Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Wasn't expecting to run well in Salida but that's exactly what happened.  Kept things very easy up until the mile 14 aid station.  It was snowing almost the entire time, but with warm temps it was a lot of fun.  I had a beer at the aid station and that PBR fired me up and I had a terrific second half.

Also had a brew at the mile 21 aid station.  Shad was too busy running hard to stop for a drink and he ended up missing a turn on the course.  I think there's a lesson to be learned here.  Ran really hard that second half all the way to the finish, and I'm paying for it now as my legs are toast.  Had a blast the remaining time in Salida, visiting all the usual hangouts and trying to drink all the beer in Chaffee County.

For the week:

run - 50 miles, 9.5 hours

ride - 90 miles, ten hours

hike - 30 miles, 11.5 hours

I'm taking a wilderness first responder class and my next two weekends will be spent doing that, so the rest of March will be a wash mileage wise.  In April biking will take priority as I start to prepare for the Divide.  Running is more or less done for me until August.

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