Monday, November 19, 2018

JFK 50

Not quite the race I wanted but a fun trip nonetheless.  Due to recent rain and snow the Appalachian Trail was a mess, slowing anyone not named Jared Hazen down, and I hit halfway in 4:15.  Still thought I could go sub eight and I pushed hard, but the legs were hurting all of that second half.  8:44:08.  Was pushed hard along the mind numbing 26 mile section of the C&O canal path by my friend Lauren, as I knew losing to her would bring a lifetime of ridicule from her husband.  But I broke her just before mile 40.

Relive 'JFK 50'


Super excited to concentrate on the shorter stuff for the next few months.


GZ said...


Jeff Valliere said...

Very cool, nice work.

The Padre said...

Congrats!! Dig That Relive Clip As Well.