Thursday, March 14, 2019


Great weekend in Salida eating pizza and drinking beer.  Marathon was what it was, I ran 5:40 on a snowy course, which is right about what I deserved as I haven't been working very hard at the running thing lately.

Relive 'Salida Marathon'


$100 is still stuck in New Orleans due to the bomb cyclone that blew through the front range, so I am taking care of two dogs, severely restricting my morning and afternoon workout time.  Hopefully this weekend I can get back to some decent workouts, starting Saturday with the St. Pat's 5k.


The Padre said...

Brother Pitt,

Totally Dig The Video There. Kinda Puts The 26.3 Miles Into Perspective. Did you happen to catch up with Mr Bonus Miles on crutches?? Due to weather, wondered if he was out and about?

Also, I really thought Pitt would take the Orange Men last night as The Q have been playing dreadfully this year. Oh Well, What The BLEEP Do I Know.

Stay Strong,

brownie said...

I did not see him. He must not hang out at the Vic, which is where I spent most of the weekend.

Pitt is going to be better next year, but really good in two years. NIT in '20, NCAA tourney in '21.

Tanza Erlambang said...

sound great