Monday, September 10, 2018

weekend update

After the Incline on Friday some friends showed up to mooch free booze, and then we all went over to Trails End for Woodshed Red.  Love that band, though it says a lot about the local COS music scene that the most popular band in town in a cover band.  Had a great time and especially enjoyed the $5 pints of Blood Orange IPA from Deuces Wild.

On Saturday I got up to Rampart Res for a loop.  Started as a run, turned to a run/hike, and became just a hike the last two miles.  Capped off my second consecutive 40 mile week though.

Relive 'Lunch Run'

About the worst weekend ever for Pittsburgh football as Pitt got destroyed by PSU on Saturday night and then the Steelers tied the damn cleveland brownies.

Also hit Patty Jewitt Porchfest on Sunday, had a fantastic time over there.  Probably need to give my liver a bit of a break after this weekend.

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