Friday, May 18, 2018

bike commute 25

Monday - easy day.  2.7 mile hike with the dog.

Tuesday - 3.2 mile dog hike, bike commute 24, CityRock 73.

Wednesday - early three mile hike with the pup followed by run commute 30.  Nacheaux was in town after work so we hiked the dog through the Garden down to the Buffalo Bicycle Lodge.

Thursday - 2.7 mile dog hike, run commute 31, CityRock 74.  Probably drank a few too many beers at Alex's b-day party, but the Eddyline Grapefruit Yanker IPA was too good to pass up.

Friday - Hungover.  2.4 mile dog hike, bike commute 25, CityRock 75.

Was supposed to race the Battle of the Bear on Saturday, but that got cancelled.  Means more quality Sancho's time on Saturday, followed by the Colfax Marathon on Sunday.  Will be at Sancho's at 11:15am on Sunday after the race if any of yunz Denverites want to come say hello.

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