Wednesday, September 19, 2018

run commute 45

Mon - 2.3 mile dog hike followed by run commute 44.  Not sure if I ever mentioned this but my dog hikes are done with a 40 pound weight vest. 

Tues - 2.3 mile dog hike, bike commute 43, and CityRock 104.  All before 8AM.  Had to leave work to go to a meeting at the Academy.  Got to watch football practice for a bit.

Took our cadet some supper.

And then sat through a very boring two hour meeting.  Did manage to score some sweet USAF coasters though, which I immediately took to Red Leg to try out.  The AF is very serious about stopping the sexual assault issues at the Academy, because it looks terribly bad when the daily headline of the Gazette spills your secrets.  I doubt the issues at the Academy are any better or worse than any other college (except Pitt, which is perfect) but the PR folks up north definitely work a lot of overtime.

Wed - run commute 45.  5.5 miles with most of those miles sub eight, which is a good effort for me given terrain and traffic on this route.

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