Thursday, November 25, 2021


Mon - my track partner cancelled on me, and I kept it easy.  8 x 200m.  Incline in the evening, still enjoying warm weather.

Tues - we are now into the holiday season as my brother and his dog arrived for a visit from Pittsburgh.  So as it is every year, the running and riding will be sporadic the next week.  Fossil Brewing for a bunch of evening beers.

Wed - got my booster shot on Tuesday morning, and while I was fine on Tuesday I woke up on Wednesday feeling like garbage.  Called in sick to work and slept in until noon.  Took a few naps, and was back in bed by 9PM.  Oof.

Thurs - annual Turkey Trot way over on the east side.  I felt good, booster sickness a thing of the past and it may have helped me by keeping me out of the pub until late.  Good race for me, the effort was definitely there, and I finished in 19:18.  Splits were 6:40, 6:28, and 5:54 (course was out and back, uphill the first half then a screaming downhill back).  41st out of 2329 finishers, which sounds good but over 2100 of those were dressed as turkeys while walking their dogs.

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