Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Fri/Sat - I took a gym to crag class at CityRock.  On Friday after work we met at the gym to go over some basic climbing stuff, such as how not to fall and kill yourself.  On Saturday we went out with a guide to Cheyenne Canon.  Great day climbing and we bailed just before a huge rain storm blew in.  Wanted to get in a run after climbing but instead I went to Fossil and Trails End. 

Sun - nice run up and down Barr Trail for a ten miler.  Would have liked to have gone further but I was time crunched as I had to get up to Red Rocks for the Umphrey's show.  UM brought the heat!  Such a great show, including a set full of Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham sitting in on drums.

Pretty hungover on Monday but I got out for my favorite 7.5 mile loop in the Garden before grabbing a burger downtown for burger week.  Later in the evening $100 and I and our friend Amber went over to Red Rock Canyon for some climbing.  I lead up, set up a toprope anchor, made sure $100 and Amber didn't fall to their deaths, then climbed back up, cleaned the anchor, and rappelled back down.  Good times.

Friday, June 21, 2019

bike commute 39

Wed - ten miles to work on the bike via the Garden, Sinton, and Santa Fe trails.  Took my favorite route home via Bear Creek Park and Red Rock Canyon to Trails End.

Thurs - took the dog over to Red Rock Canyon to run our 3.5 mile White Acres loop.  After work, I hiked 1.5 miles over to Kindergarten Rock for the weekly CMC climb.  Had a great time, and made it up (barely) the first pitch of New Era.  Got my ass kicked on a few other climbs but it was a fun way to spend a Thursday evening.

Fri - bike commute 39, straight to work via the Midland trail.  Some bouldering at CityRock at lunch.

I have settled into a weekly routine that seems to be working for me.  20 miles of dog hikes, 50 miles of riding, and 30 miles of running.  Last week was 20 miles with the dog, 43 miles on the bike, and 36 miles of running.  This week will end up with roughly those numbers.  It's a good balance that I think lets me keep or improve fitness while giving me time to climb and pursue some other stuff - live music, van life, yoga, beer, making sure $100 doesn't leave.  I'll start climbing more on the runs to get ready for Pikes, and in July I'll do the Elk Park/summit run to get ready for the marathon distance.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Fri - we were watching Moose over the weekend, so Friday morning I took him and Hollydog over to the Bear Creek Dog Park for 75 minutes.  After work I took Mr. Moose out for a 10K run in the Garden.

Sat - Hour dog hike in Red Rock Canyon followed by incline number 18.  Then it was up to catch Lettuce at Red Rocks.  Fantastic show!

Sun - Hungover all day.  90 minute hike with the dogs in Old Colorado City, then my Garden trail loop, 7.4 miles in 80 minutes.  Later on Tom and I went for a quick ride in Red Rock Canyon before the shitty weather blew in.  I think half the folks who were at Fossil after our ride were at the show on Sat night.  Also caught the Jacob Jolliff Band at Stargazers.

Mon - bike commute 37.  Ten miles to work, four miles back home.  Shitty CityRock session at lunch.

Tues - run commute 38.  Five miles to work in 38 minutes coming right after a 75 minute dog hike and a good session of leg blasters. 

Friday, June 14, 2019

varsity club


varsity club



Finally got back outside on some rock yesterday.  Met the CMC group over at Red Rock Canyon and we headed to the Whale.  I finished six climbs on three different routes and had a blast.  I think two of the routes were Whale Rider (5.7) and Tempest Toast (5.7), but it's hard to tell looking at pictures on the interweb.  Can't figure out the name of the third route.  I took a fall, and caught a fall while on belay.  Had a blast and can't wait to get outside again.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

run commute 37

Monday - pretty sore from the Garden but I did have a good dog hike (3.2 miles) followed by bike commute 35.  Took the long way home and got in a 14 mile ride.  Went to CityRock at lunch but was fairly unmotivated to do much.

Tuesday - another hour with the dog, some leg blasters, then a 4.2 mile run to work in 34:37.  Really good climb over lunch with my buddy Mike.  My goal for the gym climbs is to get to 5.9 and V4, and some days I feel like I'm getting there.  Today was one of those days.

Shot of me at the Garden, suffering up the last climb.  Such a crazy race, my pace varied constantly between 5:40 and almost ten minutes per mile, which is the pace I'm running here:

This is year three of the new course.  The first year I ran 1:08:47.  In 2018 I ran 1:13:36.  And 1:09:48 this year.

Monday, June 10, 2019


Bittersweet day at the Garden ten miler.  I ran as hard as I could and did pretty well for about 6.5 miles.  From mile 6.5 to nine I really struggled.  The seven to nine splits for me were 7:36, 7:12, and 7:36.  These are the hilliest and hardest miles of the race but in years past I could find another gear to do this section quite a bit faster.  As an example of my fade over the second half at the five mile mark I was about five seconds behind my buddy Tom, but at the finish he was 37 seconds ahead of me. 

That being said, every year the goal is to break 70 minutes.  That gets a bit harder each year as I grow old as fuck, not to mention the new course which I think is slower than the old one.  I was able to rally somewhat over the final mile, running sub six (the final mile is a screaming downhill) to finish in 1:09:48.  And since they take out the top 500 masters runners, I scored a nice drinking vessel for first place in the 40 to 44 age group (I was sixth master and they pull the top five masters from the age group awards).  So while Tom may have won the battle, he got a shitty TV dinner tray that says 4th place on it while I got a mason jar that says first place on it.  So there's that.

Someday I will no longer be able to break 70 on this course.  But not this year.  (Probably next year unfortunately...).

Relive 'Garden'


Friday, June 07, 2019


Found these on the interwebs today, proof that I did actually do a bike race recently.  And I signed up for another ride this morning, the South Boundary Big Ride.  Psyched for our trip to Taos in August, partly for the ride but mostly for the fact that we will get to park our van across the street from Taos Mesa Brewing.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Barr Camp

Good run up to Barr Camp today.  1:51 to Barr Camp, total time for the 15 mile round trip was just under three hours.

Relive 'Barr Camp'


Wednesday, June 05, 2019

run commute 36

Spent the weekend out at Buff Creek ingesting only aid station food and beer.  Good times.  Noticed a lot of us outdoor Colorado folks are starting to think about some kind of plan B since it's gonna be a while until the mountains melt out.  Luckily we did not pick this year to hike the Colorado Trail.  However, it looks like I did pick a shitty year to try to finish off the 14ers.

On Sunday after eating a bunch of donuts from the Donut Mill I did get out for 7.5 miles of Garden trails.  Then Bob showed up, and we hit up Red Leg, Fossil, and Front Range.

Mon - early Red Rock Canyon hike with Bob and the dog.  Run commute 35, straight to/from work.  CityRock 66 at lunch.  Bob and I then hopped on bikes and rode over for beers at Marc/Amanda's weekly garage run.

Tues - another Bob/dog hike but in the Garden.  Then some King's Chef before Bob left for Taos.  For lunch I hit up Food Truck Tuesday and had a french fry/cheese curd combo.  My diet has been on point lately.  I did bike to work today, so it's all good I guess.

Wed - run commute 36.  Via Sondermann.  Went by Holmes middle school, which is also where I do my track workouts.  But apparently I should be hanging in the parking lot as that's where the action is.

There is a band called Too Many Zooz coming to the Black Sheep in October and I am psyched for the show.

Monday, June 03, 2019


The numbers for May:

Run - 136 miles
Bike - 361 miles
Hike - 87 miles
Twelve trips to CityRock.  And four Thursdays that I was supposed to climb outside that got cancelled due to weather.

Been a good few months of easy flat running, and now I'll start to run uphill a bit more to get ready for Pikes.

Can't remember if I mentioned it but I am signed up for a road marathon.  The Soldier Marathon down in Fort Benning, GA, where I went to basic training and later airborne school.  The original goal was to run 3:15 to get my BQ, which I feel I could do fairly easily.  Then I noticed my age group BQ is 3:10, which I feel would take quite a bit of work for me.  So we'll see how things shake out there.  I do not want to run Boston again, but that BQ is a standard I haven't met in a long time.

Friday, May 31, 2019

bike commute 33

Mon - finally starting to get better.  Ran five miles over to Red Leg in 39 minutes, had a beer, then ran their memorial 5k (3.5 miles in 24 minutes), then had a bunch more beers.  Also got in a four mile Garden hike with the pup.

Tues - 80 minute dog hike followed by bike commute 32.  6.5 miles to work via Sondermann, 11.3 miles in 1:36 home through Bear Creek Park and Red Rock Canyon.  CityRock 62 at lunch, including some leg blasters.

Wed - run commute 34.  Five miles in 40 minutes to work, 5.5 miles in 52 minutes home.  Good climb at lunch, I am making some progress on a few V4's at the gym.

Thurs - had to drive so I hit CityRock for an early climb.  Was hoping to catch the Thunderbird show but traffic was a hot mess due to POTUS being in the area.  You could not go anywhere near I-25 for quite a while.  Not sure how anyone in DC deals with this kind of stuff on a much more frequent basis.  Also, if you ever happen to be president and come to visit, take a damn helicopter.

Fri - easy 4.8 miles to Carson Pass and back, 42 minutes.  Then bike commute 33 to work, eleven miles on Garden/Sinton/Santa Fe.  CityRock 65 at lunch.

Taking the van up to Buff Creek this weekend, helping Kircher run an aid station for the North Fork 50 but also hoping to get a good two hour run in.  Then Bob is here Sunday/Monday and we will try to visit all the breweries in Colorado.

Monday, May 27, 2019

7.8 sign

I have finally beaten that cold but it completely wrecked my body.  I'm actually physically sore from all the coughing and shivering.

I did get out to Barr Trail on Sunday.  I've been doing mostly MAF stuff since I got my new fancy watch back in early March.  I try to keep my heart rate at 140, and given the physical state I was in that meant this "run" was mostly a hike.  But it was nice to get outside and join the approximately 1.4 billion people enjoying the mountain on the holiday weekend.  Ended up covering 11.4 miles in 2:49.

I cut the run half a mile short so I could grab some custard and chat with a local legend.  Matt said that over the past 6.5 years he hasn't run less than an hour a day.  Every day, no rest days.  Of course I asked him about a return to the race and he said "never say never, but probably not."  Dude seems really happy just going out and running.  I see him running from time to time, and he is still fast as fuck on the trails.  And the chocolate avalanche with cookie dough he made me was fantastic.

On another note, my diet since Thursday has consisted only of ice cream and sunkist soda.  I should probably start eating some food at some point.

My wife had no sympathy for me and my lameness this weekend and she went out and crushed it:

Sunday, May 26, 2019

High Drive Four Miler

I think that run in the rain on Monday evening gave me a death cold, which really wrecked me on Friday and Saturday.  I had to go finish the High Drive four miler to make sure I finish the Grand Prix, but it was a terrible race.  Jogged it in in 35:31 (I had the course at 3.7 miles).  Bummer, because it was a course that would have been fun to actually race and I think I could have done well there.  

Was hoping for a bigger week, but that cold set me sideways.  Slight setback for my Pikes work but there is time to rebound.

Run - 30 miles
Bike - 35 miles
Hike - 15 miles