Friday, June 21, 2019

bike commute 39

Wed - ten miles to work on the bike via the Garden, Sinton, and Santa Fe trails.  Took my favorite route home via Bear Creek Park and Red Rock Canyon to Trails End.

Thurs - took the dog over to Red Rock Canyon to run our 3.5 mile White Acres loop.  After work, I hiked 1.5 miles over to Kindergarten Rock for the weekly CMC climb.  Had a great time, and made it up (barely) the first pitch of New Era.  Got my ass kicked on a few other climbs but it was a fun way to spend a Thursday evening.

Fri - bike commute 39, straight to work via the Midland trail.  Some bouldering at CityRock at lunch.

I have settled into a weekly routine that seems to be working for me.  20 miles of dog hikes, 50 miles of riding, and 30 miles of running.  Last week was 20 miles with the dog, 43 miles on the bike, and 36 miles of running.  This week will end up with roughly those numbers.  It's a good balance that I think lets me keep or improve fitness while giving me time to climb and pursue some other stuff - live music, van life, yoga, beer, making sure $100 doesn't leave.  I'll start climbing more on the runs to get ready for Pikes, and in July I'll do the Elk Park/summit run to get ready for the marathon distance.

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