Wednesday, January 17, 2018

run commute 3

Early morning three mile hike with the dog followed by 5.5 miles to work through Sondermann Park, including a few two on, two off.  Easy four mile run home.

Lunch trip to CityRock.  Besides climbing, I'm doing the chassis integrity stuff from Mountain Tactical, making sure the core will be ready for the CO Trail this summer.

CityRock 9

7F when I woke up on Tuesday.  Not too psyched to work out when even the dog doesn't want to go outside.  So I just drove to the climbing gym for a longer than normal session.  Definitely seeing some improvement in the climbing, as I'm having a much easier time with the V2's.

Nothing after work.  Though it was productive as I picked out my 2018 caveman mug at Fossil.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

long weekend

Saturday - early morning track session.  4 x 400m (averaging 93), 2 x 800m (averaging 3:10).  Nothing great, but at least I got there.  After that it was off to the PPRR Winter Series to use the fatbike to haul water to the aid station.  Six miles of goofing off on the bike.

Sunday - big hike with the dog and my 50 pound pack.  Wanted to summit Mt. Rosa, which I thought was a ten mile hike.  But when we got five miles out, I could see the summit was at least another 1.5 miles away.  I was pretty crushed from the weight and climbing so we turned around.  Still got in 10.5 miles, 5.5 hours.

Monday - a little bit of everything.  Started by taking a lighter pack out with the dog to Stratton Open Space.  6.5 miles, just over two hours.  Chilly outside, so I then hit Accolade (five).  30 minutes of weights, 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the stationary bike.  Later that evening $100 drug me to hot yoga.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

incline 4

Wednesday - 3.2 mile AM hike with the dog, followed by a trip to CityRock.  Our washer shit the bed so I needed to drive today in case the repair dude could come by.  Thankful for the easy day as once again the Tuesday mountain tactical workout crushed my legs.

Thursday - 6.4 miles up and down Cheyenne Canon.  Very slow as there was lots of ice.  Trip to Accolade for some lifting right after.  CityRock (8) at lunch.

Friday - Early morning 2.8 mile hike with the dog followed by a good workout at Accolade (4).  After work it was a solo trip up the incline while working my way through that last killer Mule show.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Ended up meeting most of my 2017 numbers goals, barely.

Went over 2000 miles on my last run, and over 3000 miles on my last ride.

Slightly below my Accolade goal, but way above on the CityRock goal.

Just missed beating the 2016 Incline count.  41 in '16, 39 in '17.

I did smash the '16 number of nights outside (15), sleeping either in a tent or the van 27 times.  Still short of the magical month though.

I have one last Mule show to listen to, and the band made it count as their new years eve show is four hours long.  My Phish subscription ran out in mid-December, and they haven't been touring much so I didn't renew.  Somehow I'll find a way to listen to their Garden run soon.

Top two adventures of the year for me were the bikepacking trip with Kircher and the Rito Alto four pass loop.  Tied for next would have been any of the van trips with $100 and the dog.


Really looking forward to 2018.  No numbers.  No big running or biking goals.  It's all about the Colorado Trail.  And fitness isn't the issue there - the big thing was growing the balls to tell my boss that I was going to take two months off, and that's already done.  I'm signed up for two races - Salida and Colfax.  Will probably continue to jump into some of the shorter local stuff.  Going to double at Pikes again, which will happen right after we finish our hike.  Signing up for the JFK 50 miler later in the year (just to finish an ultra and jump start my 50 states quest).  But for the most part it's going to be heading outside for very slow miles with the wife and the dog.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

run commute 2

5K early morning hike in the Garden with the dog.  40F at 5AM, summer can't be far away (we would end up matching the recorded high of 68F later on Tueaday)!  Then 4.2 miles, with a bit of two on, two off, to the office.

Good CityRock session at lunch.

Easy 4.2 miles back home.  Was so warm out I took the dog out for another Garden 5K hike.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Colorado Trail

$100 and I have at least started chatting about a timetable for the Colorado Trail.  Extremely tentative, and guaranteed to change, dates are June 23 to July 31.

39 days total, with 32 of those hiking.  Zero days in Bailey, Breck, Leadville, Salida (two days), Creede or Lake City, Silverton, and then ending with some days in Durango and Pagosa Springs.

I am tracking this on a google calendar.  If you'd like to be added, just let me know.  We are planning on doing this alone, but we definitely welcome any company or assistance (pizza and beer) on the trail.

Monday, January 08, 2018

bike commute 2

Early morning hour hike with the dog, 2.8 miles.  Then a quick four mile ride to CityRock for some morning bouldering.  14 mile ride home via Santa Fe, Sinton, and the Garden.

I forgot to mention that during yoga on Sunday there was an elderly, probably 60+, lady who was rocking a "Straight Outta Compton" t-shirt.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Incline 1, 2, & 3

Saturday - Met up with Team CRUD in Manitou and did two trips up the Incline.

Sunday - Mike H was in town, so we did an early Incline.

Good week for me.  34 miles running, 22 hiking, and eight on the bike.

Busy weekend with the Mike H visit and a sleepover with Moose (Marc & Amanda's dog).  Caught Mike at Goat Patch Brewing before heading to the Josh Blue show on Saturday.  On Sunday it was the early Incline and then a trip up to Woodland Park with the dogs to hike the Lovell Gulch trail.

Hung out with $100 the rest of Sunday, as we hit Accolade and CorePower.  To cancel out all this healthy activity we hit Red Leg and Trinity on the way home.

Friday, January 05, 2018

CityRock 4

Had planned to hit Accolade this morning, and even after a later than expected trip to Manitou Brewing I got up at the usual time, walked the dog for an hour, and headed out to the gym.  But then the damn garage door stuck halfway down.  $100 and I wrestled with the thing for a while, and finally got it to close, but it took so long I had blown my gym window.

Did get to CityRock over lunch.  I'm once again starting to see gains on the climbing wall.  Having a much easier time on the V2 stuff.  And I've even given a few 5.9's a try.  I'd like to get to the point where I can challenge V3's regularly and at least make decent attempts at 5.10's.  That might not sound like much if you don't know anything about climbing, but it's probably a good, consistent year of solid trips to the climbing gym for me.

$100, the dog, and I always try to get out Friday after work.  It's usually the Incline.  I'm thankful to Shad for turning me on to the Mountain Tactical stuff, but I owe him a kick in the balls for some of the pain it has caused me.  I did some mini leg blasters on Tuesday, and my legs are still trashed.  So I talked the crew out of the Incline and we got in a run/hike over in Red Rock Canyon.  4.3 miles.

Thursday, January 04, 2018


We decided to end/begin the year with a van trip down to Sand Dunes.  Left early-ish on Friday morning, giving us some time to drop by Salida for a dog hike and visits to some of our favorite places.

Then it was up and over Poncha Pass to check out Crestone Brewing.  Crestone seems like a pretty cool town and we hope to get back to explore the place a bit more.

After Crestone it was another hour drive to get to the Zapata Falls campground.  Cold weather was in the forecast so the place wasn't busy.  Night outside number 25.

On Saturday we planned on hiking the Dunes, but due to the low snow level in the Sangres $100 suggested we try to get up to Zapata Lake.  Ten mile hike up to almost 12,000 feet and back.  Over six hours of off leash time for the dog.

After a successful hike we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Alamosa.  Checked out a new brewery, Square Peg Brewerks before grabbing a late lunch at San Luis Valley Brewing.

Back to Zapata Falls for night outside number 26.

On Sunday we decided to head into the national park and check out Mosca Pass.  The dog was happy to sleep in and might have stayed in bed all day until she heard us getting ready to hike.

Had some time after Mosca so we tooled around on the Dunes for a bit.  Sand Dunes is one of the few dog friendly national parks and the dog is very thankful for that as she had the time of her life.

We decided to head back towards home to make the Monday drive a bit easier.  PT Wood's has a great new drink called "Hockey Night In Canada" and I highly recommend it.

 Grabbed a pie to go from Moonlight and had half of it gone by the time we got to Soulcraft.

Then we headed to our usual spot near the sprawling Salida suburb of Howard.  Last night outside, number 27, of 2017.  Short of my goal of 30 once again.  Might have been the coldest night we've spent in the van.

Cheyenne Canon/Accolade 1

Good, but cold, run up Cheyenne Canon today.  Only went to the green gate, not High Drive, but still got in 6.4 miles.  Just under 35 minutes to the gate.

Dropped by Accolade on the way to work.  Being January 4 the place was packed.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

bike commute 1/CityRock 2

Not quite what the east coast is experiencing, but it has been cold here.  After the normal hour with the dog I jumped on the Mariachi and rode straight to CityRock.  This winter I'm going to dedicate more time to working out indoors.  4.4 mile ride straight back home.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

run commute 1/CityRock 1

I hope this was the first thing everyone read in the interwebs to kick off the new year.

Monday PM - 5.3 miles in Ute Valley Park with Amanda.  She was one of the first people I met when I moved to COS and our bitter rivalry has been well documented here.  But I think last night was the first time I ever ran with her.  I only did this because she said she would bring her dogs.

Tues AM - 2.6 mile easy hike with the dog in OCC, followed by 5.3 miles to work through Sondermann Park.

Tues Lunch - good workout in the gym at CityRock. 

Tues PM - 4.3 easy miles home from work.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


This cold spell is getting a little bit ridiculous.

4.5 miles to CityRock, then a good workout at the rock while I was regaining feeling in my fingers and toes.  Four miles back home, and with a mile to go the yearly odometer wound past 2000 miles.  Good timing, as it was my last run of the year.

We will be heading down to Canon City on Thursday after work, then off to the Sand Dunes to bring in the new year.  Got some long hikes on the docket, and we're hoping to hit two new breweries along the way - Crestone Brewing and Square Peg Brewerks.

My last post of 2017, hope everyone has a safe and fun end of the year!