.  

Big two months of racing for me and I'm glad it's over.  Have our local 5k race series coming up, but that's nothing I'll be taking seriously.  For the near future it will be all about training to get my ass up Rainier.

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