Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rattler 10k

Winter reared it's ugly head yet again this morning as it was about 30F with a light rain/snow mix falling.  But I showed up and ran pretty hard, finishing the muddy course in just under 56 minutes.  Averaging sub 8:45 on this course is pretty good for me, especially given the sloppy course that slowed things down quite a bit.  Also got to do a bonus half mile when I ran right past a sign telling me not to go that way.

Relive 'Rattler 10k'


Another good week in the books.  Was looking forward to getting in a good trail ride today, but the parks are all messy and the snow if falling pretty good right now so I guess I'll just crack a brew and watch me some NBA playoffs.

Run - 41 miles
Bike -  47 miles
Hike -  18 miles

Hoping to start up weekly hot yoga again, as I feel much better when I'm doing that regularly.  But I'm out of punches and there's always some sticker shock when I get another 20 classes.  $344 bones for 20 classes.  Ouch.

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