Wednesday, January 08, 2020

run commute 1

Mon - bike commute three, 21 miles total.  Good session at CityRock at lunch.

Tues - run commute one.  4.2 miles to work, 3.4 miles back home.  CityRock four at lunch.

Trying to up my gym climbing game this year.  Would like to get to the point where I can reliably climb 5.9 and V4 indoors.  Currently I consider myself a 5.8/V3 guy.  The 5.9 should be easy if I can figure out how to deal with my fear of heights.  The V4 portion is going to take some work.

I signed up for the Rut Trifecta.  Last race I'll be entering other than some local low key races I'll jump into from time to time.  Will be shooting for three more states in '20 - Montana, Illinois, and Florida.  Current Rut plan is to do a van trip, riding the Alpine 50 in Lake City and then exploring Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. 

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