Friday, March 31, 2023

Let's Go Bucs!

Typing this on Friday afternoon and I'd like to point out that the Pirates are currently on pace to win 162 games this year.

Mon - 6 x 400m in the morning, 14 mile ride in the evening.

Tues - zip, had to go to Denver for work.  But I did get to check out the Campus Lounge for the first time.  Quality joint.  Celebrated Millie's fourth birthday with four miles in Red Rock Canyon before hitting Fossil.

Wed - run commute 13.  Five there, 3.5 back.  Then biked over to guitar practice.

Thurs - 4.4 mile AM run, then bike commute 30.  Mookie is doing well with his tricks class.

Fri - bike commute 31.  Went over 1000 bike miles on the year on this ride.

Off to Canon City for the weekend.  Hope to get some good rides in, hopefully this wind dies down a bit.

The numbers for March:

run - 26 runs, 138 miles, 26 hours

ride - 31 rides, 293 miles, 29.5 hours

hike - 40 hikes, 115 miles, 44.5 hours

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The Padre said...

Fantastic Photo There - Congrats On The Wild Man Safety Skills - And My Padres Are Slated To Lose 162 Games This Year

Go Aztecs