Monday, December 03, 2018

1:40:19 and the NF fleece

1:40:19 at the Rock Canyon half down in Pueblo on Sunday.  Almost bailed since it was 16F when I got up, and was 20F at the race start in Pueblo.  Adjusted my goals from go hard to run sub 1:45 due to the cold.  I could have easily gone sub 1:40 but I just didn't feel like pushing things today.  At all.  I hate the cold.  From the race photographer:

Katie Schwing took this pic at the start line.

The fleece I was wearing.  I have mentioned on this blog in the past how I found this over in the Garden and it is one of my go-to pieces of gear.  And yes, my dog has an Air Force water bowl.

Katie's husband, Lance, is a buddy of mine and we have recently been trying to figure out some good times for early morning, pre-work mountain bike rides in Red Rock Canyon.  He has a kid and a wife who runs in the morning, and I don't ride if it's below 30F, so that makes things somewhat difficult.  He saw that selfie and texted me this:

Apparently Lance had texted Katie about the fleece before he texted me, and she called me homeless.

I offered the fleece back to him, but he politely declined.

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Yes on the dog dish