Monday, August 05, 2013

I'm alive

Still here.  Been busy as hell with some traveling and a new job.  Running has been in a funk since Hardrock.  Recovery, both mentally and physically, has been slow.  Actually been biking quite a bit but that's not a real workout.  I know I haven't gotten completely out of shape just three weeks after Hardrock, but I feel lost and sluggish every time I've go running since then.

Did have the dubious honor of DNF'ing twice in one day on Saturday.  Bailed on the Summit Donut 50K after the Incline, and then only ran half of Fuller's Pb night run.  Good times all day though.  Thanks to Timko for the pic of all the ugly people in Leadville.

Today was pretty solid for a Monday.  AM run on the Garden roads, 6.5 miles in an hour.  After work I took the bike up to the top of High Drive and back, 12 miles in 90 minutes.


Footfeathers said...

I may just have you ride the 100 for me on Saturday and I'll crew you.

Anonymous said...

where is my grandog?