Monday, October 07, 2019


Friday - not much time as I had to get to Castle Rock for work, so I took a quick trip to the track.  8 x 400m, 200m RBI.  Untimed, they were all probably around 90 seconds.

After Castle Rock I headed out towards Aspen.  Making two stops along the way.

Slept in the van outside of Aspen, and got an alpine start on Saturday with the local chapter of the Colorado Mountain Club.  Did the Castle/Conundrum loop.  I had done Castle before years ago, and Conundrum was my 35th Colorado 14er.  This pic is from the summit of Castle.  Notice my sweet ice axe!

Headed up to Conundrum, Castle in the background:

Castle from the summit of Conundrum:

Relive 'Castle/Conundrum'

Headed straight home after the 14ers.  I could see the smoke as I drove through Buena Vista, looks pretty bad down there.  It was bad enough a week earlier that I assumed there was a different fire, but it's just one big one.  Hopefully the snow starts falling soon.

On Sunday I got up early and drug the wife and the dog over to the Garden for a five mile hike on the roads.  It was the quarterly "motorless morning" in the Garden, and we pretty much had the roads to ourselves.  After the hike I went back to the Garden for a run and got in a good 18 miler.   

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