Thursday, August 09, 2018

run commute 35

Not that I had a choice, but I dove headfirst back into the real world and am slowly getting back into a routine.

Sunday -  very hungover, but did get outside.  2.2 mile dog walk, 7.3 mile run on the Garden roads, accolade 28 and an hour of hot yoga with $100.  Also did some meal prep for the upcoming week and was around normal food for the first time in eight weeks.

Monday - bike commute 33, narrowly missing the hail storm that crushed certain spots around town, including our zoo and O'Day's new Tacoma.  CityRock 86 at lunch.

Tuesday - 2.3 mile dog walk followed by run commute 34.  The run to work included 2 x 2 miles with a five minute jog in the middle.  CityRock 87 at lunch.  More hail today, though not as devastating.  Note that the westside didn't get any of the damaging weather that has been reported on around Colorado.

Wednesday - bike commute 34, including 14 miles home.  Was hoping to hit Red Rock Canyon but the trails are pretty muddy.  CityRock 88 at lunch.

Thursday - run commute 35.  Threw in some two minutes on/two minutes off.

With the help of a friend we are hoping the van is back up and running and plan on heading to Westcliffe this weekend.  Then Pikes.  Then I have a class through the CMC on lead climbing, including placing the gear required to stop a fall.  So I'm keeping busy.


Bob Johnson said...

Plowable hail?

brownie said...

Not sure it was that much but what we did get was pretty big. Softball sized.