Tuesday, January 16, 2018

long weekend

Saturday - early morning track session.  4 x 400m (averaging 93), 2 x 800m (averaging 3:10).  Nothing great, but at least I got there.  After that it was off to the PPRR Winter Series to use the fatbike to haul water to the aid station.  Six miles of goofing off on the bike.

Sunday - big hike with the dog and my 50 pound pack.  Wanted to summit Mt. Rosa, which I thought was a ten mile hike.  But when we got five miles out, I could see the summit was at least another 1.5 miles away.  I was pretty crushed from the weight and climbing so we turned around.  Still got in 10.5 miles, 5.5 hours.

Monday - a little bit of everything.  Started by taking a lighter pack out with the dog to Stratton Open Space.  6.5 miles, just over two hours.  Chilly outside, so I then hit Accolade (five).  30 minutes of weights, 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the stationary bike.  Later that evening $100 drug me to hot yoga.

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