Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Colfax Traverse

On October 27 a few friends and I will attempt to ride our bikes the entire length of Colfax Ave, the longest and wickedest road in America.  A feat so daring it has never been attempted before*.  

Saturday and Sunday.  Staying at the luxurious Ramada across the street from Sancho's on Saturday night.  Starting Sunday morning at 8AM at Nob Hill.  Possibly a few pubs along the way.  If anyone wants to meet up with us get in touch with me.

Not only do we get to see the Nuns of Brixton, but these guys are opening:

*I have done zero research to support this claim and I can only think that if this hasn't been done it's because most would say it's a dumb idea.  I do know this gal has hiked the entire length of Colfax.


Bob Johnson said...

My boss, at last count, has walked past three times while I read Liz's blog.

Kieran McCarthy said...

In high school, I got three tattoos at three different tattoo parlors. All on Colfax.