Friday, January 11, 2019


Ran my first ever indoor mile up at UCCS this evening.  I listed 5:45 as my predicted time, but secretely I was hoping a fast field could possibly drag me to a 5:29.  They ended up having two heats, and my heat was much slower than I thought, especially the first few laps.  I went through lap one (200m) at 45, hit the quarter at 89, half at 2:55.  But I was up front, and I didn't want to take the lead.  After the half a few high school kids and I got after it.  I ended up finishing in second place after not being able to run down a kid and he finished about half a second in front of me.

Had a blast though.  They do these races once a month and I look forward to returning.


Wyatt Hornsby said...

Nice work!

GZ said...

Please post video of the smack talk provided to the yungunz.