Monday, October 18, 2021


Good trip if you don't count the second half of the marathon!

Went out at a good pace, 1:38 at the half, and just couldn't hold it.  Struggled and slowed significantly after mile 14.  Stopped twice for beer and even had some ten minute miles in there.  Crossed the line in 3:39.  Oof.  Hot and humid, everyone outside of Galen Rupp seemed to run slower than planned.  Still a piss poor race for me though.

$100 actually ran pretty well, staying on sub five hour pace for 22+ miles before imploding.  Still crushed her goal of sub 5:30 though.

The rest of the trip was a blast.  Explored Chicago, hiked a bunch of miles on the lakefront and 606 trails, drank a ton of Malort, saw Wrigley Field.  Good times.

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Dig The Photos Brother Man - Congrats To C Note