Friday, October 19, 2018

bike commute 50

Sunday - Nothing.  I was hungover and it was approximately -156F outside.  Global warming my ass.

Monday - Two mile hike with the dog, run commute 53, CityRock 113.

Tuesday - 2.4 mile dog hike, CityRock 114, and bike commute 49.  The bike day included four rides between the office and home and a downtown meeting I had to attend.

Wednesday - 2.3 mile dog hike, run commute 54, CityRock 115.  My old body is failing once again as I tweaked something in the groin area crushing ten minute miles on the run home. 

Thursday - Off work.  5k dog hike followed by a 17.6 mile run on local trails.  Physical activity is fine on the groin, but I'll be doing something like texting a friend or getting a glass of water and a quick jolt of mild pain will shoot up.  Getting old sucks.  I did go climbing outside in Red Rock Canyon, and cleaned an anchor for the first time.  I am at the point where I believe I have the gear and the knowledge to go climbing with someone who is newer to the sport than me.

Friday - 2.4 mile dog hike, bike commute 50, CityRock 116.  Was going to do the Incline after work but I think the body needs some rest.

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Bob Johnson said...

Hernia, perhaps?