Wednesday, December 12, 2018

bike commute 58

I've accepted that the rest of this year will be a wash in terms of working out.  Way lower than normal temps, too much junk food and booze, and not enough willpower and dedication.  Realizing I won't really have any goal races in '19 isn't encouraging me to stop this slide.

I have been working hard at the rock gym, which is saving me from becoming a total slob.

Mon - 1.7 mile hike with the dog and CityRock 133.

Tues - 5k AM hike with the dog, then run commute 64.  3.5 miles to work and four miles back home.  CityRock 134.

Wed - 5k hike with the dog followed by bike commute 58.

Will do nothing on Thursday as it's a travel day to western PA.  I'll be in Titusville until Saturday and hope to get some running in at Oil Creek State Park.  Then it's Pittsburgh for Sat and Sun where I'll attempt to drink all the Iron City and eat all the O fries.

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Jeff Valliere said...

Lower than normal temps? It is December! Suck up! ;)