Sunday, October 21, 2018

Cheyenne Mountain Run

Awesome day to be outside and I took full advantage of it.  Early morning 5k Garden hike with the dog, then it was over to Cheyenne Mountain State Park to run up and down Cheyenne Mountain.

Love the new Dixon trail and I think it will become a regular run for me.  Just as hard as running up to Barr Camp and back without the zoo that Manitou and the Incline bring (admittedly I'm part of that zoo quite a bit).

Wasn't sure how the race would go.  I'm feel fit, but all my work has been on flat stuff with almost no climbing.  Started very conservatively, but the day went well and I moved up the entire race.  The effort was exactly what I wanted today, definitely sweating a bit but I also had another gear or two in reserve had I wanted to use it.

Made it up in 1:26:04, down in 61 flat for 2:27:04.  Spent about two minutes at the top taking in the view, then the first 1.5 miles of the downhill was little more than walking due to me taking the technical terrain very carefully and the mass of people making their way up the trail.  A lot of people passed me on that part of the downhill, but I ended up getting most of them back once the trail smoothed out a bit.

Relive 'Morning Run'



Jeff Valliere said...

Wow, you can really run up Cheyenne Mountain now? Way cool. When did this become allowed and what changed?

brownie said...

It's always been allowed, as long as you avoid the AF base there. But now there's a trail to the top, starting in Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

Larry said...

Been looking forward to this trail opening to the top for a long time. Will be a good alternative to the craziness on Ruxton. Oh, btw, Eastside rules!