Sunday, November 16, 2014

beer 318 & 319

Friday was our now-regular liquid lunch, this week at Bingo Burger!  Grabbed a can of the Boohai Red Ale from Crazy Mountain up in the Vail Valley.  Great lunch!  Next Friday we will begin preparation for the CC/Wisconsin hockey game by grabbing lunch at Tony's.

Friday AM was a quick five miler in the Garden.  Already sick of this cold.  Friday PM was spend drinking at Front Range BBQ and the Red Rock Lounge.  Good times.

Hangover recovery day on Saturday.  Did get out for an hour hike with the dog and then an hour run on the Garden roads.  Then went over to party in Manitou at Peter and Nora's place.  Finally got a chance to try the Imperial Pumpkin from Long Trail Brewing Company out of Vermont.  Pretty good, which comes as no surprise as I've never had anything I didn't like from Long Trail.  They seem to be making a big push into the western PA market, as their brews were all over the place when I visited.

Had to share this with my favorite Vermontard*.

* not counting the guys in Phish, of course.


Bob Johnson said...

Long Trail is pretty top notch. Their stuff has been available in eastern PA for a long time. Haven't seen the imperial pumpkin though.
Just read your 2009 link to the GZ treadmill incident. Great stuff.

GZ said...

That post actually is not even in the top ten of the biggest hitters on the blog.