Friday, May 25, 2018


The stuff I carry inside my pack.

North Face Thermoball Puffy.  12.3 ounces.  Think I paid $100 for this a year or two ago.  A staple on winter dogwalks.  Also doubles as a fantastic pillow at night.

North Face Fleece.  12 ounces.  One of my all time favorite pieces of gear.  The dog and I found this laying on a trail over in the Garden over two years ago.  I left it that time, but 24 hours later I returned, she was till there, and I took her home.

Oskar Blues buff.  Two ounces.  $8, picked up on the latest Tour de Longmont.

Sock Guy Socks.  Two ounces.  Can usually find sock guy on backcountry for $6.

Marmot Glide Softshell Gloves.  3.6 ounces.  Think these were around 50 bones quite some time ago.  Not great for winters here on the front range, but they should do for a summer hike.

Outdoor Research Helium II jacket.  6.4 ounces.  $100.  Pricey, but this coat has already bailed me out of some wet situations and seems to be worth it.

Las Vegas flip flops.  Three ounces.  Paid $3.99 for these at the exotic Golden Nugget less than twelve hours after the worst mass shooting in history.  #vegasstrong

Fleece hat.  Four ounces.  $20, which is expensive for a hat, but it says Pitt and you have to pay for that kind of quality.

Two pounds, 13.5 ounces.  $287.99.  The cost of all this is deceptive, most of the shit here has been in my stable for a long time and gets used all the time.  Funny though that my one piece of bomber equipment that I beat up the most and wear the most is the fleece that someone else threw away.

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