Thursday, October 10, 2019

run commute 63

Monday - had to drive to work due to the dog having a vet appointment.  Everything was normal at her annual check up.  After that, and after a nice dog walk, I rode over to Garage Run the long way.  20 miles total on the bike.

Tuesday - run commute 62.  Five miles to and back.  Ran right around 20 minutes for the middle 5k.

Wednesday - bike commute 60.  Straight to work, then eleven miles back home.  It was 77F when I left the office.  Headed out to Trails End for a bit and then went over to Front Range for some bluegrass.  Walked back home around 10PM in a short sleeved t-shirt.

Thursday - It was 27F when the dog and I left the house for the morning hike.  Still ran to work, but I took the short four mile route due to the weather.  The first day of freezing temps is always a shock.  Pikes was supposed to get up to a foot of snow but I have been unable to see the mountain all day.  CityRock 109 at lunch, very close to getting another V4. 

I am signed up for the VetFest 10K in Castle Rock on October 19 if anyone wants to throw down.

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