Monday, May 21, 2018


3:23:18.  Not too shabby given I thought I was in 3:30 shape.  Easy up until mile 23, when things became mildly unpleasant, but overall just a decent long run exploring Denver.  Of course, the moment when I started to suffer a bit, it was made worse by GZ catching up to me.

Relive 'Morning Run'

Good pre-Colfax pub crawl on Saturday, which included stops at Denver Beer Company, Alpine Dog Brewing, Sancho's, the 1 Up, Nob Hill, and the Satellite Bar.  We started early so we could still get a good night of sleep, so the hangover on Sunday was somewhat manageable.

An awesome post-run at Sancho's as well, with a drunk bartender that charged a total of $13 for PG, BLOS, and I.  And I got a free shirt.

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GZ said...

Good seeing you out there man!!